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OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The U.S. Mint Has NOT STOPPED Production Of Silver Eagles

by Steve St. Angelo, SRS Rocco Report:

According to the public affairs person at the U.S. Mint, the rumor that Silver Eagle production was halted due to lack of demand, is not true. I have been receiving lots of emails on this issue, so I decided to pick up the phone and call Michael White, public affairs person at the U.S. Mint.

I have spoken to Mr. White several times over the past five years on different issues. So, instead of going by secondary channels and the blog-sphere rumor-mill, I thought it best to get it directly from the source itself.

I called up Mr. White and he answered the phone directly.  Normally, I would get his secretary or answering service.  However, he picked up right away and I told him who I was and asked him if the rumor was true that the U.S. Mint stopped production of Silver Eagles.

Mr. White told me that it was not true as they continue to produce and sell Silver Eagles.  I asked Mr. White if he could provide a full statement, and he said that only thing he would tell me is that they are CONTINUING TO PRODUCE and SELL SILVER EAGLES and the rumor was not true.

I really don’t care about this issue all that much, but feel the best thing to do is to always get to the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM.  Most people tend to get their answers lower down the chain or from superficial sources.

It really doesn’t matter if Silver Eagle sales are slower for the short term.  As I explained in my article, The Breakdown Of The U.S. & Global Markets Explained:  What Most Analysts Miss, we are serious trouble.  And this has to do with energy.  Without energy, the world stands still.

Moreover, the idea that investors should put 5 or 10% of the wealth in gold and the remainder in Stocks, Bonds and Real Estate is pure INSANITY.  Don’t take my word for it…. just stick around for the next five years and find out for yourselves.

Unfortunately, economists and most precious metal analysts don’t seem to understand this basic principle.  Which is why I am currently writing another important article titled, UNLOCKING GOLD’s TRUE VALUE:  The Economic Code – Finally Revealed.

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13 comments to OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The U.S. Mint Has NOT STOPPED Production Of Silver Eagles

  • KRELL427

    Looks like Fed Fell on is getting people ready for the next round of QE,this time the junkie economy needs $4 trillion

    • Ed_B

      They have a BIG problem, Krell. As with many gubermint types, they cannot differentiate between a symptom and the disease. Typically, treating the symptom is a lot cheaper, faster, and easier so that is what they try to do about 98% of the time. That this does not work doesn’t seem to bother them too much. The fact that they are seen “doing something” is all that seems to matter. 🙁

      When the economy is broken, whining about “liquidity” is asinine. All of the liquidity in the world will not fix this problem because it is not about liquidity. It IS about WAY too much government and WAY too much interference in the free market. Until we get back to true free market principles and away from the fascism / cronyism that is destroying the free market, NOTHING is going to fix what ails this economy. Nothing.

  • GoldTooth999

    Another reason why SRSRocco’s research has been so unprofitable. The third rate researcher entertains scandalous rumors and ignores inconvenient truths. “Authorized Purchasers” only service a small slice of demand. The price of silver will continue to march up as funny money expires around the world.

    • Eric

      How many times have you called Mr. White at the U.S. Mint?

    • Millicent

      When a comment does not conform with the worldview of the SGT site gate guardians you will be subjected to insults and endless ridicule. When they lack a legitimate counter-argument then this is what they resort to… Shoot the messenger.

      • Eric

        There has to be an argument in the first place in order for there to be a counter-argument.

        • Millicent

          “The third rate researcher entertains scandalous rumors and ignores inconvenient truths. “Authorized Purchasers” only service a small slice of demand.”

          Sounds like an argument to me…

          • Eric

            And what does that have to do with SRS Rocco’s research into energy, or how he entertains scandalous rumors that makes him a “third rate researcher?”

            He calls up the mint and asks them a direct question. Sounds like he is fact checking the rumors.

            Up next…the part where you shoot your mouth off.

            • KRELL427

              Its unbelievable to me that the trashiest contributor to this site, Mark Dice gets the least amount of criticism. People are F’d,

            • Millicent

              Perhaps you should address GT999 directly and tell him why he is wrong…?

              • Eric

                I did. You just like to shoot your mouth off. Opinion is not an argument.

                Time for another Bloody Mary and your cats are hungry.

                • Millicent

                  He’s wrong because he hasn’t called “Mr. White”? Oh, now there is a sound argument and rebuttal. You do not know if has or hasn’t called him… in fact, you do not know very much at all while always pretending and acting like you do.

                  Go sail your shiny boat…

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