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NPR Bans Feedback Comments, Removes Reality

from The Daily Bell:

NPR is killing off comments. That’s great news! … NPR made a big announcement Wednesday: It is ending its users’ ability to offer comments at the bottom of each story posted on its site. “We’ve reached the point where we’ve realized that there are other, better ways to achieve the same kind of community discussion around the issues we raise in our journalism,” Scott Montgomery, NPR’s managing editor of digital news, explained. This is terrific news. –Washington Post

No, it is not terrific news that NPR is going to ban feedback to its articles.

No doubt the move is being made because NPR leaves out so many facts in its articles. And the feedbacks tend to be a good deal more informative than the articles themselves.

The basic issue with NPR, like all the mainstream media, is that it doesn’t grapple with the fundamental issue of globalization.

The world is run by banking interests mostly located in London’s City. These interests control central banking around the world and have at their disposal literally trillions of dollars.

Don’t believe it?

During the 2008-2009 financial crisis, Ben Bernanke sent $16 trillion around the world to ensure the current system didn’t crash.

When the Fed was audited, this money was revealed. In 2011, Bernie Sanders posted the results on his website, HERE.

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6 comments to NPR Bans Feedback Comments, Removes Reality

  • tomche

    NPR is only a shadow of its former self. Why anyone would waste their life listening to their drivel – or 99% of MSM – is beyond me.

    • Ed_B

      Agreed. But these life-sucking leeches continue to rope in “public” funding. I hate the fact that some of my tax dollars are going to these leftist mouthpieces. Anything worth having can support itself and doesn’t need largess from the public treasury.

    • anon

      +1, tomche, when you said: (regarding NPR) “Why anyone would waste their life listening to their drivel – or 99% of MSM – is beyond me.”

      Of course, as we are already all too aware ~ MOST AMERICANS ~ are NOT even close to being fully awake to reality. I can’t even claim to be FULLY awake to reality. Most Americans’ minds are conditioned by the propaganda that is spewed/repeated over and over and over from EVERY MSM outlet (ABCBSNBCNNFOX) ~ NPR included ~ and they do not THINK FOR THEMSELVES. They have not taken it upon themselves to FORM THEIR OWN OPINIONS, BASED UPON INVESTIGATING THE REALITY OF THE WORLD THAT THEY LIVE IN. This is the problem.

      I’ve noticed that the ONLY websites that either do not have comments sections, or are always closed to comments, or require you to sign up through your email (yahoo), or google, or through some social media (facebook, linkedin, twitter, reddit, etc.) ~ these sites are practically 100% MSM sites, or tow the MSM propaganda line. I don’t waste my time on any of them. IF Americans were truly aware, they wouldn’t either.

  • anon

    From the Daily Bell article:

    “Virtually every area of public and private life is now controlled by shadowy forces that coordinate and propel an ongoing, massive internationalization.”

    “NPR’s feedbackers often expose what is really taking place. Solution: The feedback is being offloaded to Facebook among other facilities. Facebook is basically controlled by the CIA and thus feedbacks inimical to the current mainstream dialogue will gradually be phased out.”

    “But NPR and other mainstream reporting entities are now making sure reality will not compromise their increasingly misleading posts.

    Conclusion: They are not interested in promoting the truth. They are banishing it.”

    The Daily Bell nails it. It’s called THE INTERNET REFORMATION.

    • anon

      “There is a whole separate government functioning in the world today that has nothing to do with regular politics or the supposed policies that are conducted by governments.”

      “The world’s real ‘controllers’ want global government and using the astonishing funds of central banks have installed a system that works every day to push the world in this direction.” — The Daily Bell

      Dr. John Coleman calls this secret parallel government (that controls the U.K. Government, the U.S. Government, and the Israeli Government (and really, all but a few of the governments around the world) ~ he calls it ‘THE COMMITTEE OF 300’. Most so-called conspiracy “theorists” are just people who have focused their attention on ONE FRONT GROUP of the ‘Committee of 300’, like the TRILATERAL COMMISSION, BILDERBERG GROUP, COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, CHATHAM HOUSE, CECIL RHODES/MILNER GROUP, TAVISTOCK, CLUB OF ROME, NATO, FREEMASONRY, etc. THEY ALL WORK FOR THE SAME “ELITES” AT THE TOP, of the socio-economic pyramid.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    NPR (sometimes known as “Nuclear-Propaganda-Radio”)

    …and that completely useless interview show “This is Fresh Air” (with Terri Gross,… another “Chosenite Tribal Member”= CTM).

    I do confess that I sometimes enjoyed to listen to “Car Talk”.

    It’s just painful to listen to Diane Rheems (any relation to Harry Rheems? The ’70’s porn actor?)

    On TV, it also pains me to catch a couple minute of Tavis Smiley, I imagine an LP vinyl record being played back at 45 speed on cocaine & meth. I have to change the station.

    Charley Rose?, better than NyQuil & Vodka when you want to get some sleep. BORRRRRING.

    Radio & TV are just like the earth (there is NO such thing as GRAVITY, the whole world just SUCKS.)

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