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SGT REPORT NEWS BRIEF & ‘SILVER: The Tide Has Turned’ w/ David Morgan


This is a SGT report news brief and bonus interview with David Morgan from The Morgan Report. Thanks for tuning in.

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184 comments to SGT REPORT NEWS BRIEF & ‘SILVER: The Tide Has Turned’ w/ David Morgan

  • Eric

    Can’t wait for the new book.

  • Eric

    Hey, let me know if any of you guys want to go to this.

    I might have to go.

    • Eric


      Only 1000 other crypto-currencies and digital payment systems out there to use. You can even create your own very easily like Trumpcoin which I think is rather clever. But I’m still not buying any. Tel-Aviv is the crypto hub of the world. If these fools want to give their wealth to Israel, that is their cliff to fall over while staring at their smartphones.

      Picked up 45 grams of Gold in Switzerland yesterday. Another 22 grams in Singapore today. Never had to leave the house. And guess what? It was INSTANTANEOUS using A much better solution to bitcoin. Strange how the first 6 million bitcoins matches exactly with the jew’s fake 6 million number. It’s almost satanic…666 like the “star of david” hexagram like on Saturn.

      This is all WAAAAY over mike’s head of course.

      • mike

        CONGRATULATIONS Eric you just gained ZERO GOLD and paid a fee for the privilege using Gold Money. You spent 68 grams of gold from your goldmoney account to purchase 67 grams + shipping.
        That is pure genius…You are the single most epic tard on the planet.

        Please stop commenting. If this comment deosn’t win you the 2017 ALLTARDS title I don’t know what will.

        • Eric

          Only 1% within spot. And much more secure than your digital unbacked unregulated ponzi scheme with wild currency fluctuations and exchanges where the hacks are socialized losses.

          Nice try. But everyone knows you get the ALLTARD title.

          • mike

            SO what was the point of trading gold for gold at a loss? That is just a Tard move and then to boast like you actually got some gold?…take some ginseng.
            Eric you really are a tard troll especially with your meme generator.
            I am curious why you would you put at risk 68 grams of your gold safely in your goldmoney account to purchase less gold half the world away? Please provide links to your Swiss and Asian hookups if they are selling under spot and no shipping>>??. If you really did purchase Gold with your Goldmoney then you got shafted.
            I can understand if you wanted to do a test run with your new account, why not buy a pizza or something a little less risky?

  • Eric

    No way is the all digital un-backed Satanic Tel-Aviv based crypto-currency called bitcoin worth more than 1 oz. of Palladium.

    Best Value…


    Prepare to lose whatever you haven’t already protected.

  • fonestar

    Thanks to those who make mature relevant p0sts and buy Bitcoin!

    Remember to support your local crypto-anarchist!

  • Moishe

    How We can Break The Jewish Money Power in 2016 ? Shocking Facts (End of Israhell welfare)

  • Troy

    This video is about silver, and you people are just full of hate and insults to each other….be positive, get rid of all the negativity…it will make you a happier person.

    • Millicent

      Yes, whoever SGT really is… he has let this blog get totally out of control and dominated by people who “are just full of hate and insults to each other”.

      Is the purpose of this website to actually educate and inform people or to provide a forum for Jew hating racists to provoke and attack others who attempt to present different viewpoints? It appears to be Satanic in nature.

      Howard Doark
      August 11, 2016 at 6:25 am · Reply

      Is this the neurotic jew(but then I repeat myself, they all are)??

      August 11, 2016 at 12:28 am · Reply

      No way is the all digital un-backed Satanic Tel-Aviv based crypto-currency called bitcoin worth more than 1 oz. of Palladium.

      Howard Doark
      August 10, 2016 at 9:03 pm

      Is it a hoarder house you live in, with cat shit and piss everywhere, with unopened packages of lawn furniture you traded for bitCON?

      • Howard Roark

        “Wahhhhh!!!!!!!! Some please stop this free expression I’m FORCED to log into see everyday!!!!”

        How many cats do you have??

      • Howard Roark

        But “Millicent” is perfectly fine with, below…talk about your DUMB CUNTS

        August 11, 2016 at 3:07 am

        mike is not (((fonestar))) Howard you dumb cunt.”

        • fonestar

          Mike talks about mining inconsistencies you fool. He doesn’t type words anything that sound like fonestar. NOBODY type words like fonestar. You simple HOWARD?

          • Howard Roark

            You are “mike”, faggot…spare us

            • mike

              Howard the moron..You defend tooth and nail this idea that somehow silver is rare? You and Eric have worked the numbers by parroting idiots like SYS Ro Coo Coo and come to the wrong conclusion that PMs are rare today even though they can be easily mined. In oyur defense its rare when a GURU tell the truth like David Morgan did in this interview. Your constantly asking for “links” well just listen to the one above.
              There has never been a mining deficit or shortage of the raw Material. Mines simply produce more or less based on market demand. This year they will not produce as much as last year for one simply reason..There is no great demand for silver as the 2 BILLION above ground inventory should clearly show you. They need to sell most of that off before producing more as not to kill the price. It would also explain the super low price of Silver last year and earlier this year.
              It should also show you there has been no mining deficit when in 3 years mines can double mining output to produce 100% more above ground silver to add to the stockpile. Are you guys deaf and dumb?
              That is where your mind has a short circuit. If the numbers crunched by SRS Rocco for instance were correct we would see a shortage of the raw material instead of a 100% Increase in above ground inventory??? You guys are so incredibly stupid to ignore reality..Wow total Morons.

              • Howard Roark

                well, fonestar, I was buying Silver at $4 per in 1999 and gold at $300, both have done a 5x since. Aside from the unicorn farts(muh bitCON) you’re invested in, what has done better or is more liquid and private without using ANY of the existing banking systems?

                I’ve parroted no numbers from any of the afore mentiuoned “gurus” so that’s just plain false and yet another in a neverending series of strawmans you engage in to try and sound intelligent…I don’t need a guru to confirm the fact that I’m sitting on a growing 5 bagger…good luck with your computer entries, you’re ready made for the coming chipping…cuck…

                • mike

                  Wow you a Moron Eric..$4.00 what a rip…I was buying BTC at 16.00 you total moron idiot. 400% return in 17 years vs 3600% return in 5 years?
                  Not to mention your horrible investment is only going to go down there are no fundamentals supporting the bubble price it’s currently in at all. All your arguments as to rarity hinge on shortage and mining deficits that just are not materializing, the exact opposite is happening, above ground supply is growing. In order for the price to rise significantly from this point 100 times or 100000% more investment needs to come in order to overwhelm the paper price. Your other argument is silver is traded at 100 to 1 paper contracts. Not to mention Mines will simply mine more of the never ending supply. Is that possible that much investment will come in? Maybe? Who knows but I seriously doubt it.
                  BTC on the other hand is limited in supply and is real money as in it spends and growing everyday.
                  PMs are a horrible investment, your seeing top prices right now. Pms are not money so ignoring the paper price is pure ignorance of the highest order.
                  Your lord and Savior Guru David Morgan just laid it out to you if you can think. 2 Billion AG oz’s vs the fabled 1 billion lol ah hahaha. For mining to increase the last 3 years to double above ground inventory then you know Silver is not rare, Not difficult to mine, not in a mining deficit and no shortage in sight.
                  Your not an intelligent person if you can not see the obvious inconsistency of the numbers that pertains to mining, supply etc. No amont of parroting can change FACT. That is what makes you a moron, your ignorance.

                • Eric

                  Now all you have to do Fonestar is sell them to some other unsuspecting fool like yourself to realize your gains before they go to zero.

                  Good luck. Hahaha.

                  No industrial use for Bitcoin.

                • Howard Roark

                  I’ve made no “arguments” or expressed any admiration for any “gurus” in any of my posts, fonestar, faggot.

                  How long have you been an opiate addict or a cut-n-paste bot??

          • mike

            I think the reason Eric constantly accuses you of being me is because Howard is obviously Eric. Eric cant imagine people that agree at least on the BTC. The BTC is the only true honest money and the only one in a position to directly take on the Evil dollar paradigm..I know you understand that this moron can’t. He has to log into his alter ego Howard that parrots the exact same BS…
            Anyway the Vid Jacobson posted Eric the Parrot is hilarious! Stupid bird is even throwing coins all over@!
            Funny how Eric is always complaining about Jew Bankers then uses their network and infrastructure of control to purchase PMs. I don’t think his Jew bankers care what he is buying just as long as he is using their system of control. Eric is not going to stop his Jew Bankers that way by feeding them more dirty dollars lol. He truly is a Tard. Just keep score and place your bets, the 2017 ALLTARDS is a close race. Eric for sure is the odds on favorite but there is still time for another to unseat the champ.

            • Howard Roark

              How long have you been addicted to methamphetamines, fonestar, you prattle on like a hardcore addict, your constant spluging over bitCON fits your addiction?

              You and jewcobson should get a room and suck on each others foreskins.

              • Eric

                He can’t even be original. He has to try to copy everyone else’s argument.

                • Howard Roark

                  50 TONS of Phyzz Silver purchased by a private party…what an idiot, over 2,000,000 kikedullahs for a useless bubble metal…I didn’t know morons had that kind of scratch???

                  Go to the 7:30 mark…

                • mike

                  Unsuspecting? I anticipated BTC rise easily based on real fundamentals and some people are actually concerned with gubberment and bankster control over their wealth.
                  Also BTC is the only money that is limited in supply, easily divisible, spendable etc..All the things Gold is not. Pms are as rare a gallon of diesel makes them, They’re in abundant supply in and out of the ground.
                  If there were only 21 million oz’s of gold on the earth then Gold would have real fundamentals. It however is unlimited in the ground and above ground. It can never have BTC fundamentals.

                  I am interested in your Tard comment how you bought Swiss gold with “Gold Money”… You traded physical Gold for Gold and paid some fees for the privilege? You basically just lost money and gained no gold? Do you see why everyone thinks your a tard? You have no concept of value when it comes to preps or even buying gold lol. You rail against Jew banksters then use their networks and put cash in their pockets when you purchase anything. You are the one supporting your evil Jew Banksters not me.

                  You are a moron Eric/Howard.

                • mike

                  HAhahaha Howard your listening to a Gorilla ah hahahahah. I guess you jungle parrots keep it in the Jungle family?
                  Who is this V tard you point out as a valid reliable source of information? Just another masked PM crusader? Yes people buy the industrial metal for all sorts of reasons especially for industrial applications. You are one dull twit.

                • Howard Roark

                  Who are you talking to, fonestar? You go on diarrhea rants about nonsense that hasn’t been brought up by anyone…trade bitCON for opiates much?

                • mike

                  To your aliases “Eric’s” catch line when he can not defend his stupid positions….”That is not an argument”.

                  You Eric are a moron of the highest order.
                  Ayn Rand would be sickened by you of all people using that name “Howard”.
                  Rand despised central planning you by default endorse it and feed it. Ayn Rand embraced innovation you reject it. You are essentially a bureaucrat of the old order….Everything Ayn Rand stood against.

                • KRELL427

                  Atlas shrugged is their road map to take over the world,mission is already 90% complete

              • mike

                Wouldn’t doubt it at all..Thats why I do not understand you guys not using BTC instead of dirty dollars? BTC circumvents all controls, Banks,gubberments etc. I see people saying starve the beast , your not going to do that by buying gold with dirty dollars. Only spending appreciating BTC will do that.
                I really dont care if you think gold is money or an asset. I dont care if you think BTC is a currency not a value unto it’s own. At this point in time Gold can not damage the Squid only strengthen it every time you buy it. Only BTC can do that damage to the control grid by not utilizing their networks and control mechanisms.
                Eric would have been better off buying some BTC a year ago and buying his Swiss Gold with it instead of using Goldmoney only to lose money and gain no gold. That was weird of him to proudly post that? Anyway not going to get in arguments with you guys about Gold..You feel the way you do and I feel the way I do. BTC like it or not is the only true destroyer of the Squid. If you took a little time to really understand it instead of posting some ridicoulse link to a no name masked PM crusader or total nut job. BJF loves it, Ranting Andy loves it and millions of people use it everyday.

              • mike

                Wouldn’t doubt it at all..Thats why I do not understand you guys not using BTC instead of dirty dollars? BTC circumvents all controls, Banks,gubberments etc. I see people saying starve the beast , your not going to do that by buying gold with dirty dollars. Only spending appreciating BTC will do that.
                I really dont care if you think gold is money or an asset. I dont care if you think BTC is a currency not a value unto it’s own. At this point in time Gold can not damage the Squid only strengthen it every time you buy it. Only BTC can do that damage to the control grid by not utilizing their networks and control mechanisms.
                Eric would have been better off buying some BTC a year ago and buying his Swiss Gold with it instead of using Goldmoney only to lose money and gain no gold. That was weird of him to proudly post that? Anyway not going to get in arguments with you guys about Gold..You feel the way you do and I feel the way I do. BTC like it or not is the only true destroyer of the Squid. If you took a little time to really understand it instead of posting some ridiculous link to a no name masked PM crusader or total nut job. BJF loves it, Ranting Andy loves it and millions of people use it everyday.

  • Millicent

    Russia’s Weakness Is Its Economic Policy — Paul Craig Roberts and Michael Hudson
    August 10, 2016

    Russia’s Weakness Is Its Economic Policy
    Paul Craig Roberts and Michael Hudson

    According to various reports, the Russian government is reconsidering the neoliberal policy that has served Russia so badly since the collapse of the Soviet Union. If Russia had adopted an intelligent economic policy, Russia’s economy would be far ahead of where it stands today. It would have avoided most of the capital flight to the West by relying on self-finance.

    Washington, however, took advantage of a naive, gullible and demoralized Russian government which looked to Washington for guidance in the post-Soviet era. Russians thought that the rivalry between the two countries had ended with the Soviet collapse and trusted American advice to modernize the Russian economy with best-practice Western ideas. Instead, Washington abused this trust to saddle Russia with an economic policy designed to carve up Russian economic assets and transfer ownership into foreign hands. By tricking Russia into accepting foreign capital and exposing the ruble to currency speculation, Washington made sure that the US could destabalize Russia with capital outflows and assaults on the ruble’s exchange value. Only a government unfamiliar with the neoconservative aim of US world hegemony would have exposed its economic system to such foreign manipulation.

    The sanctions that Washington imposed – and forced Europe to impose – on Russia show how neoliberal economics works against Russia. The policy’s call for high interest rates and austerity sank the Russian economy – needlessly. The ruble was knocked down by capital outflows, resulting in the neoliberal central bank squandering Russia’s foreign reserves in an effort to support the ruble but actually supported capital flight.

    Even Vladimir Putin finds attractive the romantic notion of a global economy to which every country has equal access. But the problems resulting from neoliberal policy forced him to turn to import substitution in order to make the Russian economy less dependent on imports. It also made Putin realize that if Russia were to have one foot in the Western economic order, it needed to have the other foot in the new economic order being constructed with China, India, and former central Asian Soviet republics.

    Neoliberal economics prescribes a dependency policy that relies on foreign loans and foreign investment. This policy creates foreign currency debt and foreign ownership of Russian profits. These are dangerous vulnerabilities for a nation declared by Washington to be “an existential threat to the US.”

    The economic establishment that Washington set up for Russia is neoliberal. The head of the central bank Elvira Nabiullina, minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev, and the current and former finance ministers, Anton Siluanov and Alexei Kudrin, are doctrinaire neoliberals. This crowd wanted to deal with Russia’s budget deficit by selling public assets to foreigners. If actually carried through, this policy would give Washington more control over Russia’s economy.

    Opposed to this collection of “junk economists,” stands Sergey Glaziev. Boris Titov and Andrei Klepach are reported to be his allies.

    This group understands that neoliberal policies make Russia’s economy susceptible to destabilization by Washington if the US wants to punish the Russian government for not following Washington’s foreign policy. Their aim is to promote a more self-sufficient Russia in order to protect the nation’s sovereignty and the government’s ability to act in Russia’s national interests rather than subjugate these interests to those of Washington. The neoliberal model is not a development model, but is purely extractive. Americans have characterized it as making Russia or other dependencies “hewers of wood and drawers of water” – or in Russia’s case, oil, gas, platinum and diamonds.

    Self-sufficiency means not being import dependent or dependent on foreign capital for investment that could be financed by Russia’s central bank. It also means strategic parts of the economy remaining in public, not private, hands. Basic infrastructure services should be provided to the economy at cost, on a subsidized basis or freely, not turned over to foreign owners to extract monopoly rent. Glaziev also wants the ruble’s exchange value to be set by the central bank, not by speculators in the currency market.

    Neoliberal economists do not acknowledge that the economic development of a nation with natural resource endowments such as Russia has can be financed by the central bank creating the money required to undertake the projects. They pretend that this would be inflationary. Neoliberals deny the long-recognized fact that, in terms of the quantity of money, it makes no difference whether the money comes from the central bank or from private banks creating money by making loans or from abroad. The difference is that if money comes from private banks or from abroad, interest must be paid to the banks, and profits have to be shared with foreign investors, who end up with some control over the economy.

    Apparently, Russia’s neoliberals are insensitive to the threat that Washington and its European vassals pose to the Russian state. On the basis of lies Washington has imposed economic sanctions on Russia. This political demonization is as fictitious as is the neoliberal economic propaganda. On the basis of such lies, Washington is building up military forces and missile bases on Russia’s borders and in Russian waters. Washington seeks to overthrow former Russian or Soviet provinces and install regimes hostile to Russia, as in Ukraine and Georgia. Russia is continually demonized by Washington and NATO. Washington even politicized the Olympic games and prevented the participation of many Russian athletes.

    Despite these overt hostile moves against Russia, Russian neoliberals still believe that the economic policies that Washington urges on Russia are in Russia’s interest, not intended to gain control of its economy. Hooking Russia’s fate to Western hegemony under these conditions would doom Russian sovereignty.

    • Eric

      Amazing!!! Something from Millicent actually worth reading.

      Try to provide the link next time

      • Howard Roark

        Yes, she can cut and paste obvious material, “wow”…

        • Millicent

          Howard Doark, Eric’s butt-boy.

          You remind me of a school of Piranhas that has attacked some poor creature which has ventured into their waters.

          No one has yet to address Troy’s comment that you are hateful sickos but have focused on my response to his.

          You are psychos and anyone with a thinking mind should steer clear of this site.

          And all the rest of you Ed B’s, Glitters, etc. should think twice about posting here and supporting this madhouse.

          • Howard Roark

            “attacked some poor creature”…finally a self-admission, doesn’t that feel better, “miili”? Only 11 more steps to go!

            You have the mouth of an alligator and the constitution of a bug chasing faggot, bad combo.

            Run along snowflake…

      • “Worth reading” and “Paul Craig Roberts” never belong in the same sentence.

        • Kakistocracy


          Agreed, one hundred percent.
          Most of those who believe themselves to be ‘awake’ simply have no comprehension and imagination to properly contemplate the depth of evil that has taken hold of Amerika today.

          When money costs nothing to you (Rothschilds), then you can bribe and intimidate and extort and buy and rent and sell any one you want.

          Only then and only then will we have a chance at real world peace.

        • Eric

          I just thought it was amazing she wasn’t criticizing someone else.

  • Steelerdude

    how the hell can anyone read through 89 comments….once I see this many, I will ignore….beam me up scotty…..

  • ChainMailArmor

    Thanks for the vid SGT,

    Always good to hear Morgan’s point of view. One thing caught my ear is when you said that a “new” monetary system will replace the old. While this is true we must be willing to accept the fact that this “new” monetary system will be the “new” method of control that has been planned by the central planners for decades.

    I personally believe this “new” monetary system will be the mark of the beast system. With that being said, I don’t think it will be wise to wait for the new system to come into existence before transferring from one asset class, IE. “Gold” to another asset class. In my opinion the next valuable asset class for survival and sustainability will be land with water. Again, when we see the herd enter the market and the price of physical shoot up far beyond correction(over correction) as Mike Maloney and others talk about then we should very well consider transferring into a different asset class before a “new” monetary system makes it difficult to have freedom of choice regarding any transactions.

    Imagine a scenario where it becomes the law of the land to only transact in this “new” monetary system or face imprisonment or even death. In that scenario if you wished to complete a transaction you would be forced to enter into the monetary system by transferring physical into the new “digital currency.”

    Besides the fact that an “over correction,” when the herd enters into the market would make physical more valuable at least for a short period of time than when fair market value is reached if it be ever again possible to reach such a thing.

    On a different note, Sorry to see that your site has been hijacked by a few low esteemed individuals who feel the need to tit for tat back and forth about nothing regarding the subject matter at hand which you obviously spend a lot of your valuable time to bring us. I for one appreciate you Sean, and I hope my appreciation will be made apparent by staying on topic and respecting your efforts and website in general.

    God Bless, Bro and keep up your hard work!!! Sometimes it is difficult to see the fruits of our labor but you are reaching many with many truths.

  • Howard Roark

    Um, yeah, cat lady, I was buying Silver at $4 per in 1999 and gold at $300, both have done a 5x since. Aside from the unicorn farts you’re invested in, what has done better?

    Were you born a professional victim or was this an acquired “skill”?

  • glitter 1

    Yes, the tide reversed in Jan 2016.They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

    Here are the 1 year charts for two leveraged (3X) ETFs,The first is an 3X Inverse(Futures Short)(DUST) of the benchmark GDX Fund.

    This next chart is the 1 year chart of the 3X Long (Futures Long) (NUGT) of the same benchmark GDX Fund.

    Make sure you look at the upper right to see the YTD values for both.

    The take away/message here is that the Resumption of the Gold and Silver Bull is well under way.

    Nobody,absolutely no one is shorting the Metal Shares and haven’t since December 2015.These two vehicles are mainly used by The Big Boys/Big Smart Money who know what’s going on and/or are privy to inside information. There is absolutely no indication that these two trends are even close to reversing.

  • glitter 1

    I’m curious as to why my two previous comments have been censored,

  • Millicent

    The Plan:

    1: Spread all sorts of “the sky is going to fall… real soon now” stories to panic the people.

    2: Create a movement that consists of “we can help you prepare to avoid the falling sky” websites complete with “guru” experts who are there to sell you something and pretend to be “helping” you avoid the imminent “collapse”. Don’t worry, we’re “documenting” it for you.

    3: Sell “preps” and PM’s so people can “keep stacking”. The Faber clip about Thai Girlz and Gold is one of the best… An old pervert telling you keep buying Gold and if you’re still horny come to Thailand… “there are plenty in every village”.

    4: None of this is likely to play out like it is presented to the people but it keeps them preoccupied, fighting & arguing among themselves and out of the government’s hair.

    • Eric

      And when do you expect the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates Millicent?

      Maybe you should stop playing with all your cats and pay a lot closer attention to what has been going on.

      Analysts: Militarization of South China Sea is fraught with risk of major war

      Khazarian mafia offer ASEAN, Japan and Korea to China

    • glitter 1

      Yes, all is well in the World, the sun is shining, the birds are singing. Just like on August 6/9,1945 in Japan. It’s a shame there wasn’t an internet back then,they most likely would have known something big/life changing was brewing.

      When the weatherman/person announces a category 5 hurricane/twister may hit next week,some make preparations just in case,many don’t.Those that prepared may survive with their family/have something the eat.Those that didn’t may not survive,be washed/blown away with their family and/or will be looking/begging for their next meal.

      A good point of reference may be Venezuela and they have the internet.

      • Eric

        glitter, got my combo kit from readysupplyfoods the other day.

        Pretty nice little bucket of emergency food. Haven’t tried anything yet but it looks loaded. I would order from them again. My buddy said he was impressed and he said he knows where to go when the SHTF. I’m not too worried about him. Even though I know he is no where near prepared for any of this, he is the only one that goes out of his way to help me out on a weekly basis…running errands, working on my house, helping me with things. When things get ugly I will help him. But the parasites and idiots who mocked me will get nothing but the long end of a shotgun from me if they think they are going to knock on my door when I warned them a million times to prepare. A purge/cleansing of the vermin is coming.

        • glitter 1

          Appears the date to watch is Friday, September 30th.Hoffman mentioned it recently. Rickards is announcing it,the Dollar will drop,the markets will drop,Gold will soar.The Yuan gets added to the IMF SDR Basket of Currencies.J Willie has also been warning of it.Everything seems to be treading water,just waiting for something to happen,perhaps this will be the trigger.Not long to wait.

  • C.I.

    I am with Millicent.

    The rest of all this is just…………Verbage……


    • Millicent

      Thank You… You will notice that no one here is attacking or ridiculing you and even Troy for that matter. He basically said that a lot of these people are hateful sickos but no one ever addressed him directly. A lot of these characters really are sick but they revel in it. SGT gives them a forum and allows the hatred to be promoted. He hides behind these attack dogs while he gives you the “Hi Guys” sweet talk intro.

      • Eric

        That’s because C.I. doesn’t just criticize someone every time they post something like you do.

        If you’re going to start a feud, you better be able to fight.

        Now go feed your “kids.”

      • Howard Roark

        Wow, it’s not only Hillary that has reached the final brain eating level of Syphilis infection…

        • Millicent

          Ho-Hum… Howard the Doark

          Hi Howard, still miss Christine?
          “Hi Guys” SGT here…

          • Howard Roark

            Sean can’t stand you, narcissist, your “statist” appeal to “authority” for help won’t work, you’re on your own…the reckoning is ongoing, words and action have consequences again…and you’re left wanting…

            How many cats do you have?

  • Millicent

    I do not criticize, I just make your idiocy apparent for all to see…

    Go eat a Tamale…

  • F16hoser

    Sorry Dave; your Tide just collapsed into a Ripple. Silver up, Silver down. TPTB are still in control.

  • Millicent

    SGTreport – Sean Turnbull (actually a publicist and advertising/media specialist for largest companies he claims to be against)

  • KRELL427

    Millicent’s source,miloman another disgruntled stacker

    • Eric

      That’s a pretty good list.

      I wonder how many tons of silver I need to stack to make the list.

      “Connect the dots.” Silver is the peoples money.

  • Millicent

    Not to worry boyz, $3500 Gold and $100 Silver by Decembrrr.

    Glitter said so.

    And Meanwhile Harvey Keeps Playing his Organ.
    “Somebody Big”

    • Eric

      Some people just can’t think in non-dollar denominated terms.

      • Millicent

        Blipcoin Anyone? Yo Foney! Some people always have to have the last word in everything…

        Many children want to have the last word, of course, but here are eight types of adults who may always seem to need the last word. These are people who are:

        always needing to be right
        conversation hogs

        The most important thing to remember when handling a “last worder” is that the last word has no value in itself. When you accept this, you will experience less annoyance and a reduced temptation to battle over the last word.

        I think Harvey needs someone to play with his Organ.

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