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New Yorkers on Obamacare Expected to Pay up to 80 Percent More for Health Insurance Next Year

by L.J. Devon, Natural News:

When New York’s Department of Financial Services reviewed insurers’ requests for the 2017 fiscal year, the state determined that individual Obamacare users would be hit with an average insurance premium hike of 16.6 percent. This is projected to negatively affect 350,000 or more individual Obamacare users in the state of New York. Small group users will be hit hard too, with an 8 percent increase. This 8 percent increase is projected to impact more than a million people in the state.

Average 16.6 percent premium hikes for New Yorkers in 2017

Health insurance providers originally sought an average premium hike of 28 percent to cover costs, but the state capped the premium increase at 16.6 percent. Nonetheless, policyholders will be shelling out hundreds of millions in wasted dollars that still won’t be enough to sustain health insurance companies. No amount of force, fine, mandate, tax or price control is going to fix the systemic problems, failures and faults within the medical system. As policyholders pay more, and as insurers lose money in the boondoggle, Obamacare can only be seen as a manipulative, controlling scheme that is an economic failure and a perpetuation of the problems detaching people from real health responsibility.

A study by Blue Cross Blue Shield found that Obamacare users are spending 22 percent more than people who are using employer sponsored health plans. United Health has found that the cost of participating in the health exchanges is too costly, and they plan to exit most of them by 2017.

Obamacare is a health hazard to all

All across the country, people are feeling the weight of Obamacare bearing down on their chests. Obamacare is a health hazard to all, saddling added costs and unwanted stress on people’s minds and bodies. The hardworking adults who cannot afford health insurance, and the ones who resist the mandate, are beginning to see triple digit fines imposed on their incomes, further shackling their ability to take care of their own health.

The lofty promises of the Affordable Care Act haunt the nation like a bout of acid reflux hitting the back of the throat, turning to vomit. The law’s negative repercussions are causing health insurance premiums to rise like never before, completely destroying the marketplace for health insurance.

It’s all happening so quickly – the destruction of the health insurance marketplace. Now, any elitist Fabian socialist can come in and denounce the entire failed economy of health insurance and seize all control, creating a completely centralized system of medicine that dictates what people pay for, while controlling their personal choices in that manner. Will Americans fall in line with this centralized takeover or choose freedom instead?

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