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New “Thought Police” Unit Armed With Own Budget And Re-Education Camps

from The Sleuth Journal:

Unbeknownst to the vast majority of Americans who go about their lives in a zombified state existing somewhere between clueless and misinformed, right now figurative lines in the sand are being drawn, and both sides are digging in for the fight of our lifetime. Will the United States remain a free republic with even an inkling of the rights our Founders envisioned for us, or will the country inevitably fall to socialism first, and eventually transform into a totalitarian state? Nothing would please the political class more than to have the latter prevail, but to accomplish that, first free speech must be stomped out.

The weapon of choice being used today by liberty’s greatest enemy is “political correctness.” There is an enormous movement afoot both in Europe, and here at home domestically, for all the social media giants to stomp out what “they” are referring to as “hate speech.”

Define “Hate Speech”: That which does not conform with liberal ideology.
Who are “they?” If you’ve been on any social media lately, then it shouldn’t come as shock to you that companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft have all become obsessed with controlling who gets what information. The CEOS’s of those companies are no longer advocates for being conduits of free speech, but instead they’ve become quite the opposite. Each of those companies are now using their social media platforms as the single most powerful mechanisms being used to silence Free Speech today.

Earlier this summer, with very little attention from American media (shock, right?), social media giants including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft, officially partnered with the European Commission in order to crack down on free speech by banning “alternative media” from their platforms. When the European Commission announced their partnership with the social media giants, it ordered each of them to begin completely eliminating “hate speech” and “counter-narratives” from the internet.

In the following video, I review the origins of the “thought police” in Europe, with a heavy emphasis on the fact that it’s American social media giants that have made the “thought police” possible. Don’t think there aren’t plans to enact similar laws here in America.

In the video I also cover recent legislation that was passed in Europe to send those who publish “conspiracy theories” online to “re-education camps.” Why? With all the talk about FEMA camps and the indefinite detention of Americans in the event of Martial Law, recall what Justice Scalia said back in 2014 when he was asked about internment camps in the United States. The AP quoted the late Justice Scalia saying:

“[Y]ou are kidding yourself if you think the same thing will not happen again…”

Be sure to read all the way to the end of this post. At the end of the article discussing Britain’s new “thought police,” you’ll find a video of Obama explaining his plans for FEMA camps in detail. In the video, Obama talks about putting people in prison just for thinking about crimes. No, I am no kidding.

We in the United States need to keep a very watchful eye on these Draconian polices being implemented in Europe, so we don’t fall victim to them ourselves.

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4 comments to New “Thought Police” Unit Armed With Own Budget And Re-Education Camps

  • Guido

    Obama mentor and Weather Underground terrorist, Bill Ayers, now a professor at the University of Illinois, was allegedly recorded by an FBI informant claiming that as part and parcel of the communist revolution, Americans would have to be put in re-education camps. He estimated that 25 million Americans would need to be executed because the re-education process would not be a complete success. I’ve heard the tape numerous times and cannot speak of it’s authenticity. What I do know is that this hero and close friend to Obama has written and said many things over the years that have spelled out in no uncertain terms his outright contempt for the American people and his obsession with imposing a totalitarian communist regime in this country. It comes to reason that anyone who subscribes to such views would also agree to the idea of re-education camps and the extermination of “enemies of the state”. It is a natural outcome of communism, after all. Obama is judged according to his friends and mentors, and whether he actually leaves office or not, rest assured that this will be attempted. In fact, should Hitlery end up in the White House, I have no doubt that she will attempt to bring these long time plans into being as well(unsuccessfully).

    • anon

      +1,000,000,000 ! Guido.

      Of course, there’s a REMEDY for ALL of this. The Federal Government needs to simply return to the U.S. CONSTITUTION, its BILL OF RIGHTS, and EQUALITY UNDER THE RULE OF LAW!, and begin printing its own Constitutional, interest-free currency in order to pay off its own debts.

      • Guido

        You mean those “subversive” documents and practices that us “terrorists” agree with so much? Yes, many decent Americans have kept them from getting stale over the years by keeping them alive in our memories. We know who the REAL terrorists are. And either the American people are with us or their with the terrorists. It’s as simple as that.

  • Paul Prichard

    Galileo was guilty of “hate speech” and “counter-narratives” in the flat earth believing era with his scientific theory that the earth was not flat. Are we to descend into a similar era ?

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