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Negative Interest Rates Hit Germany – What You Need To Know

from World Alternative Media:

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3 comments to Negative Interest Rates Hit Germany – What You Need To Know

  • Steelerdude

    These guys provide some great info…its hard to concentrate on what they are saying when Im watching the 10 footers crashing on the beach….LOL

  • mike

    Well this just proves we are more likely to see interest rate increases on deposits here in the US. Our banking system is obviously structured differently. The Federal Reserve Pays banks NOT to spend as opposed to the ECB that charges banks on their deposits.
    Interesting vid but doesn’t apply to the USA. Looks like the Europeans need to take a page out of our book.

    The dollar is perfect being debt based and literally backed by everything on earth from gold to real estate and everything in between. The more debt the better for the dollar. The only problem with it is the people that get to spend that money first which is essentially stealing. It also provides the means to deficit spend which is never good.
    The dollar is Never going to crash, it cant. Defaults on loans or more and more new loans is all bullish for the buck.
    If you don’t like the dollar and all it supports then buy and SPEND BTC, the true squid killer.

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