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More Conspiracy: Why Modern Mainstream Journalism Is Seen As Questionable

from The Daily Bell:

A Short Checklist for Conspiracy Theorists … Unlike Wall Street, conspiracy theories are a perfect market, with supply and demand in perpetual equilibrium. This election year has seen soaring demand. –Bloomberg

Bloomberg has just posted an editorial debunking conspiracy theories, and the reason for it seems to involve people’s suspicion that Hillary Clinton has significant health problems.

Usually articles like this appear when certain elite dominant social themes are under attack. For instance: President Barack Obama was exposed in the alternative media for apparently not being born in the US. As a result, there was an increased mainstream attack on “conspiracy theorists.”

It was at this time, as we recall, that the labels “truther” and “birther” became increasingly popular. But as the attacks on Obama diminished, so did the use of these labels.

Now, it would seem, conspiracy-bashing may be elevated again.


Like most conspiracy theories, [the attacks on Hillary’s health are] a mix of fantasy, improbability and willful stupidity. And, like others, it will no doubt prove tenacious.

If Clinton is elected president, some will swear the woman in the Oval Office is in fact an expertly rouged cadaver.

Countering conspiracy theories is hard, since facts trade at a discount among the conspiracy minded. But for those tempted to jump to conspiracy-tinged conclusions, perhaps a checklist would be a useful precaution ..

The article then goes on to list four such “theories”:

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1 comment to More Conspiracy: Why Modern Mainstream Journalism Is Seen As Questionable

  • anon

    The Historical record provides all the evidence and documentation that anyone (with gray matter between their ears, and ability to USE it) would need, to prove, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the ACTUAL Conspiracy (that we are all living under) is no “theory”. All the facts are there ~ it just takes some time and effort to piece them together in a meaningful way ~ to show the relevant connections between seemingly disparate, or separate, seemingly unrelated names, places, events, organizations, etc.
    Once a person spends enough time doing this (investigating History, like a detective), the pieces of the puzzle all begin to fall into place, seemingly on their own.

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