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More Americans Than Ever Are Losing Their Religion

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

Never before in U.S. history have so many Americans chosen to be unaffiliated with any particular religious group. As you will see below, the percentage of “nones” in this country has absolutely skyrocketed over the past decade. But not all faiths are losing members in the United States. In fact, Islam, Buddhism, Wicca and various New Age organizations have all experienced excellent growth in recent years. Sadly, almost all of the growth for the “nones” has come at the expense of Christianity. Americans are leaving the Christian faith in droves, and this is why many of our churches are less than half full on Sunday mornings. What we are doing right now is clearly not working, and hopefully we can get the church in America to wake up while there is still time to do so.

Earlier today I came across a brand new study from the Pew Research Center entitled “Why America’s ‘nones’ left religion behind“. One thing that particularly stood out to me was the fact that most “nones” were once affiliated with a particular religion but have now discarded that label…

Perhaps the most striking trend in American religion in recent years has been the growing percentage of adults who do not identify with a religious group. And the vast majority of these religious “nones” (78%) say they were raised as a member of a particular religion before shedding their religious identity in adulthood.

Overall, the percentage of “nones” in this nation has been absolutely soaring in recent years. Back in 2007, “nones” made up 16 percent of the population, but now that number has risen to 23 percent. The following is from a different Pew Research Center report that was published last year

Religious “nones” – a shorthand we use to refer to people who self-identify as atheists or agnostics, as well as those who say their religion is “nothing in particular” – now make up roughly 23% of the U.S. adult population. This is a stark increase from 2007, the last time a similar Pew Research study was conducted, when 16% of Americans were “nones.” (During this same time period, Christians have fallen from 78% to 71%.)

I want you to notice one particularly sobering fact in the excerpt posted above. The seven percent increase in the percentage of “nones” was matched exactly by a seven percent decrease in the percentage of Christians.

It is time to face a very hard truth – Christianity is in rapid decline in America.

So why is this happening?

Is there an explanation for why so many people are leaving the church?

Well, here is some of the feedback that the Pew Research Center received while conducting their new survey…

About half of current religious “nones” who were raised in a religion (49%) indicate that a lack of belief led them to move away from religion. This includes many respondents who mention “science” as the reason they do not believe in religious teachings, including one who said “I’m a scientist now, and I don’t believe in miracles.” Others reference “common sense,” “logic” or a “lack of evidence” – or simply say they do not believe in God.

This is such a tragedy, because during my decades of research into these things I have found that logic and reason should always point people toward the Christian faith and not away from it. There is an absolutely gigantic mountain of evidence for Christianity out there, but unfortunately most people don’t know about it or they are not interested in considering it.

The biggest cultural shift has been happening among our young people. Most of them have been raised in an environment where God has been removed from almost every corner of public life, and the results have been beyond catastrophic.

In America today, 35 percent of all Millennials are “nones”.

Millennials are more than twice as likely to be “nones” as Baby Boomers (17 percent), and they are more than three times as likely to be “nones” as the Silent Generation (11 percent).

In other words, the younger you are the more likely you are to be religiously unaffiliated.

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11 comments to More Americans Than Ever Are Losing Their Religion

  • Ed_B

    Perhaps a lot of people do not feel the need to attend church because their church lives in their heart and they have a close and loving relationship with God and Jesus Christ all on their own.

    Never forget… God created man but man created religion. God had nothing to do with that and bears no responsibility for it.

    If one has great love for God in their heart, they will live a good life. They will be kind, generous, and loving to almost everyone they meet. There will always be some who fail to respond to kindness. We owe it to ourselves to try being kind to them anyway but if they cannot accept it, move on to the next person with no regrets.

  • tomche

    “…during my decades of research into these things I have found that logic and reason should always point people toward the Christian faith and not away from it.”

    Really. If that is really true, then I must question what research you really did. Indeed, if you are honest and neutral in your quest for truth, there is NO WAY your research could possibly lead you to religion – unless your research starts and ends within the church – lol.

    In my humble opinion, Religion has nothing whatsoever to do with anything “holy” or spiritual. ALL religions exist to control and exact money from the masses. And let’s not forget the importance of sex worship either. Do your homework.

    My research leads me to believe that there was no Jesus or Moses or Abraham and Isaac. (I am not dismissing the bible. The bible is indeed important.) But it’s also important to realize that the bible isn’t the greatest collection of truths ever told, it’s the greatest collection of STORY’S ever told.

    Research where the word Christianity comes from and your eyes will begin to open.

    You want the truth about religion?
    (for starters)

  • Bob

    Snyder must’ve been losing money writing the same article about the coming upcoming economic collapse about a thousand times, because he’s morphed into a kind of National Enquirer reporter rehashing other people’s articles and sensationalizing them. This article is a bit more original than his usual, but judging by it, he should stick to rehashing. Gigantic mountain of evidence? For an invisible man in the sky? Really, grow up.

  • tomche

    Thumbs up, Bob.

  • Scott

    Reminds me of an old Star Trek episode where Pickard is looking out of the Enterprise bay window looking down at planet earth and says “that’s the only planet in this universe that still believes in Gods and look at them…..they’ll never succeed until they realize all they have is each other”.

    Nuff said.

  • Kevin

    Part of my waking up process included taking a long look at the things I was raised to believe in. As a child we were at church every time the doors were open, regular services, revivals, etc. It got really old being forced by a crazy Pentecostal mother to give up most of my free time for a belief system I didn’t agree with even from a young age. I always knew something wasn’t right not only with Christianity, but Judaism and Islam.

    Now that I’m older and more awake to the world control system, which includes organized religions and false belief systems, which include mainstream and divergent variations of Christianity, I’m able to make an informed choice as to how I spend my free time, the causes and organizations I support with time and money, and the beliefs I allow in my life. I am so much happier with spending my free time as I wish. I am always connected to spirit and the Divine, even when I am not consciously trying to tune in. But for me “church” is any time I consciously tune in and also the times when I chop wood and carry water. I don’t need a metal warehouse, strip mall storefront, temple, or cathedral to connect with myself and the higher vibrations of which I am an infintessimal part. I am a sovereign spiritual being having an experience in this 3D physical world along with many other beings at various stages in their journeys. I don’t really care whether or not Michael Snyder agrees with or understands me and others like me. He is free to believe as he wishes so long as he allows others to do the same and no one interferes with the liberty and well being of anyone else.

  • tomche

    Damn, that was well articulated, Kevin. Agree COMPLETELY.

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