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Monetary Madness, Political Madness, Debt Madness

by Gary Christenson, Deviant Investor:

Many people watched the most recent circus – the DNC: A few comments:

  1. Some strong-willed individuals managed to observe the DNC without the use of hard alcohol.
  2. Scandal, corruption, and lies were pervasive.
  3. It was good entertainment but not believable.
  4. The RNC was little better.

The RNC and DNC were not the only circus acts in town.

Less entertaining versions emanated from the Eccles building in D.C. and from other central banks.

  • Negative interest rates on sovereign debt are common in Europe and Japan and probably coming to the US.
  • Helicopter money – here we come!
  • Stupid is as stupid does! Garbage in, Garbage out! You can’t win and you must play the game.
  • Yup, Madness, Madness, and more Madness.

Michael Pento explained it eloquently in his article, “Four Stages of Monetary Madness.”


“There are four stages of fiat money printing that have been used by central banks throughout their horrific history of usurping the market-based value of money and borrowing costs. It is a destructive path that began with going off the gold standard and historically ends in hyperinflation and economic chaos.

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