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Milwaukee, Wisconsin Police Shooting and Riots

from Stefan Molyneux:

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3 comments to Milwaukee, Wisconsin Police Shooting and Riots

  • Guido

    Please no not insult non-human animals. They do not behave in this manner. They generally only resort to violence as a means of obtaining food, self-defense, defense of young, defense of territory, or obtaining a mate. The human animals that we saw raising hell in Milwaukee for two nights straights resort to violence because they are influenced and/or possessed by evil. Looting a store for for the sake of grabbing a box of Skittles doesn’t quite justify the hunger argument.

  • Every time I have given this guy a rebuttal, He never replies. So as far as I am concern he is Just a talking head! Also most of the time the ones calling others people animals are the real animals!

  • E.

    Excellent remarks by Stefan on the destruction of the black family by the welfare state.

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