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Milwaukee Blacks Attack Whites Because “The Rich People Are Not Trying To Give Us None”

from ZeroHedge:

According to the government’s official data, the number of unemployed black Americans is at its lowest since 2007 seemingly confirming President Obama’s narrative that “everything is awesome.” So, we wondered, if everything’s awesome and everyone’s got a job, why are black Americans rioting in Milwaukee?

Here is the answer in one chart and one short sentence from a Milwaukee protester…

Jobs are not fungible… Since President Obama was elected, black Americans may have seen their joblessness decline – but since President Obama was elected, income inequality for black Americans has soared…

The solution is simple – as this young black American explains… the violent rioting that occurred last night in Milwaukee is rich people’s fault…

To quote:

“It’s sad because you know, this is what happens because they’re not helping the black community, like you know, the rich people, they got all this money, and they not, like you know, trying to give us none.”

Of course – this lone wolf interviewee does not represent the views of all black Americans, although it appears the focus is not ‘the rich’ but ‘the white’ – “They’re beating every white person!” one of the agitators shouted in the video. “They jumpin’ every white person.”

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