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Million Dollar Bounty Offered For Hillary’s “True” Health Records

from ZeroHedge:

As questions abound over Hillary’s “mental and physical stamina,” the Clinton campaign has come out swinging blasting any concerns over the presidential candidate’s strange behaviors as “deranged conspiracy theories” adding that Trump was “simply parroting lies.” But, if the Clinton campaign thought they could brush this off with their media pals’ help, think again as an unprecedented bounty of $1 Million is being offered for Clinton’s true medical records.

As we noted previously, as the presidential campaign enters its final stages, probing questions have emerged about the health condition of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary’ bizarre, erratic behavior on the campaign trail (culminating with last week’s perplexing “short-circuit” comment) has left many wondering whether she is seriously ill.  Hillary has at multiple times had convulsions that appear to be seizures on camera, including a series of seemingly inexplicable coughing fits.

Coughin Hillary

And the latest- as’s Mac Slavo notes, according to Kit Daniels of Infowars, inside sources within the Secret Service are leaking information that appears to confirm what many already know:

Hillary Clinton apparently suffers from Parkinson’s or a similar disease and experiences seizures from flashing lights, such as camera flashes at press conferences, the Secret Service told Infowars.


Additionally, the federal government has reportedly spent nearly a quarter-million dollars to add handicap steps on government vehicles because Hillary struggles with balance, a fact already established by a Reuters photo showing two men helping Hillary up stairs.



The revelations explain her odd, epileptic behavior on camera and why she avoids press conferences in general.


Her health is deteriorating badly; over the past several months Hillary has suffered several seizures and near-comatose freeze-ups during speeches which, combined with her previous blood clot, concussions and severe coughing fits, reveal she’s hiding serious medical issues that jeopardize her ability to hold public office.



Sources inside the Secret Service initially contacted Infowars reporter Joe Biggs at the Republican National Convention and followed up with details about Hillary’s health out of respect for the public’s interest and national security.

Similarly, a law enforcement official told Breitbart that Hillary was late returning to a debate with Bernie Sanders due to a “flare up of problems from a brain injury.”


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Hillary supporters will no doubt deny the claims and attempt to redirect the potential mental and physical issues back at Trump, but it doesn’t change the fact that Clinton is publicly displaying symptoms of neurological problems stemming from a previous brain injury. And it appears that’s exactly what is happening, as health concerns are gaining some ground among voters as The Hill reports that Hillary Clinton’s campaign has reacted, slamming Donald Trump on Tuesday night, after the GOP presidential nominee questioned Clinton’s “mental and physical stamina.”

“While it is dismaying to see the Republican nominee for president push deranged conspiracy theories in a foreign policy speech, it’s no longer surprising,” Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri said in a statement.

Palmieri said Trump was “simply parroting lies.”


Trump incorporated an attack on Clinton’s health on Monday during his foreign policy speech, while discussing terrorism.


The Republican nominee alleged that Clinton “lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on” the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and other adversaries.


Trump alluded to a lack of rigor last week, too, mocking Clinton’s “short” speeches.


“They’re like 10 minutes and let’s get out of here, go back home and go to sleep,” Trump said.


Doubts about Clinton’s health have long swirled online and have seen a renewed focus in conservative media, with the Drudge Report recently featuring a months-old photo of Clinton being helped up a flight of stairs.


The issue has also been raised in broadcast media by Fox News host and Trump supporter Sean Hannity, prompting CNN host Brian Stelter this week to call out the Fox personality for spreading “conspiracy theories” about Clinton’s health. (Hannity later called Stelter a “pipsqueak.”)


Clinton allies quickly point to her marathon visit to Capitol Hill last year, when she testified before the Benghazi committee for 11 hours, as a testament to her endurance.

Of course – and perhaps most ironically – Clinton’s campaign used its statement on Tuesday to also attempt to pressure the businessman to release his tax returns.

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