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Migrants Refuse Jobs, Claiming They Are ‘Guests of Merkel’

by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart:

Integration into the job market for migrants has become a major ongoing task for the German government but in one town migrants are refusing to work entirely.

One of the major issues of the migrant crisis is Germany and elsewhere has been the economic impact the massive wave of migrants will have in Europe. While some experts initially were optimistic about a potential vast new source of skilled labour, most economists have come to the conclusion that the migrants who have arrived are for the most part unskilled and poorly educated.

Yet in own Saxon town, they have moved past the usual barriers but the migrants have declared they don’t want to work anyway, reports OE24.

Bernd Pohlers, mayor of the town of Waldenburg told of how he thought creating jobs for the migrants who resided at the asylum home in his town would help alleviate their boredom in waiting for their claims to be processed. The mayor expressed his disappointment that having gone to the trouble of creating seven job opportunities they had been rejected outright by the migrants.

The migrants had claimed that they did not have to work at all because they were “guests” of German Chancellor Angela Merkel who many say invited them to Germany last year.

“It was subsequently argued by these people that they are guests of Mrs. Merkel and guests do not have to work,” Pohlers said. The town had created the seven jobs to be 20 hours per week and were part of the controversial one-euro an hour job programs for migrants that have been pushed by the Federal government.

According to Pohlers the municipality was even willing to split the difference and make sure the migrants were being paid the German minimum wage so they could have extra cash in their pockets.

Many German government officials have claimed that the long term effects of mass migration will be a benefit to the German economy, though more economists are arguing it will have the opposite effects. Large corporations in Germany have hired hardly any migrants since the start of the migrant crisis, many arguing that even if migrants have the skills for complex professions, they lack basic German language skills which relegate them to simpler labour and retail positions.

Many migrants have expressed a desire to work in Germany but many others have used German hospitality to commit crimes and live a life of luxury that would not be possible in their homelands.

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5 comments to Migrants Refuse Jobs, Claiming They Are ‘Guests of Merkel’

  • Millicent

    Thailand: A wave of bombings in Thailand’s tourist areas last week is likely to be linked to southern Malay Muslim separatists who oppose the predominantly Buddhist Thai state. Beheadings, bombings, drive-by shootings, assassinations, and vicious assaults have left more than 6,300 people dead and at least 11,500 injured since 2004. This violence rarely is reported outside of Thailand. The military regime in Bangkok, which seized power in 2014, has ruled out terrorism. It is believed, however, that this is an effort to downgrade the perceived threat to avoid public support for political concessions to the separatists. SMH 2016 Aug 15

    “Islam is a religion of Peace”

  • Millicent

    Yup, Obama got the “peace prize” and proceeded to bomb the chit out of and overthrow the governments in various countries. The resulting turmoil is directly responsible for the influx of Muslim “immigrants” to Europe and the US…

    • Ed_B

      “The resulting turmoil is directly responsible for the influx of Muslim “immigrants” to Europe and the US…”

      Yes, it is in large part. But then, so is the complete lack of guts on the part of the idiot politicians who refuse to turn these invaders back using military force, if necessary. Just why do their pay their military forces if not to turn back invading hordes? Either they are all a bunch of woosies or this is all part and parcel of a contrived plan. It seems to be a coin toss, so is perhaps a combo of these. 🙁

      • Millicent

        It is part and parcel… First you have to give them a strong incentive to leave their home countries and then you bring them into yours under the guise of “humanitarianism”, along with the radicals, subversives and religious fanatics.

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