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Michael Snyder: World Elite Are Hiding Recession

from The Alex Jones Channel:

Alex Jones talks with economic expert Michael Snyder about what’s really going on with the global economy.

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2 comments to Michael Snyder: World Elite Are Hiding Recession

  • JoeM

    NO, Wrong Title!!

    They are hiding Greater Depression II and have been since the Bust early this Millenia.

    All one need do is look at the GDP data from ShadowStats and it shows NEGATIVE for 16 Freaking Years. This entire Fiasco has been propped up with a massive Debt Orgy the likes of which Humanity has never seen.

    • Ed_B

      Agreed. The US entered a depression in 2008 and it is still going on to this day. NYC and DC are doing well, so those there don’t see what most of the rest of the US are seeing.

      As to the headline: “World Elite Are Hiding Recession”. No, they are not. This is totally visible. What they are hiding is not the depression but the public perception of it. This is THE greatest whitewash job in the history of humanity, IMO. But the problem is, we ALL have enough contact with the economy that we KNOW when it is good and when it is not. It is a major part of our lives and well-being… regardless of what the talking head buffoons on TV blather on about recovery, green shoots, economic growth, and other complete nonsense. We are well and truly effed and we KNOW it.

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