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McDonald’s Gives Kids Fitness Trackers, But Now Issues Recall

by Anna Scanlon, Natural Society:

In a move to help counteract the contribution McDonald’s makes to childhood obesity, the corporate giant made the decision to help young people keep track of their steps by including fitness trackers in their Happy Meals. The watch-style wearable came in 6 different colors and was meant as a fun way to help children keep track of their physical activity. However, due to recent concerns of skin irritation, the Step It, as it was dubbed, will no longer be included in Happy Meals.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 18% of children ages 6 to 11 are classified as overweight. Obese youth, according to the CDC, have a 70% higher risk of a cardiovascular event than their thinner peers. The obesity epidemic we’re seeing is largely in part due to the imbalance of calories kids are burning versus consuming (and much of this consumption is junk food, lacking nutrition).

McDonald’s, the fast food chain that is often criticized for its calorie- and saturated fat-laden meals (among other questionable ingredients), decided to try and do something to counteract its influence over childhood obesity by including the Step It trackers that help children count their steps and blink depending on how fast the child is moving. However, the plan seems to have backfired and the Step Its, which once seemed like a great idea, are now voluntarily recalled by McDonald’s.

Although these activity trackers were meant to be both a marketing push for the Golden Arches and a way to get kids involved in and excited about the Olympic games, they have been voluntarily recalled over the concern that they might irritate children’s skin.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said in a statement:

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4 comments to McDonald’s Gives Kids Fitness Trackers, But Now Issues Recall

  • Ed_B

    Holy crap. Dog food looks better than this. 🙁

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    skin irritation recall? What about the mouth, gut and anal irritations?

    I confess I like the egg Mcmuffin and the hash brown puck, the sausage, hotcakes, even the fLish sandwich.

    I don’t eat anymore fish or crabs, etc., unless it came from places that are NOT connected to Fukushima (Pacific waters).

    Most people don’t really know where pizza comes from or why it is so popular.

    Pizza comes from Egypt during the Moses years of the Exodus, when “God” told them to eat “unleavened bread-FLAT bread” with “Bitter Herbs & spices” (later became Oregano, Garlic, Basil, etc).

    Since there were just about as many Jewish Slaves as there were “Egyptians”, and suddenly EVERY JEWISH person was eating the NEW FOOD, it went “viral”.

    Keeping in mind, that the HISTORICALLY most COMMON FOODS in Egypt (besides Nile Fish, and grains), was BREAD, BEER & Onions. What else goes good with PIZZA?

    Oh yeah, OLIVE OIL was common too. Goats, Sheep and Cows. They of course, had DEHYDRATED meats too, perhaps not so different from sausage or pepperoni but without the pork.

    Pizza evolved from that point onward, to the Romans, Greeks, Arabs, etc. Other spices and TOPPINGS got added to the “Unleavened bread w/bitter herbs and spices” (and the onions, and the BEER, olive oil, and everything else that was at hand.)

    Thus, OKTOBERFEST was BORN. Let there be BEER, Pizza and OOMPA Music.

    Don’t forget they crossed the RED SEA (everybody loves to go down to the waterfront). But they took their PIZZA recipe with them, and ate it on the way (the world’s FIRST CARRY-OUT Pizza was born.)

    Pizza Pizza.

  • Steelerdude

    When my kids were 5 and 6 (now 26 and 25), after eating a quarter pounder and a big mac and fries….
    I looked to my wife and said….”you know, we
    have to stop coming here….this food is going to kill us!!!” She totally agreed….

    never been back until a year ago…

    tried a mcrib a year ago…holy shit! you deserve to die before your 35 eating that sucker…..

    no joking here….Im a Christain, I dont lie….

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