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Marc Faber: When Negative Rates End, It Will Be Total and Complete Destruction

from Palisade Radio:

Marc Faber has been a student of markets since 1970, and has learned that the stock market is largely distorted and manipulated. The markets are no longer trading on sound fundamentals in a system where the quantity of money is relatively limited. The liquidity bubble created by central banks, paper money, interest rates, and quantitative easing are examples of this manipulation.

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7 comments to Marc Faber: When Negative Rates End, It Will Be Total and Complete Destruction

  • Randy

    Just mostly double talk dribbling out of both sides of his mouth. Faber wouldn’t know what money really is if it came up and bit him on his dumb ass! The stupid fool can’t even tell us why interest rates are impossible to have without completely wrecking any economy they are put into. It doesn’t matter if they are positive rates or negative rates, they ALL lead to a collapsing economic system.
    If Marc Faber ever gets a single clue as to how economies prosper and why they don’t, he’d pass out from the shock of it all.

    • Millicent

      Eric likes him… That is all that seems to matter around here.

      If you get Eric’s seal of approval then you are in… if not, watch your back.

      • Eric

        All you have to do is make a sound argument instead of attack others personally Millicent. You think you can do that?

        As far as Randy’s comment about Marc’s views on interest rates, a link would be helpful. Otherwise I will continue to hold him in high regard as a truth teller.

        I don’t know what he’s been saying lately, but he always suggested the following…

        25% income producing real estate
        25% equities
        25% cash
        25% Gold

        If anyone stuck to that over the last 8 years, they would be in good shape unless all their real estate was in Detroit. But Craig can explain that one.

        • Millicent

          I think that Randy is the one who called Faber a “stupid fool”… I had commented that he was an “old pervert” based upon his statement about coming to Thailand to get married because “The villages are full of young girls”. You got your shorts in a knot over that one. Get your chit straight before you open your yapper.

          • Eric

            Never got my shorts in a knot. I probably wouldn’t go to Thailand to get married. But a buddy who came back from there years ago suggested I go and thought I would like it a lot. I still consider it sometimes. Sounds like the women there know their place and how to please the men who take care of them rather than talk back with insults and push them away like they do everywhere here.

            No wonder you’re a cat lady.

            • KRELL427

              Faber put CNBC in their place one episode,got tired of being called a gold bug,then said how about if I called people who like stocks “Stock cockroaches” the video is on YouTube.

              • Eric

                That’s funny.

                I don’t mind if anyone calls me a Gold bug. Gold should be the foundation of one’s wealth IMO. I’m about 52% Gold. But I get along well with Silver bugs too. Not so much with digital/paper pumpers.

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