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MAN THE LIFEBOATS : US Economy Sinking – Mike Maloney

from GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney):

So many factors are adding up right now: USA’s Real Estate Bubble 2.0 is here, high end condo sales have died, the Art bubble is bursting, the Fed has just slashed its GDP outlook…where do you think this is going?

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2 comments to MAN THE LIFEBOATS : US Economy Sinking – Mike Maloney

  • Minuteman

    Good informitive video.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Mike is a TOP presenter in everything he speaks about.

    Even his older Youtube presentations are VERY good.

    His series (The hidden secrets of money) is AMAZINGLY good and I could not take my eyes off the screen. I had to pause it to go to the bathroom, and watched all the series in a row.

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