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Keiser Report: Myth of Millennial Entrepreneur w/ Gerald Celente

from RT:

In this episode of the Keiser Report from Kingston, NY, Max and Stacy discuss the myth of the Millennial entrepreneur. Business startups have collapsed but the Obama administration says that student debt is great for the US economy; meanwhile, in China, ‘innovation centers’ have popped up all over the country, but will the entrepreneurs ever show up? In the second half, Max interviews Gerald Celente of about entrepreneurship and US elections.

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  • anon

    This is why Americans need to either ABOLISH the so-called “Federal” “Reserve”, or BYPASS IT COMPLETELY, as Andrew Jackson did (in 1832, by VETO-ING the renewal of the 20-year Charter of the 2nd “Bank of the United States”), as Abraham Lincoln did (by printing “greenbacks” to finance the cost of the Civil War), and as John F. Kennedy did (by issuing Executive Order 11110, which gave the U.S. the ability to create its own currency ~ UNITED STATES NOTES ~ backed by silver, which Kennedy did, to the tune of over $4 BILLION, in the early 1960’s).

    This is one very viable solution to “bank-ism”.

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