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Keiser Report: Great Period of Instability

from RT:

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  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I got a pretty good laugh when Reggie & Max were talking about the big “rating/auditing firms” (the big 4 or 5…PWC, KPMG, etc etc) and how Reggie & his team had previously detected the big problems at Bear Stearns, Lehmans, Enron, etc BEFORE those places blew up, and Reggie asked….

    Which of those rating agencies/auditing firms uncovered those problems BEFORE Reggie spotted it and warned about it? (Crickets chirping).

    Reggie is a bit arrogant, but he’s entitled to it because he DOES get it right and he figures things out before it happens, not AFTER it happens. He’s a very smart cookie.

    Max, Stacy & their guests are all some very intelligent people, and quick thinkers too. Every time I actually listen to these “broadcasts” I’m amazed at how Max and Stacy actually know this stuff and never seem to be stupid or slow about anything that is discussed.

    The ONE thing that Max didn’t know about (and I was shocked he was unaware of), is the facts about EMP events, EMP bombs, (Carrington events) etc.

    You and me, we all know what an EMP is. I think in the future (after such things occur), there will be SOME people who call it a “Bitcoin Bomb”, or “B-EMP” event.

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