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Judicial Watch in Court Monday, Seeking Release of Another 15,000 Clinton Emails

by Susan Jones, CNSnews:

The conservative group that has forced the release of emails that Hillary Clinton preferred to keep private is going to court on Monday, seeking the speedy release of another 15,000 Clinton emails and documents.

These are emails obtained by the FBI that “Mrs. Clinton tried to hide from the American people,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton told CSPAN Monday morning.

The FBI turned the emails over to the State Department, and under its pending Freedom of Information Act requests, Judicial Watch is now suing to have them released.

“And we were just told on Friday there are at least 15,000 or so emails or documents that have been recovered, or documents that weren’t turned over by Mrs. Clinton, at least. And so we’re going to try to get those documents and see how quickly the government is willing to turn them over to us, and we’ll discuss that in court today,” Fitton said.

Judicial Watch doesn’t know what is in those emails. “They’re Clinton emails that haven’t been looked at yet by the American people, by the State Department, so they’re going to have to evaluate them under the Freedom of Information Act and see what’s releasable.

“And so the debate is going to be how quickly they are released. But it’s a big number of documents…Just think, 30,000 or so were released initially by Mrs. Clinton, and now we’re talking potentially at least 15,000 more emails being subject to review.”

Emails recently released under pressure from Judicial Watch have raised questions about potential conflicts of interest between the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s position as secretary of state.

“Everyone knew policy and privilege and access was up for sale through the Clinton Foundation and by giving money directly to the Clintons during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure,” Fitton said. “That’s why Mr. Clinton’s speaking fees skyrocketed while she was secretary of state. That was money that went to their personal bottom line. And that’s why the Foundation greatly increased its activity.”

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