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John Rubino — Why Does the Fed Persist With Failed Policies?

from JayTaylorMedia:

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4 comments to John Rubino — Why Does the Fed Persist With Failed Policies?

  • Randy0302

    FED Failed Policies?
    The Banksters are sooooooooo rich! What fail?

    • anon

      +1, Randy0302.

      What “failed” policies? Those behind the “Fed” take 6%, at least, out of every dollar printed, and since they’ve been running the printing presses practically non-stop since the late 2008 BANKER BAILOUTS, and the subsequent economic “downturn”, I’d say they’ve been making out like BANDITS (or KLEPTO-CRATS).

      Hey, Mr. Rubino ~ the “Fed” policies are ALL about THE “JEW”-ISH STRATEGY to enrich themselves at everyone else’s expense. Seems to be working quite well.

      • Ed_B

        So, guys, what happens when an economy is losing 6% off the top and it is only growing at 1% at most (and probably less)? Is this anywhere near sustainability? Nope, not even close. It is a recipe for financial disaster and it is all being brought to us care of Keynesian economics, a wonderful success on paper but a complete disaster in the REAL world.

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