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Jim Rickards: “There Will Be A War On Gold”

from Sprott US Media:

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4 comments to Jim Rickards: “There Will Be A War On Gold”

  • Ed_B

    “There Will Be A War On Gold”

    Will be? HA! There already IS a war on gold. If not, then why are the bullion banks colluding with the US Gov to suppress its price? Consistent naked shorting of VAST amounts of paper gold at the most thinly traded parts of the day have been well documented, are no accident, and have only ONE possible effect: the lowering of the gold price. No one seeking to profit from gold shorting would operate in this way. That the CFTC says nothing about this blatant manipulation in gold and silver but jumps all over the exact same thing in the wheat futures market says all that needs saying as to whether or not the US Gov is directly involved in this kind of PM market manipulation.

  • GoldTooth999

    Great interview. Now is Jim part of the war against gold? He regularly promotes SDRs and rarely speaks out against what appears to be price rigging.

    • AgShaman


      He also fails to point out the biggest problem with “Govt gold”….in that most govts don’t have any/much, or it most likely has been leased out to somebody else or even re-hypothecated by the Rothschild mafia.

      This is why govts don’t have trusted 3rd party audits/accounting of stockpiles, as well as S/N’d bar lists with refiners stamps indicating the “source” of the gold.

      Since the Central Banking Mafia is preoccupied with starting unsanctioned wars/coups around the globe….one must assume they have busied themselves with stealing OPP gold.

      How long does it take to melt down and refab/restamp the gold stolen from Libya, Iraq, Venezuela, Ukraine, WTC towers, etc. etc?

    • KRELL427

      It was a good interview,I don’t think Jim is part of the war on gold.He is encouraging people to buy it before its too late. However he is a very polished talker and knows exactly what subjects to avoid and tends to tip toe through some areas making sure not to step on the wrong feet. I like to listen to all,even Harry Dent makes some good points although I do not subscribe to his $400 gold. We all try to put our own little puzzle together based on our own belief system. You never know where you can find another puzzle piece unless you go out of your way and put in some extra effort.

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