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Racketeering Is Wrecking Us — James Howard Kunstler

from ChrisMartensondorcom:

If you don’t understand what’s causing a particular problem, then it’s pretty difficult to come up with an effective solution. Author, commentator and longtime friend-of-the-site James Howard Kunstler returns to our podcast this week to discuss the importance of accurate diagnosis — in this case, of the scourge he sees as accelerating America’s downslide into economic and social decline: Racketeering.

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1 comment to Racketeering Is Wrecking Us — James Howard Kunstler

  • Ed_B

    Racketeering is a HUGE problem and of that I have no doubt. But an even bigger problem these days that is not being addressed at all is rage. So many people are now disaffected because they have real problems that they cannot solve and they cannot get any help from others to help solve them. Eventually, they boil over and do something terrible to vent this rage. We have seen it many times, especially in the past few years. All that happens is that idiot politicians (sorry if I repeat myself here) use it for political fodder on their favorite rant. They offer no help but do manage to stir the political pot over it… usually by blaming guns for the problem when guns are not the problem. Guns are only a way to further the real problem. Unless the approach to solving the real problem comes along, it will be with us for a long long time. But then, maybe that is what the disingenuous in office really want… an issue to scream about while doing nothing to actually solve it. This is beyond sad and well into pathetic, IMO.

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