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It’s Time To Prepare For Hyperinflationary Collapse — James Wesley Rawles


Author, Patriot and Founder of James Wesley Rawles returns to SGT Report to discuss current events, including the Clinton crime family, the fragile state of the global economy and the coming hyperinflationary collapse of fiat currencies around the world. James says, it’s time to prepare with “tangibles, tangibles, tangibles.”

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68 comments to It’s Time To Prepare For Hyperinflationary Collapse — James Wesley Rawles

    • Eric

      Non-organic is quite a bit cheaper…

      I just ordered 2 big pouches and got them delivered in 3 days.

      • KRELL427

        I have a years supply of this also,calories are one thing but one needs all your vitamins and minerals as well

        • Eric

          I have more vitamins and minerals stocked than I will ever need.

          I just need the milk for my cereal and coffee. Milk/cream isn’t exactly a very long term storable item. Can’t wait to try it. Haven’t had powdered milk since I was about 8 years old. I’m betting it’s not too bad. Good enough for coffee.

          I can’t even imagine how ridiculously unprepared most people are. They probably think they can survive on 2 packages of oreo cookies for a year.

          • Eric

            Come to think of it, I have more Silver than I will ever need too, but I better buy some more just to be on the safe side.

            The gentlemen of the Silver Army will TRUMP the gold kingmakers.

          • Ed_B


            “I can’t even imagine how ridiculously unprepared most people are. They probably think they can survive on 2 packages of oreo cookies for a year.”

            Heh, most people do not think that hard times will ever come. They are in the “It can’t happen here” denial mode. Problem is, it is only the places that are mired in denial where IT (insert your own kind of “IT” here) CAN happen.

            What amazes me is the number of people out there who don’t even have 3 days worth of food on hand at any time. They seem to be stuck in the idea that because the stores have always been open and well stocked that they always will be. Those who have lived through a nasty natural disaster know better. They also know just how long it takes the local, state, and federal gov to get in gear and bring in emergency relief supplies. This can be a major undertaking, such as with big hurricanes like Katrina, Rita, and Sandy and it always takes more time than most think.

            Prepping is one of those things where one either sees the need for it or doesn’t see the need for it. Those who do not see it are living in dreamland, IMO. By the time they wake up to grim reality, they will be in a world of hurt.

            I come from a long line of farmers, so the family stories about the Great Depression, WW-II, failed crops, insect and bird swarms, wild fires, floods, and other big problems are many. I know that my great grand parents always had a huge garden and that they canned a lot of what they grew. They would have more than 2 years worth of food canned, dried, smoked, pickled, and kept cold in their ice house. They ate the food from the year before and saved the current harvest for next year. By doing this, they could ride out a crop failure, should one come along. Once in a while, it did and they were able to get through it. At other times, a neighbor or two would come upon hard times and they would give 10% of what they had to that neighbor. Others nearby would do the same, so the affected family could eat and get through their time of difficulty. When times were good, they repaid the loan of that food so that those doing the lending would be made whole again and could face any similar problems that came along. By working together and being a tight-knit community, they came through the worst of times and could then rejoice together during the best of times. They were family, friends, and neighbors. I fear for the places in the US where it is everyone for him/her-self. Where community is weak or nonexistent. Those people are doomed because they will not stand together against severe hardship. They’ve never had to so have no clue how to do it. Each of us is but a twig. A twig is easily bent and broken but a bundle of them is MUCH stronger and far less likely to break.

    • mike

      Thanks Eric..Going to put you in for a kickback if your not already receiving them to all those RIPOFF businesses…You provide links complete with personal testimonials, nice touch?

      Milk, Holy cow from the walmart even cheaper!!! 64oz $14.48 vs Erics 32oz for $69.75 you save $125.02!!

      Food Storage, Holy Smokes batman..$107 for 307 servings+FREE SHIPPING VS Erics $749.93 fro 317 servings..A savings of $642.00??

      Plenty of Ammo at SGAMMO Wow and a $10.00 savings compared to ripoff bulkammo for the same crappy steel cased plinking ammo?

      Eric Seriously stop pointing people in te wrong direction. Take a little time with tings..Places tat specialize in preps are a guaranteed rip off, even you should know that.

      • Eric

        mike, how far exactly does that stick up your ass go?

        Like I would ever want to eat that garbage or shop from walmart. Way to post a link to an out of stock item. That will really help everyone a lot. Also, if you bother to notice I also linked to the non-organic milk which was much less expensive. And I couldn’t read the label on the shit you posted so I have no idea how many servings it makes. But I don’t put garbage like that in my body. If you want to, be my guest and cheap out on the most important things that you shouldn’t. Do you eat at Del Taco 3 nights a week too? And McDonalds for breakfast? Do you drink water straight out of tap? Does all of your food come out of a box?

        I see no link on the food so I just assume you are talking out of that stick up your butt again.

        And if you have a cheaper price on bulk ammo, that’s great. Personally I never buy the cheap stuff but I was just posting a link so people might consider storing up some now.

        You’re the one who has been pointing everyone in the wrong direction with worthless fake currencies like bitcoin. I’m surprised it only fell to $480. Support should be at $450 before it falls down to $370 and finally breaks that on it’s way to fair value of $0.37.

        Don’t be a putz all of the time PLEASE!

        • mike

          They sell the exact same garbage as your prep store lol ah hahaha. You know you too can start a prep food co and have them label it whatever you want. Just like a supplement company that make makes 1000 different name supplements like your infowars Brain force garbage ah hahaha. I am really surprised you did know that.
          If you are eating emergency food YES you are putting garbage into your body no matter where you bought it from. The only difference is price.

          You are paid period…No one would take the time 24/7 and trouble to make so many tard comments and links to such ripoff places if your not being paid.

          ALLTARDS STATS just Changed, your in the lead for 2017! Think you might just hold onto the title after all!!

          Eric 39%
          Krell 35%
          Howard 26%

          Keep up the good work!

          • Eric

            Your lack of brain power must be why you never post any alternative solutions or links to anything worth looking at.

            You are obviously a paid government troll. Possibly psychotic as you criticize everything with lies.

            I hope you enjoy your fema forced labor camp bunk at walmart. Maybe they will give you a biscuit to go with your junk milk.

            • mike

              Walmart exist and they strong arm manufactures and always look for the cheapest prices. There is nothing wrong with that. When you have leverage in business use it….The American way.
              No one is going to be in FEMA camps unless somehow all infrastructure suddenly disappears and you’ll be begging to get in. Your paranoia has led you to believe in the impossible. Think you give the gubberment too much credit. A gubberment that can not even tame a small country like Iraq is going to take over the entire USA by force? Need to wake up they are not hiding under your bed. Remember Numbers and how you can not seem to add them up as far as mining goes..Well Gubberment tyrannical control are more numbers you just can not seem to add up either. There are 200 Million Gun owners in the US. If only 30% decide to fight (Like during the revolution) that’s an Army of 60 million against 1 million.. 60 to 1. Not to mention that 60 million has mobility, the resources to find out who their adversary are and where they live etc. It would be impossible for anyone to take over the USA by force. It would be over the day it started. So that is not going to happen. Try using numbers instead of just parroting. I know you get paid to parrot but think before you speak.
              Can the dollar collapse..Maybe but highly doubtful and hyper inflation is a 100% impossibility. The dollar is debt based right? What happens in a default? Can your bird brain understand that is debt destruction hence less FRNs resulting in massive deflation? Does your bird brain understand debt is bullish for the dollar?

              Anyway your way over the top as far as ALLTARD points..YOu get +200 for that comment in the “Ignoring Reality” category and “General Ignorance” Category.

              • Eric

                There is a fema coffin with your name on it mike. A trail of happy meals will lead you to it.


                • mike

                  Good I get a free box to be buried in ..I suppose your going to insist on being buried in a box that cost 100 times more right? A box is a box only difference is price…Beside my cheap FEMA GI Box is made of plastic, something that takes a lot longer to break down in nature than steel so who is getting a better deal? I am sure coffin company’s will pay you kickbacks as well to sucker people into paying 100 times the price for a box..You can even point out FEMA boxes to scare people. Has it ever occurred to you that New Orleans showed FEMA how unprepared they were for a natural disaster? I am sure those boxes are for dead people, I do agree with you. What if our country was nuked? What if the entire eastern seaboard was nailed by a massive hurricane? Lots of dead body’s in the street and displaced people. Do you think there would be Marshall Law justifiably in those areas? I do..
                  You really need to think about the entire FEMA thing. No one is going to a FEMA camp unless they want to be there. Just like the FEMA trailers people still will not leave in Louisiana. One thing I can say with absolute certainty is FEMA is a worthless institution and will never get their heads out of their asses to lock anyone up.

                • Eric

                  Let’s see… this month I think I shall order 2 Platinum Eagles since platinum should always be priced more than Gold since it only really comes from 2 places on earth. They I will add 2 Gold Eagles to my order. After that I am thinking 12 Walk the Planks, some banker kryptonite, an empty monster box so I can organize my silver stack more and possibly some Oligarchys and some Perth Kangaroos.

                  What are you stacking this month mike? More digital blips? haha.

                  When I leave my body, hopefully they will just throw me in the ground and cover me with dirt. But I will rest peacefully knowing my wealth outlived me. I doubt the same is for your digital blipcoins.

              • pablo

                There is nothing LESS American then Walmart.

                They sell slave goods made mostly from Communist China instead of USA made sourced products.

                “Strong arming” is NOT capitalism its Fascism. It destroys competition and all those smaller stores that used to exist were forced out of business unfairly. They then RAISE their prices once local competition is gone. NO they often do NOT have the lowest prices. They mark down a few select items below market value to get suckers in their store and claim to have lowest prices on everything. Its a known fake marketing ploy used since their first store opened.

                They also pay off politicians to write laws that force other businesses to cope with massive compliance standards, meanwhile they are EXEMPT from those very same laws they get passed, more Fascism, NOT capitalism.

                I could go on and on, but if you don’t understand why you should shop local, small owned businesses and not BIG box store, internationally owned by the Bankers by now, you are beyond help at this point.

          • Millicent

            I’m waiting for December to prove that Glitter 1’s $3500 Gold and $100 Silver predictions (December 2016 – Gold = at least $3,500oz/ Silver = at Least $100oz) are worthy of his joining the ranks of the SGT tards.

            He said: “I know what I know and I know what you don’t” I assume that he meant what I don’t know (no for Krell) so we shall see if he really knows anything or is just another tard.

            • KRELL427

              Thank god we have one trick pony Millicent to humour us.

            • mike

              Anyone can be nominated into the ALLTARDS competition. We will enter your nominee Glitter into the competition. Although “Price prediction” isn’t really a Tard category we will watch him closely. Right now does not look like he will stand a chance against Eric or Krell. On Jan 1st the results of the 2017 ALLTARDS award will be revealed. There is also honorable mention awards to those that came close to the 2017 ALLTARD title.

              • Moishe

                The Gefilte Fish stinks from the head down.

              • KRELL427

                Kross eyed Kike, as in your ass backwards mining analogies, if you prefer to insult the people frequenting this site instead of focusing in constructive helpful posts, rather than focusing on the real enemies of our present and future who have trying to up the ante, then you my friend are the #1 TROLL loser hands down. The only good thing is every time your mouth opens you are one shovel closer to stupidity land all by your own doing.

                • fonestar

                  The “users of this site” are too fucking stupid to know the difference between a *CURRENCY* and a *CURRENCY EXCHANGE*. But here they are anyway, dishing out financial advice to others. And that’s of course assuming that they are even real “users” and not paid disinfo agents trying to smear PMs with anti-semitic, neo-nazi crap….

                • KRELL427

                  Your therapy sessions must be working, you didn’t mention zerohedge.

                • mike

                  I didnt start the insults you and the Eric bot did remember? I just questioned the narrative and you and the evil one started in on me with parrot talk instead of listening and understanding any of my points. I made it as clear as possible and you tards still attacked. Why not just look at what I am saying about mining? The Miners interviewed say the exact same thing in different words. We know the cost of production is far below the “Experts” predictions because the “Experts” have never been to a mine in their lives or done any real research other than cite gubberment and mines numbers? Get it? Why wouldn’t you question that? I admit I got suckered bad and started looking on my own for answers and didnt like what I was learning.
                  Reserves in the ground are ENDLESS and change to the upside everyday. That is basically manipulation on the Miners part. They are the ones that report reserves and don’t report new reserves until they are ready to mine it…Why do that? The 9 to 1 mining ratio is not a function of max mining capacity but what the market demands only. Silver mining has increased 50% over the past 12 years if you believe and that would be impossible if reserves were stagnate and only a 9 to 1 ratio. If suddenly the market has a massive sustained demand for more silver that 9 to 1 ratio would change to 100 to 1 or more. I dont understand how you can not recognize that mines are a business not magical fairy’s that provide you with something truly rare out of the goodness of their hearts and at a loss of $$$? Mines accept dirty dollars for payment of their hard work instead of hoarding their product? Weird if PMs are money dont you think? If silver goes up so will silver mining to meet that need and for the mines to make money. They are not going to mine excess reserves only to kill the price.
                  Your the one who called me stupid for pointing that out to you and even got Sean saying that was stupid without even reading what I said putting egg on both your faces.
                  The thing I do agree with you on and the reason I come to this site is I do think there will be a currency crisis but not for the same reason as you. I listen to the interviews to see if any new info is out there not the same old hyper inflation bs that is impossible. If I hear something that makes no sense I attempt to explain to the dull like yourself why I think that. Of course I am responded to by Parrots..Just ignore what I say unless you have something of value to add to it. I am all for not insulting as long as you dont insult me.
                  The mines manipulating numbers in order to gain maximum profit is not a new thing. It also does not threaten your beliefs. If suddenly there is truly a massive demand it will take mines time to gear up, people to hire etc. There has never been a real shortage only bad market anticipation by fabricators. If there is a true raw material shortage that will skyrocket the price and it will take a year or so for mines to catch up. That will give you at least a year to sell your PMs at a great profit. So I do think there is potential for incredible gains in PMs.I know it wont last long and with the inevitable over production a real shortage would cause it would kill the price for years to come after the massive price spike. Just sell at the next big price spike, hopefully over $50 maybe even $100 and your golden. A year or two later with all the silver a real shortage brings onto the market from sellers and mines you be able to buy it back up at $2.00/oz.

                • Eric

                  bla bla bla miketard eat garbage out of dumpster for sustenance cuz that all he can afford with blipcoin currency. Then blow out his ass using speak n spell.

              • Millicent

                I have issued a warning to the crows in Eric’s and Glitter’s locales to take long vacations real soon.

                Those two will be eating a lot of it in the near future.

                • Eric

                  lol! Based on what? All our preps?

                • mike

                  No I think its based on the fact your retarded. Of that there can be no doubt. Keep buying silver, overpriced preps and overpriced ammo..It’s good to waste your money but not others. You have until the end of the year for 3500$ gold and $100 silver? Interesting since 2011 its been pushed and pushed into the future even though your idiot gurus say it’s not possible for the world to go on? I can explain to you why it will go on if you can wipe the saliva from you chin and pay attention for more than a minute…Big things happening jan 1st 2017..ALLTARDS AWARDS, 3500/gold $100 Silver oh yeah fun times ahead. Keep up the good work, its not going unnoticed.
                  Millicent just keep score under the 4 ALLTARDS category’s. Will need all scores from judges to determine a winner.

                • Eric

                  lol! like you know what money is.

                • KRELL427

                  Eric, how big mouths were treated in the old days. Domergue

  • Eric

    Hillary Rotten Clinton is PHYSICALLY and mentally unfit to hold office!!!

    Doctor: Hillary ‘high risk’ for blood clots

    • mike

      Go to Walmart for your preps and SGAMMO for ammo..I know you dont care about paying out the ears for stuff and want to lead others down the path of bankruptcy but you can save 90% compared to the places you shop…You must be getting kickbacks..Have you ever had to eat MREs for a long periods? They are all disgusting and clog the works. There is no better food storage than another. They are all disgusting, hence the name emergency food. Get an industrial vacuum sealer and your golden.

      • Eric

        mike, as you probably don’t realize since you only came along a year or 2 ago and have offered no valuable information ever since, most of here have been prepping for quite a while. And as with just about everything, you get what you pay for. I have plenty of first aid kits but not a first responder kit that looks that good.

        I didn’t post any links to MREs so I don’t know why you would bring it up. Yes I’ve had them. I’m not a fan. But I’m not a fan of going to bed hungry either. I posted links to high quality storable food. And no I don’t get kickbacks. I have no need for them because I don’t fart around with worthless cryptocurrencies and learned how to do things the honest way a long long time ago and store my wealth in PRECIOUS metals.

        Yes there is better food storage than another. My personal favorites are items I pick out directly at the store. But the 25-30 year shelf life and portable containers make emergency food and MUST HAVE item.

        What do you do besides sponge and parasite off others? Did you get your government taxpayer funded check this month yet? Is that why you’re so cheap?

        • fonestar

          What exactly is you trip about “honesty” and “honest money”? Are you saying that dishonest people are not allowed to use gold & silver? Or will the magic particles in gold & silver kill the dishonest person when he touches them? Doesn’t sound like very good money to me.

          Trying to put human characteristics into inanimate objects is a sign or ancient, tribalist thinking or modern mental illness. Depending how you look at it…

  • fonestar

    I’ve really enjoyed Rawles books. I remember in one of them he said to “get prepared to live like it’s 1890 again”. And I agree with that but with a caveat… once they’ve got you good and starved, and you’ve accepted slave labour to survive, they will come out with the machines, robots and the future will accelerate at a frightening pace.

  • glitter 1

    Barack Obama – Rothchild’s Choice by Texe Marrs (2008)

    Texe exposes/blows the doors off just who is behind Obama. You could pretty much interchange Barack Obama with Hillary Rodham Clinton since the same power elite(s)/orginizations are behind both.

    A must see:

  • Troy

    I stopped worrying about a “collapse” a couple years ago. I have a large supply of food, ammo, seeds, etc. Now I’m focusing on fixing up my property, finishing an out building, making more room for my animals, getting into sheep now…already have lots of chickens. Got some Keets last week…very good watchdogs, as they make tons of noise when people come around.

    • Ed_B


      Great plan you have working there, Troy. Kudos for all you’ve done and continue to do in the prepping area. πŸ™‚

      What made you decide to get into sheep? Are they just meat animals or are you going to use their wool too?

      I hear that goats are good to have and they supply milk as well as meat and hides. They are not large animals, like cows, so are easier to manage. They can be feisty and are incredible climbers, though.

      Another great animal for stranger detection is a goose. They make quite a racket whenever anyone comes around.

  • citizen49a

    Not going to happen. Read Mish’s recent column on how the Fed is able to basically deep six all the money it prints, in perpetuity, using the device of excess reserves.

    It’s not as simple as it seems.

    The Fed has printed trillions. Where did it all go? Into excess reserves, where it will stay and never get out into the real economy.

    Besides, this economy isn’t driven by money anymore. Now it’s all about credit. The Fed HAD to print all that money to replace all the credit that disappeared when the banks almost went under.

    You MIGHT see inflation because the dollar falls, if the Fed loses the ability to back up its policies with the US military.

    Really think that’s going to happen?

  • Jacobson

    27 comments were written by Eric.
    Total 61 comments.
    That’s almost 50%.

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