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Is Civil Unrest Coming to Suburbia? Rest Assured, the Media Will Lie About It

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Many people watching Milwaukee burn on the news from the safety of their homes in the suburbs feel immune. It seems like this only happens in big cities, right? “These people are burning down their own neighborhoods, how ridiculous,” observers say. They feel safe in their belief that the issue is merely a war on cops, and it’s nothing that could happen to them.

While cities like Milwaukee and Baltimore have been hard hit, keep in mind that Ferguson, Missouri is a relatively small town with a population of just over 21,000 people at the last census.

Suburbia isn’t the safe haven many believe it to be. And guess who is covering up the threat? That’s right. The mainstream news. It certainly wouldn’t be politically correct if they were to air the fact that the sister of the armed man shot by police in Milwaukee actually directed her fellow rioters to head to the suburbs.

In fact, CNN did the complete opposite. They carefully edited a clip and flat out said Sherelle Smith was calling for peace. In my part of the world, they would call this kind of deception a lie, not a “mistake”.

Wow, that’s really nice, isn’t it? Despite her loss, she wants her community to band together to end violence. Good for her.

Not so fast. Here’s the REAL clip.

Did you catch that? Here ya go.

Burnin down sh*t ain’t going to help nothin! Y’all burnin’ down sh*t we need in our community. Take that sh*t to the suburbs. Burn that sh*t down! We need our sh*t! We need our weaves. I don’t wear it. But we need it. We need our food. We need our gas. Y’all wanna hurt somebody you take that sh*t further out!

The threat is real, and it will be coming to suburbia. If not now, soon.

If there was ever a disaster to prep for, this is it.
With the race war fires being fanned by the likes of billionaire George Soros, you can bet your bottom dollar this problem is not going away anytime soon. One study found “between 20 and 50 social media accounts in Baltimore that were also tied to the peak period of violence in Ferguson. While further analysis is being conducted on the data, it suggests the presence of “professional protesters” or anarchists taking advantage of Freddie Gray’s death to incite more violence.” That’s right. People get paid to make a bad situation even worse.

And the media will not warn you – it’s politically incorrect to state that a certain group may be headed to destroy the communities of another certain group. And if they do, you can be sure that the coverage will be slanted to say that Certain Group #1 was only defending itself against Certain Group #2 and that even though Certain Group #2 never shot anyone, they still deserve it. Reparations and all that jazz.

The guy who wrote this article lived through the LA Riots. In the article, he predicts an enormous body count because (as we’ve seen in Baltimore) the police keep getting ordered to stand down and let people riot. In the article, Mac Young wrote, “But what can be clearly stated — and needs to be understood — is cops, unlike civilians — have rules of engagement, limits and use of force restrictions. Civilians don’t. That’s the other way bodies start stacking up.”

Are you ready for this?
How exactly do you get prepared for a war zone in your own neighborhood?

The first and most important thing to remember is this: DURING CIVIL UNREST SITUATIONS, YOU ARE COMPLETELY ON YOUR OWN. Do you think the people rampaging through the suburbs because they’re angry will respect your home, your fence, or the locks on your doors?

You have to realize that at any point in time, you could find yourself on your own, without backup from 911.

The only person you can rely on to protect your family is yourself.

Take a long hard look at the threats you face during civil unrest, and develop one. Wherever you live, whatever your situation, you need to plan as though 911 does not exist. Whether riots are occurring in the streets or not, in the seconds during which the lives of your family hang in the balance, you are completely on your own.

Following is a plan for dealing with an episode of civil unrest, taken from an article I wrote during the Ferguson riots. This plan is also applicable for societal breakdowns that occur in the aftermath of a huge disaster.

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4 comments to Is Civil Unrest Coming to Suburbia? Rest Assured, the Media Will Lie About It

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Get these while the getting is GOOD.

    Rolls of Barbed wire and metal fence posts (and a fence post “pounder-slide-pipe” for pounding them down. Trust me, a sledgehammer is NOT going to work.)

    Yes, barbed wire fencing, razor wire and electric fences are ILLEGAL in SOoo many places, but hey, if “they” won’t stop the rioters from doing “illegal things”, then I see no reason for you to be worried about putting up an illegal fence for a riot-in-progress. If you are clever enough, you could make it a bit easier to take it back down when things cool off just so you don’t get into legal trouble when the inspectors feel SAFE to come out and harass the homeowners again.

    The 4 point barbs is what you want. Get a couple rolls, and all the “wire ties” or fasteners too. Lots of places sell this stuff. HomeDepot, Lowes, Tractor Supply, Sears, even Walmart website has some.

    Razor Wire.*covers-up-to-50-ft-stainless-steel $35 each.

    Solar Electric Fence Charger (and all the fence post insulators, etc). You can use the smooth wire like is commonly found on farmer’s cow fences, OR, you can string up the BARBED WIRE onto INSULATORS and put the electricity thru the Barbed Wire!!!

    Driveway Motion sensor alarms.
    NOT just for the driveway, but also good for the front yard, back yard, basement, 2nd floor balcony, or any “method of approach”. $17-30. $99 $17

    Silent Death. CROSSBOWS. From the low priced Crossbow Pistols (about $30), to the medium priced full sized units ($70-$150), up to the professional class ($250-$1,000)

    Man Killer Air Rifles. (35 caliber and up.) You’ll find single shot and repeaters on these pages.
    There are people who hunt DEER, boar, bear, and other large game with some of these. No gunpowder needed. (so if you’re concerned that someday, they may ban ammunition, this could be useful.);NB:1&saSearch

    Don’t forget some battery powered lighting, spot lights, gun lights, head-gear lamps, etc.

    If you’ve put up some MOTION SENSOR lights, this would be good as long as they have electrical power.

    Even a decent quality 22 caliber PELLET RIFLE (most come with a scope, take the time to adjust it well) can be good to “deter” somebody from messing with you or your car. You could sit inside your home, slide open the window, but do NOT stick the gun OUTSIDE the window.

    But sit back about 10 feet from the window, take aim, and shoot that pellet across the living room and out the window into some criminal’s ass or leg (or if they are endangering a dwelling or living person) or NECK, eyeball, etc. Most of these 22 cal air pellet rifles, penetrate almost as good as a 22LR bullet, but is a lot quieter, and even LESS noisy when you fire the gun with the muzzle deep inside your own room, but the pellet goes flying out of the open window. Don’t forget to open the screen too.

    In SOUTH AFRICA (during the Apartheid Years and massive rioting-revolutions and killings), it was COMMON practice for the WHITE suburbanites, white farmers, etc, to install strong steel MESH SCREENS over all the windows to prevent any hand-grenades or Molotov cocktails from being thrown into the window and burning down the house and killing everybody inside.

    Chicken wire may not be strong enough to “bounce back” a hand grenade or BRICK, and you can CUT chicken wire with some simple tin snips or heavy duty shears. Think of something stronger than chicken wire, with a weave-mesh that is no bigger than 1″ gaps.

    Chain link fence mesh is a good start. When the SHTF and many people have fled or dead, there will be a LOT of chain link fences free for the scavenging. You could even put up a DOUBLE LAYER of it to stop late night thieves from cutting their way into your food storage area?

    Don’t forget to put up, and point a couple of “Driveway Motion sensors (and motion lights)” at your GARDEN food supplies, or you may wake up to find that a 2 or 4 legged deer has taken all your veggies.

  • AgShaman

    “Rest assured, the media will foment it”

    There, fix’d it for ya

  • Ed_B

    What, no trap doors leading to spike-filled pits or moats with crocs in them? 😉

    If rioters from the city come out to the ‘burbs, it’s time to just not f*** with ’em. Break out the ARs, AKs, and 12 ga pumps with buckshot. This won’t be a “run ’em off” exercise but a fight to the death for our lives, families, and homes. Anyone doesn’t like that description is more than welcome to go out and talk the rioters into leaving peacefully. I’m OK with that option too.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      @Ed, …of course you are 100% right about active (full force) defense during times of active violence etc.

      My suggestion fill the quieter gaps when things seem quiet, etc., and you are getting your sleep. The barriers and sensors will give you a “heads up” to the quiet-times intruders.

      But I do like the idea of a fence that bites back, so as to make casual or angry people go a different way.

      Biting fences never sleep and never beg anybody to step back. You never have to feed it or take it to the vet, and you never have to train it.

      Junk yards use them because they offer some help. Just another layer of security.

      Even in some of the wild bear areas, people must put down some nail-spiked boards on their porch steps and windows to keep the hungry bears out.

      Somewhere, some of us will need to be doing the same, as well as laying them on the road or driveway. I do admit that razor wire looks really scary and sends a powerful message.

      Anybody stupid or daring enough to attack the razor wire knows they can expect a serious response.

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