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Infographic: The Chinese Gold Market – Koos Jansen

by Koos Jansen, Gold Seek:

This Chinese Gold Market infographic guides you through the largest physical gold trading market in the world, China.

An impressive 16,000 tonnes of gold are held within China’s borders.

Did you know that the Chinese wholesale demand for physical gold was an astounding 2,596 metric tonnes in 2015? This was supplied by China mining more gold than any other country in the world as well as importing more gold than any other country.

The chief architect of the Chinese gold market, the Chinese State, is continuously moving forward China’s position as the dominant market player for physical gold globally.

The Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) is the largest market in the world for physical gold trading. It has 10 million institutional customers, 8.3 million individual customers and 55 certified gold vaults connected to it.

In this infographic you will learn more about the following features of the Chinese Gold Market:

Total Chinese Gold Reserves
Important Chinese Gold Developments
Trading Volumes on the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE)
Trading Volumes and Trading Lots for the Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE)
Official Chinese Gold Reserves
The Role of the Chinese Banks on the Chinese Gold Market
Chinese Gold Mining
Chinese Gold Supply
Chinese Gold Importation

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3 comments to Infographic: The Chinese Gold Market – Koos Jansen

  • Ed_B

    “An impressive 16,000 tonnes of gold are held within China‚Äôs borders.”

    Indeed. But that’s at the minimum. This is what can be proved. What about the rest of the gold in China that cannot be proved? China doesn’t necessarily report accurate numbers on the amount of gold they are producing from their own mines or from mines they now own in other countries. It is also VERY likely that China buys gold on the open market via a large number of agents who buy in their name and then covertly ship the gold to Switzerland and then on to China once it has been melted down, assayed, and converted into the 1 kg bars that the Chinese favor. This amount of gold could be substantial but only the Chinese know how many tons per year this involves.

    IMO, China has AT LEAST 20,000 tons of gold, and likely closer to 25,000 tons. But China, like many nations, considers the size of their gold hoard as strategic information, so the actual number is a very closely held secret… like the number of nuclear warheads they have. There is no doubt in my mind that we will all find out just how much gold China really has when it is most advantageous to China. This is unlikely to occur UNTIL there is a gold / currency showdown with the US. China will reveal their gold cards at that point and the US can either show their winning hand or toss in their losing hand. At this point, the latter outcome seems more likely.

  • Eric


    Currently there are 55 million ounces of Gold in total short contracts that need to be covered at the CME.

    And 2,359,971 Troy ounces in registered Gold stocks and Gold Kilo stocks available for delivery.

    Somethings gotta break.

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