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Independent Media Heads to New York to Confront NBC Over MSM Lies

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

During the chaos of breaking news events like the failed coup in Turkey last month, reliable, factual accounts of what is happening on the ground are especially important. If the MSM had reported that President Erdogan had been killed or captured by the coup faction, for instance, or that he had fled the country, that information could demoralize the public and deter them from the types of protests that ultimately stopped the coup in its tracks.

Well, as it turns out, that’s exactly what the MSM was reporting during the key hours when the coup was unfolding and the 24/7 news channels were scrambling to cover the story. Specifically, MSNBC reported that “a senior US military source tells NBC News that US officials are hearing that Turkish President Erdogan, refused landing rights in Istanbul, is reported to be seeking asylum in Germany.” The on-air anchor then editorialized that this “can’t be good for Erdogan.”

To be fair, it wouldn’t have been good for Erdogan…if it were true. Which of course it wasn’t. But that didn’t stop the MSM from propagating the secondhand, vaguely worded, anonymously sourced rumor everywhere. A Google search for “Erdogan asylum Germany” produces over 900,000 hits, showing that the story spread all over the online (and presumably on-air) media world within hours. Turkish sources confirm that the story was also picked up and heavily circulated within Turkey on social media platforms by the coup faction itself.

So here it is: yet another provable lie circulated by anonymous military sources through their propaganda arm, the US mainstream media. This story is a pretty straightforward example of a psyop designed to be spread throughout Turkey and used to defuse the Turkish public’s violent counter reaction to the coup. It failed, so NBC pulled the story and moved on to their next pack of lies…

…Or they tried to. But the team over at, the new crowdfunded alternative media organization put together by FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, picked up the story and ran with it. They sourced the phony Erdogan asylum story back to a tweet by Kyle Griffin, a segment producer for MSNBC, and started a Twitter campaign to get Griffin to retract the faulty information and explain how and why it was broadcast on air during the critical hours of the coup. After days of being bombarded by demands for an explanation, Griffin deleted the original tweet (without apology, explanation or retraction) and began blocking the hundreds of activists that were confronting him.

Unhappy with this response, Newsbud stepped up the pressure. They brought the matter to the attention of the Turkish Embassy in Washington, which then issued a demand for an apology from NBC News for their “unacceptable journalism.” The demand, predictably ignored by NBC itself, was picked up and reported by international media including The Daily Sabah and Russia Insider. But in the US…crickets.

Since NBC has yet to address this issue, Newsbud is taking it to the next level. founder Sibel Edmonds—along with other Newsbud team members, television crews from Turkey, Russia and the US, and interested citizen journalists and activists—will descend on NBC headquarters in New York this Thursday at 12 noon Eastern time to take their demand for a retraction and apology right to the liars’ doorstep.

“We are requesting NBC News Corp’s spokesperson and executives in charge of news to receive us and be available to answer questions and make comments in front of our cameras,” Edmonds explained to The Corbett Report via email, adding that they will be seeking an official public retraction and an explanation of why this information from their “senior Pentagon source” was broadcast without any fact checking or corroboration.

“If they refuse to meet us or let us in, we’ll show that live and recorded as well. Here is a mega USA news organization that is blocking other journalists and news organizations, refusing to abide by journalistic ethics to issue a public official retraction and explanation and apology on a proven, damaging false news story they circulated.”

NBC’s actions will be sadly unsurprising to those in the alternative media who have watched the MSM brush aside evidence of bias and false reporting for years. Asked why Newsbud is concentrating on NBC when all of the US mainstream media has a proven track record of such false reporting and participation with US military psyops, Edmonds explains: “We happened to have caught them in the psyop act as they did this. Had this been FOX or CNN or NYT we’d have done the same thing. NBC represents all of them.”

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1 comment to Independent Media Heads to New York to Confront NBC Over MSM Lies

  • rich

    “I’m not saying this conspiracy theory is true…”

    On Wednesday morning, Joe Scarborough almost went full “Wag the Dog” on the 2016 election.

    He reminded his panel of the old theory that Bill Clinton called Donald Trump and asked him to run for President. The goal: To get Hillary Clinton the presidency.

    We are now deeper down the rabbit hole.

    If you’ve never seen Wag the Dog, it’s a classic Barry Levinson vehicle starring Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman about a group of Washington communications experts rigging an election in the final two weeks of campaign season. The incumbent, dogged by a sudden sex scandal, needs the assistance of Hollywood and great PR spinners to sell a fake war in Albania. Hilarity ensues as their latest efforts to sell the message “Don’t Change Horses Midstream” lead to remarkable setbacks and ensuing triumphs.

    The more we watch the media these days, the more that life imitates art.

    Trump, a brash showman “who tells it like it is” – a quality consumed by Red Meat Republicans – effectively won a high stakes reality show by employing elimination tactics on his competition in the GOP. Now – with the GOP nomination in hand – he is completely imploding and completely unwilling to let any of Hillary Clinton’s ongoing campaign problems steal the spotlight from him.

    The timing of the implosions and the nonstop self-inflicted gunshot wounds are what seem so amazing about the conspiracy theory. This morning, it was reported that the Obama Administration engaged in possible “quid pro quo” of $400 million for the release of Iranian hostages.

    The Obama Administration dismissed this exchange as part of a broader coincidence. Not one hand at CNN, MSNBC, or ABC has been raised yet today. Instead, we are focusing on Trump’s remarkably petty fight against the father of a slain soldier over… what exactly again?

    Meanwhile, the Government Accountability Institute released a massive report questioning the relationship between the Clinton Foundation, Russia, and Vladimir Putin. From the media: Crickets.

    Instead, non-stop questions about Trump’s tax returns and loans from Russia in the past. Some even went so far to accuse Trump to be an agent of the Putin government.

    This pattern is constant; it’s been going on for months.

    Clinton blatantly lies on Sunday to the American public about the FBI investigation, and the next day Trump is locked into a petty battle with a DNC speaker.

    It has been shown that just 9% of Americans actually nominated Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Both of them are in a race to the bottom to achieve that percentage of a favorability rating.

    Clinton has made this race about a referendum on Trump, which is a stunning accomplishment given the fact that national security was likely compromised by foreign governments, the DNC rigged the election in her favor, and Wikileaks plans to release more information on the machinations of the Clinton Foundation.

    Which brings us back to the original question:

    Is it possible that Trump is a plant in this?

    There’s a possibility of anything, right?

    Come on… that would be a remarkable coup, and the fact that it has even been pitched is a testament to how smart and politically calculating some people believe Bill and Hillary Clinton to be in these times. One also must completely ignore that Trump would have a lot to lose to go along with such a plan.

    His campaign is a dumpster fire right now.

    The alternative – and likely — reality is that this is still a referendum on Republicanism for thirty years of public policy that has left many people feel alienated about American opportunity.

    Yes, the 1980s set off an economic revival.

    Yes, financial policies that are pro-business and lower tax rates are important to helping individuals achieve economic freedom, particularly for risk-taking entrepreneurs.

    The challenge – is that many people have been left behind as they do not know how or where to begin. There has been a lot of people – smart, successful people out there – who has touted hard work and independence. Some have said that being an entrepreneur and understanding how to embrace failure are things you cannot teach.

    That attitude is incorrect. It is something that can and must be taught. The fact that it is something that is not taught – and taught every day in class rooms – is a sign that there is a problem.

    Perhaps one of the most important scenes on television that illustrates this comes from Season 4 of the critically acclaimed HBO series The Wire.

    A conversation between ex-felon Cutty and A young, struggling boy named Dukie takes place in a boxing gym. Cutty explains how all he has known in life has been boxing and working on corners as a drug dealer.

    Cutty tells Dukie there is another life out there for him, that things have changed, and opportunties exist.

    “The world is bigger than that, at least that’s what they tell me,” Cutty says, reflecting on how small his world was coming up.

    “How do you get from here to the rest of the world?” Dukie replies, uncertain of what exists beyond the streets of Baltimore.

    Cutty simply says, frustrated: “I wish I knew.”

    There’s the problem. This is art imitating life.

    Unless the GOP can start answering that question for millions of people of this nation, don’t expect 2020 to end any better for the Party of Lincoln.

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