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How High Will Silver’s Value Increase Compared To Gold During The Next Crash? Check Out These Charts

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

Many investors believe the value of silver will surge much higher in percentage terms compared to gold during the next financial and economic crash. I happen to belong to that savvy group of silver investors, and for good reason. If we look at the charts below, the data proves that silver is certainly the more undervalued precious metal asset. Thus, it will likely make silver one of the best investment strategies of a lifetime.

While some readers may say that this is just more hype, the fundamentals provide us a pretty clear picture. That is, if we are able to understand the entire system and how things are likely to unfold.

Before I post these two charts, I want to say a few words about several emails I have received from my readers over the past week. After I wrote the article, UNLOCKING GOLD’S TRUE VALUE: The Economic Code – Finally Revealed, some readers finally understood that ENERGY is the critical factor in providing value to most goods and services in the world.

When they find out that ENERGY is everything, the LIGHT-BULBS go off and they finally get the vital importance. It took me years of research before it made sense to me. Still, the majority of my readers likely just skip over it and continue to see energy as just a part of the economy.

Even mainstream analysts separate the Energy Sector from the Health Care Sector, the Manufacturing Sector or even the Service Industry… so on and so forth. They look at energy as just a mere segment of the market. For some strange reason, they believe the Health Care, Manufacturing and Service sectors are powered by Fairies or Elves. I can assure you, all sectors of the market are run by energy. Take energy away, and Apple’s products and stock price would get flushed down the toilet.

When precious metals investors finally realize that ENERGY is the KEY to everything, they will no longer worry about gold and silver manipulation, the Federal Reserve FOMC meetings, the One World Government or dozens of other distractions.

I continue to read and hear about the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and how Globalism is going to rule the world. I would like to kindly remind those reading this article that globalism was a short-term arrangement only possible due to cheap and abundant oil production. As U.S. and global oil production heads south in earnest over the next 5-10 years, globalism will experience the same fate as the Dinosaur.

Conspiracy theory obsessed Americans in the future will no longer worry about the Global Elite and their One World Currency (for example), but rather if their neighbor is stealing their vegetables from their garden at night. Basically, fear or worry will move away from GRAND CONSPIRACIES to more practical day-to-day local or regional living situations.

Mark my words on this….

Anyhow, I am glad some readers are finally connecting the dots that energy is the key to everything.

That being said, there has been a lot of chatter over the years in the precious metals community that there is more gold investment in the world than silver. I actually have stated this a few times myself. So, I thought it would be a good idea to check this out and to see if it was true.

World Official Gold vs Silver Investment Holdings

If we go by the data from GFMS (Gold Fields Mineral Service), which is now apart of the Thomson Reuters conglomerate, and the CPM Group, total world official gold and silver investment holdings are a lot closer in range than I originally thought.

NOTE: I decided to use the data from the CPM Group’s 2016 Silver Yearbook because they are the only source that provides an estimated total for silver.

Of course, this data has to be taken with a grain of salt, but it does at least provide us with a decent estimate.

The chart below shows that the total “Official” world investment holdings of gold are 2.25 billion oz versus 2.54 billion oz for silver:

So, if we go by the “Official sources”, there is a wee bit more silver investment inventories in the world than gold. To understand how I arrived at these figures, let’s start with the following table:

This was found on Wikipedia, but the source was published by the USGS based on data from the World Gold Council. Wikipedia also provided updated Central Bank gold holdings as of June 2016. I then added the additional 5,000 tonnes of gold bar and coin demand from 2012-2015. Basically, total gold investment in the world is approximately 70,000 metric tons (mt). This translates to a cool 2.25 billion oz.

According to the CPM Group’s 2016 Silver Yearbook, they estimate total silver bar and coin inventories in the world at 2,539,000,000 oz or 2.54 billion oz. They break it down to 1.58 billion in silver coins and 961 million oz in silver bars. This figure looks about right to me, but of course, it’s an estimate. There could be more silver bullion held privately that we don’t know about, but that could also be true for gold.

Regardless, there is about 290 million oz more silver investment in the world than gold. Thus, according to these official sources, there is 13% more silver investment inventories than gold. However, that is not all that much when we compare the value of both.

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37 comments to How High Will Silver’s Value Increase Compared To Gold During The Next Crash? Check Out These Charts

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    it will be interesting to see how everything will change during the next 3-10 years.

  • glitter 1

    If the following chart holds any veracity,yes there are big life changes coming.

  • Eric

    The value is already very high. The price is suppressed. Silver is under owned big time so there is still much room for the value and price to increase.

    Miners are getting slammed hard today. I’m sittin tight. Not doing anything. Just picked up more groceries.

    Boy I sure am glad I didn’t spend the last 6 years eating out all the time, playing golf, driving around aimlessly, going on vacations, eating lobster, buying more junk.

    I don’t know why everyone struggles so much. Life wasn’t meant to be a struggle.

    I notice the Perth mint is producing aluminum/bronze coins. What’s up with that?

  • Eric

    “When precious metals investors finally realize that ENERGY is the KEY to everything, they will no longer worry about gold and silver manipulation, the Federal Reserve FOMC meetings, the One World Government or dozens of other distractions.”

    Who has time to worry about these assholes. Just stack real stuff, try to produce more, consume less, and GOTS!

    Get Out of Their System!!!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    When I think of the next USA crash and the time frame of how quickly it may arrive, I’m looking at things like the 1929 crash, and today’s Venezuela crisis,etc.
    Back when the stock markets crashed in 1929, the worst years of the Depression arrived later, in about 1932-33, and lingered for a long time.

    Venezuela at this point, did not get here overnight. It’s taking years to fall this low, and looks like it has more years to fall.

    So yes, when I think of the USSA crsis-crash, I think the next 12 months will be the beginning, but I don’t think we will reach the bottom, until 2-3 years into it.

    How long we will STAY at the bottom? Unknown.

    But I would NOT be shocked it was stayed on the bottom (like Zimbabwe or other nations) for 10 long years or more.

    I am developing myself, to live with the attitude of the Amish. They don’t care if retail America is as good as 2005, or as bad as 1932. The Amish just keep going with their own way of life, growing, harvesting, building and living.
    To be able to live well & independently normally requires help, but it CAN be done “solo”, but it does require enough “space” to grow a decent amount of food. Trying to live independently without a half acre may be impossible.

    A reliable source of water is so important. Various cultures in history had survived for generations with just careful hoarding of scarce rain water, but that’s TOO dangerous.
    A good well is top of the list. Rainwater can supplement your needs, and in areas of good rainfall, it can be more than enough.

    I feel sorry for anybody who hits the lottery and takes the 20 years pay option. They are gonna be VERY disappointed.

    Hitting the lottery and buying a bunch of PM’s, food, acres, some farming gear, fuel storage, etc, now THAT would be a wise choice.

    • glitter 1

      Lindsey William’s Elite Friend told him that when the Big One comes/hits and all paper is destroyed the standard of living in the US will NEVER return to it’s previous high level.
      The message I take away from that is, the plan is to steal/confiscate/destroy the wealth of generations,basically rendering the masses defenseless/penniless unable to rebel or fight back.
      The way things appear to be shaping up,it’s not hard to visualize that scenario.

    • Woodchuck

      Good attitude about being prepared and not be connected to the system. We have been watching the collapse for such a long period its almost inevitable now. Things have been festering long enough the boil is about to pop. I think there is a possibility it will happen over a weekend. A single event might trigger it. We all know the list of what might cause it and maybe there is something not even on the list like the Iceland Volcano. The banks will stay shut, the markets will not open, the internet will be dark, all deliveries will not move and Martial law will be in place in 3 days or less. I met a former Army Ranger buying ammo that was in the Katrina mess. He stated it was hell in 3 days. He is now a police officer and told me a small number of police are preparedness minded in his department. They will probably stay home to protect their families.

    • Ed_B

      “But I would NOT be shocked it was stayed on the bottom (like Zimbabwe or other nations) for 10 long years or more.”

      That would be typical during a depression. While a recession usually lasts about a year, a depression lasts about a decade.

      “A reliable source of water is so important. Various cultures in history had survived for generations with just careful hoarding of scarce rain water, but that’s TOO dangerous.
      A good well is top of the list. Rainwater can supplement your needs, and in areas of good rainfall, it can be more than enough.

      Indeed it can. We get about 50” per year here and that’s plenty if one can store it during the rainy season for use during the drier months.

      “Hitting the lottery and buying a bunch of PM’s, food, acres, some farming gear, fuel storage, etc, now THAT would be a wise choice.”

      It could be… IF they knew anything about gardening, which many people today do not. 🙁

  • f16hoser

    As high as the PTB allow it to.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      That’s true until it’s not.

      Napoleon didn’t rule forever. Stalin didn’t rule forever. Mao didn’t rule forever.
      King George didn’t rule forever, etc etc.

      The gears of time never stop clicking. People of this world never stop growing old and dieing.

      Sometimes “change” is delayed for several generations, but change eventually comes.

      And even when the “heirs” are given the reins of control by their fathers, sometimes those kids screw it up, or turn against their father’s empire.

      Sometimes I’m sure that reincarnation plays a role in changing things, when the soul of the outsiders are born into the families who control everything. The elites cannot control how reincarnation & karma balances every deed and pays back every debt and every reward.

      Their fathers cannot always be successful to brainwash the kids. Kids will be kids, they often rebel against their own parents.

      I wonder what the grandchildren of the Bush Empire are thinking? Even the Grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth seem to be very different from their elders.

      When pappa dies, the kids no longer have to answer to anybody, and then we begin to see if they are the beginnings of more changes. The pendulum swings.

  • Kevin

    Posted this on another article.

    I hope these estimates not only turn out to be correct but also happen pretty damn quick. As I’ve said in other comments, I have a small portion of my stash set aside to take some profits in $ to pay off the last of my debt. Unless Bix Weir’s prediction of all electronic debts and assets being wiped out comes into play, then I’m sitting extra pretty.

  • Minuteman

    Anyone know of any good articles or videos that I can send to family to wake them up as to why they should get into PM’s?

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      Sorry, but there usually is not any single thing that can wake people up. The awakening, usually begins with a big kick in their financial ass(ets), followed by their anger and asking “why”?

      There are actually dozens of articles, stories and historical events, and unfolding situations that are out there to help people to wake up, but sadly, it takes more time and effort than the sleepers are willing to devote to it.

      No single “educational strategy” works for everyone. Some people need to be entertained to hold their attention, and others need boring academics to hold their interests.

      For the ones who need or respond well to “entertainment, humor, and have a short attention span”, something like this may help to get them ready for bigger info.
      You should already be familiar with THIS little animated gem of super good information about “fiat money” inflation, gold, and “The Fed”. And it’s FUNNY (also a bit scary).

      The collapse of the American dream (30 minutes)

      Follow it up with some of today’s information, stories and photos of Venezuela (and find the story that tells how it’s possible to buy 6 months of food with just ONE ounce of silver.)

      Add some historical information about Hyperinflation (Wiemar Germany, Zimbabwe, etc)

      Put in some LEGAL information of how bank deposits belong to the banks (as they are legally classified as “unsecured LOANS” given by us TO the banks, and when a bank is in trouble, it does NOT have to “pay back” the creditors (falsly known as “depositors”)

      Strengthen their knowledge (and fear) with the numbers that prove the FDIC only has enough “insurance money” to pay back less than 1 penny for each dollar in the banking system (actually, that penny per dollar only covers about 5 of the bigger NYC banks, and then everybody else gets zero.)

      Also hit them with a tidbit from the Patriot act that allows the government, banks,etc, to CLEAN OUT everybody’s safe deposit boxes (for national security).

      Give them the rotten tidbit of how all of our stocks, bonds, and bank accounts can be confiscated because the governments passed laws making it legal, and those laws exist right now, in USA, Canada, The E.U., and the U.K., Australia, and I’m sure I missed a few.

      There is a VERY wonderful 5 part series of videos by Mike Maloney (on Youtube) called “The Hidden Secrets of Money”, and it’s up to YOU to go see them before you attempt to help other people understand this shit. You’ll be glad you did.

      The fact that nothing got fixed back in 2008, they just printed more Zimbabwe-USSA money, and handed out about 7-13 Trillion to banks & corporations just to hold things together, and they covered old debts with BIGGER, newer debts.

      Once you get started digging up all these wonderful bits of information, you’ll be better equipped to handle all the questions.

      But most of us humans, find it hard to dedicate even 30 minutes to something we don’t care about. Trying to get somebody to CARE is the hard part, but once they DO care, you’ll need a good selection of material to bring them “up to speed” as accurately and quickly as possible.

      They’ll need to understand that stocks, bonds, etc, will be “un-sellable” when things begin to crash, the checks won’t clear the banks in time to buy physical silver or gold, and the PM dealers will be out of metal before you can microwave a piece of cold pizza.

      Everything (such as a derivative implosion), or money devaluation can happen in a single decree. It takes longer to flush the toilet than for our “money”, bank accounts, etc to be gone (often happens on a Weekend, long before all the markets or banks can be opened.)

      Good Luck. You’ll find a lot of good help from people’s videos, such as Bill Holter, Peter Schiff, David Morgan, and many others.

      And yes, there are a few people who would respond well to the sensational “doom porn” of Michael Snyder, Alex Jones, and others.

      As for what you can do for your loved ones who will NEVER wake up until AFTER their faces are ripped off?

      You can STOCK up on EXTRA FOOD to feed some lucky dog, for up to several months, so they’ll be alive long enough to PLANT those garden seeds you bought for them (survival seed kits), and perhaps a big sack of garden fertilizer and decent gardening & pest book, and food preservation, etc.

      You can also stack some extra ounces of silver to be GIVEN AWAY to your chosen lucky-dog-loved ones. And even a couple boxes of assorted AMMO (22LR, 12 gauge buckshot, 9mm, 357, 40 cal, 223, etc.)

      Some books about general survival, Amish style, water filtering, etc. Another good thing to be able to give to your selected “lucky dogs”, would be one of those camping water filters (about $50) to make SAFE water quickly, no matter where they are at.

      And perhaps some kind of water filter cartridge that can be used in a gravity fed system.
      There are probably some R.O. cheap enough units that can be uses with a hand-pressure pump, to make safe water. You can print out a few pages about RAIN WATER collection and treatment.

      Don’t forget the laundry bleach (short term treatment), and Swimming Pool Powdered Bleach (BIG treatments, and great LONG term storage when kept in plastic, air tight container, OUT Of sunlight which breaks the molecules.

      OK, I hope this helps EVERYBODY to assist others with waking up, or helps you to put together a “rescue & survival kit” to save somebody who wakes up when their ass in on fire.

    • KRELL427

      Minuteman this video explains it

  • Paul


  • Millicent

    How High? As high as SGT(“Hi Guys”)and his pumper buddies are able to make you believe that it will…

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