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Hillary’s TRAIL OF DEATH Protected By Mainstream Media

from The Alex Jones Channel:

Hillary’s trail of the dead is a long one. Vincent Foster, Mary Mahoney, Judi Gibbs, Walter Scheib, Charles Ruff,Jim McDougal, Admiral Boorda, Barry Seal, Michael Hastings, Sandy Hume, Gareth Williams are just a few of the ghosts in the Clinton past.

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1 comment to Hillary’s TRAIL OF DEATH Protected By Mainstream Media

  • Ed_B

    EVERYTHING bad about Hellery is protected by the MSM. They are eating up every bit of BS that she cares to shovel, whether it is in her words or in her actions. This country is damn-near FUBAR after nearly 8 years of Obamunism. What will remain that is worth a damn after 4 or even 8 years (shudder) of Hellery? Not much. 🙁

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