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Hillary Clinton is Very Ill — Watch Her Severe Coughing Fits

from Occult Investigations, Inc.:

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3 comments to Hillary Clinton is Very Ill — Watch Her Severe Coughing Fits

  • philipat

    The coughing, most likely, is a side effect of common Blood pressure medicine know as an ACE inhibitor. Suggesting she has heart problems.
    The seisures are either from brain damage from all the falls or, possibly the falls were merely a symptom of the early onset of Parkinson’s.

    Putting that all together, either way, she is a very sick woman.

  • videoctr

    Parkinson’s is my best guess. Signs include dysphagia, which is choking and difficulty swallowing.
    In videos on the web there was discussions of a pen injector. I believe the secret agent had a bright light pointing device, similar to a led light device, or laser, which was used to aim a dot of light on the ground for Hillary to focus on as she walked. Research has shown this technique helps the walking gate of Parkinson’s patients who tend to freeze.

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