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Hillary Can’t Hide THIS Anymore!

from HighImpactFlix:

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2 comments to Hillary Can’t Hide THIS Anymore!

  • C.I.


    Coughing is one sign of stress brought on by an unexpected sense of being doubted.

    Coughing is one sign of an attempt by an individual to internally reason a “Way Out” of a realized gaff….with time to spare.

    Gaining time to “Re-Group Within”, which is all cool for someone NOT wanting to be the top bitch in the world…. Sorry P of the USA.

    Notice in latest vids of the poor girl showing……THE TEETH…..

    Look at them and how they sit in the jaw.

    Very strange aye?

    Just saying.


  • Eric

    Oh no. What would we do without big government?

    All productive people who actually work for a living would have a lot more money in their pockets if they weren’t being constantly robbed all the time. The economy would improve. The lazy unproductive people would be forced to work if they want to eat. Quality of life for everybody would improve rapidly as fair market value of everything would be realized almost immediately.

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