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Here’s How the Government is Stealing More Than Ever Before

by Simon Black, Sovereign Man:

The year was 1986.

Top Gun was the #1 movie in America.

Halley’s Comet was visible with the naked eye.

Microsoft went public, instantly making Bill Gates one of the wealthiest people in the world.

And the US government took in $93.7 million through a little known authority called “Civil Asset Forfeiture”.

As you’re likely aware, Civil Asset Forfeiture is a legal process that allows the government to seize assets from private citizens without any due process or judicial oversight.

People can be deprived of their private property without ever having been even charged with a crime, let alone never having actually committed one.

The horror stories of its abuse are endless.

People who have never done anything wrong have had their life’s savings, homes, and business assets confiscated without so much as a warrant.

This constitutes theft, plain and simple.

And like most government initiatives, it started small.

Again, the statistics from 1986 show $93.7 million worth of cash and property was seized by the government.

By 2014, that figure had grown 4,667% to a whopping $4.5 billion.

And we learned in 2015 that the government stole so much private property from its citizens that the total amount exceeded the value of all property stolen by every thief and felon in America combined.

It reminds me of that sign Ron Paul used to keep on his desk during his tenure in Congress: “Don’t steal. The government hates competition.”

The public also learned about all the extraordinary incentives for state, local, and federal police agencies to steal from private citizens.

The entire idea behind Civil Asset Forfeiture is that they can confiscate your property, then put the burden on YOU to prove that you didn’t do anything wrong in order to get your property back.

So much for innocent until proven guilty.

It’s such an astonishing scam: how is someone supposed to be able to afford to prove his/her innocence after their financial resources have been confiscated?

Moreover, it turns out that these agencies are all sharing the wealth among themselves.

The US Department of Justice routinely doles out hundreds of millions of dollars of these stolen funds to local police in a corrupt sort of ‘proft sharing’ arrangement.

DOJ statistics show that between 2000 and 2013, federal “equitable sharing payments” to state and local law enforcement more than tripled, totaling an incredible $4.7 billion.

There are some sickening stories of police departments using this money to buy things like margarita machines, trips to Hawaii, concert tickets, and more.

Again, this is money that was stolen from private citizens without a warrant or any due process whatsoever.

24-year old Charles Clarke, for example, had $11,000 in physical cash on him when he was traveling through Cincinnati airport.

Clarke didn’t have a bank account; he had been saving money for his entire life, including his disabled mother’s VA pension from her time in the military.

He ordinarily kept the cash at home but was traveling with it because he and his mother were moving apartments.

Local officials at the airport saw the money, and, despite it being perfectly legal to carry physical cash, they thought it was suspicious and confiscated it.

His entire life’s savings was stolen by the government in an instant. And he hadn’t done anything wrong or charged with a crime.

There are countless more stories like Clarke’s.

But it turns out that was all just Phase 1 when Civil Asset Forfeiture was a type of ‘passive’ theft.

Law enforcement agencies would seize funds and assets as a target of opportunity, like Clarke’s money at the airport, or a cop who spots a few thousand dollars in cash at a routine traffic stop.

These are the normal stories.

But now we find out that federal agencies, led by the DEA, are now actively stalking Americans to figure out what they can seize.

Like sophisticated thieves who case a jewelry store before robbing it, the DEA has been trolling Americans’ travel records looking for ‘suspicious’ activity.

I’m not talking about past travel. I’m talking about upcoming travel.

Anytime you book a flight, airlines create a code called a PNR, or Passenger Name Record, with all of your travel details and personal information.

And what a surprise– the federal government has gotten its hands on this data.

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3 comments to Here’s How the Government is Stealing More Than Ever Before

  • Ed_B

    “Civil Asset Forfeiture is a legal process that allows the government to seize assets from private citizens without any due process or judicial oversight.”

    Which is profoundly un-American, in every sense of that word. None of the ‘tards doing this would like it done to them, so WTF do it to others? I agree that those engaged in crime who are charged, tried, and convicted of those crimes should have their assets subject to forfeiture as the proceeds of illegal activity. But the current twist on this kind of common sense is WAY over the line, IMO. This needs to end… and sooner, rather than later.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Reposting this.

    Avoiding Civil Asset Forfeiture.
    IT’s LONG, but I think a few of you may find it helpful in avoiding get stopped by the cops who will confiscate your stuff in the name of CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE.

    And it is often advised to NOT give any permission for a search. Don’t carry strangers, etc, and tell ALL passengers that they are NOT ALLOWED to give any PERMISSIONS because the cops will use OTHER people’s permission as a legal reason to search everything.

    Police departments love to “confiscate” valuables from cars they pull over, declaring it might have come from illegal activities, etc.


    Anyway, there are a few things you can do to become LESS likely to be targeted for getting pulled over, AND plenty of advice on how to handle it when you do get pulled over.

    KISS some ass, be so polite that it hurts your head. Why? Because the next 3 years will be some SERIOUS SHIT, and you gotta get there with your Gold & silver still in your own hands.

    Kissing some ass may help you to survive, and the poor cop who has NO idea of what’s coming, will probably have starved to death, or died from disease when the crash gets into full swing. So SHUT your mouth, be polite, and be clever so that you will outlive all the egotistical, arrogant people who have a badge or sit on a court bench.
    1. Make sure ALL your lights, headlamps, turn signals, brake lights LICENSE PLATE LIGHTS are 100% WORKING, clear and bright.

    (Even make sure your headlamp plastic covers are NOT cloudy-fogged up, etc, you can FIX this by using TOOTH PASTE & baking soda with some water and a CLOTH, to RUB rub rub rub and POLISH those lenses to get rid of MUCH of the age-fogging- discoloration)
    2. Make sure you car LOOKS OK, NO bald tires, no broken glass, get rid of all the BUMPER stickers, politics, NRA, hunting, Military support, etc.
    3. Cut your hair, get rid of the Islamic Jihad Beards (ZZ TOP, Duck Dynasty, Motor cycle gang appearance, etc).

    The more you look like a MORMON-Wall Street Banker the better it will be. You might even consider to WEARING a Shirt & Tie, Suit Jacket, and BUSINESS shoes (perhaps put a briefcase on the seat, etc.

    If you LOOK like a Jehovah’s Witness, or Baptist preacher, and HAVE a BIBLE on the seat next to you, and begin to “witness” to the cop, and ask him if he would like to know how JESUS loves us, etc, and start talking about being saved, quoting some scriptures and asking if the cop goes to church to worship God,, then the chances are that he’ll want you to get moving as quickly as possible.

    This WON’T work if you smell like BEER, cigarettes, Weed, Wine, or look like you just got back from the motor cycle races or fishing, etc.
    Don’t BRAG, or try to pretend that you are important and you know important people. COPS can smell BULL SHIT from a MILE away. Just be a devoted, calm, soft spoken Christian who trusts in Jesus, etc.

    You’ll be back on the road in short time.

    Sit up straight. When you talk, speak like somebody with CALM Patience, decent EDUCATION, CLear english, NO Slang, NO back talk, but SHUT your mouth. Don’t be CHATTY!!!! Chattiness is GUILTY nervous.
    4. Police prefer to pull people over when the weather is NICE. So PLAN your trip for COLD, RAINY NIGHTS when the cops will NOT want to get out of their squad car.
    5. Travel at night, when it’s RAINING, COLD, etc. The cops will NOT want to be standing around in the dark where another car might HIT them, and they don’t like to get RAINED on.
    6. Travelling at NIGHT, makes it VERY hard for them to easily see your plates are from OUT OF STATE. (They prefer OUT of State cars because those are the ones transporting DRUGS, money, AND, out of state drives don’t want to stick around, hire and lawyer and fight the case.)
    7. DO NOT go OVER the speed limits. Not even 1mph over, as that is ILLEGAL. There is NO law giving anybody an extra MPH over the limits.
    8. Keep up with the LEGAL traffic, do NOT go TOO slow. Pay attention to weather & road conditions, and do NOT drive recklessly.
    9. No BOOZE or drugs in the car. NONE. No ONE.
    10. Do NOT be changing lanes or tailgating, or drifting over the lines. Keep alert. Get some sleep. Keep the radio low enough to be aware of what’s going on. No DANCING in the car seat.
    11. Don’t be REACHING here or there if you get PULLED over, because ANY movements by you will look like you are trying to HIDE DRUGS or getting a gun ready. Keep calm, remain seated, keep your HANDS up on the wheel where they can be SEEN.. SIT STILL, SHUT your FREAKING MOUTH.

    Just say, Yes sir, No sir, DON’T give hardly any details and DO NOT MAKE friendly conversation (they use your body language and talking as a DIAGNOSIS to TRAP you or an excuse to search deeper. )
    12. Before you hit the road, have your PAPERS, insurance, Registration, license HANDY. Make sure your plates are ON the car (not falling off, stolen, and UP TO DATE.) Crooked plates hanging down, is an invitation to get stopped.
    13. No kids or PETS in your lap or jumping around.
    14. No guns in the car, LOCK them (unloaded) into the TRUNK, inside a GUN case, etc. Make it visibly clear you are MOVING and not doing anything suspicious.
    15. When I was moving, and transporting bottles of BOOZE that had been “opened”, I put some MASKING TAPE over the tops as a way to “re-seal” them, and I LOCKED them in the TRUNK, even in a moving box that I TAPED shut to PROVE I was attempting to be as legal as possible.
    16. Don’t let your stuff BLOCK your windows or your view and GET EVERYTHING OFF of the dashboard and NOTHING hanging on the rear View mirror (even those AIR fresheners are ILLEGAL in most states.).
    17. Scrape off those “stickers” in the windshield, it can be claimed your vieiwing is OBSTRUCTED. No TV’s or “glowing devices” in the car to attract attention (GPS is usually OK.)
    18. Keep the PHONE OUT of your hands, do NOT be Chit-Chatting or TEXTING or LOOKING down at your LAP, etc on your CELL PHONE on the road, as MANY places make it ILLEGAL to be guilty of “Distracted Driving” (they also include eating, doing makeup, etc in this category.)
    19. Make sure your HEADLAMPS are NOT pointed at the WRONG angles. Make sure you high & Low beams work properly. Don’t leave your high beams on unless you are alone on the road, don’t let them shine into oncoming cars or the car in front of you.

    Some state require full headlights all times during rain, it’s actually safer to use your headlights on all trips. Parking/running lights don’t officially count in many jurisdictions.
    20. Use your TURN SIGNALS for EVERY lane change, EVERY turn, etc. Change lanes wisely, carefully, and not like you’re trying to be funny.
    21. Make sure your HORN works (this is also a LEGAL requirement for car equipment.)
    22. Wipers & Washers must ALSO work good. You should also have GOOD shocks, it makes your car SAFER to drive and is also a LEGAL requirement.
    23. Encrypt your smart phone with a MULTI DIGIT password (your fingerprint of face recognition is legally allowed to be Taken from you against your will, but those NUMBERS in your head are legally PRIVATE.)
    24. Delete EVERYTHING from your phone and computer that you don’t want them to have access to. Your friends & relatives contact information, survival information, etc.
    25. Quit the alcohol, and all drugs for such trips, because a quick, ROADSIDE test will find you’re guilty and your “vacation” stops right there.
    26. Even if you are a TRAFFIC Lawyer, with a license to practice, etc, those road cops don’t care. THey have a badge & a gun, so you’d best keep your big mouth shut, be polite and give him the psychotic respect he thinks he deserves.

    Even if he’s an idiot and a jerk, he still puts his life in danger every time he puts on that uniform and talks to strangers. He never knows which driver is looking to kill a cop for the fun of it, or which driver is a Mexican Drug cartel driver, or some assassin on the way back from killing 5 people.

    Every cop has a RIGHT to be NERVOUS, careful and a bit nasty. He’s trying to make it all the way to his own retirement. They usually have families and just want to get back home, same as you or me.
    You gotta have some appreciation for his stress levels and the dangers of the job of being a target for people who hate cops just because.
    27. If you’re hauling anything, make sure it is VERY securely strapped down, and if ANY part of anything is hanging over or out the back, PUT a red-flag on it, yes, even if it’s only extended a foot or two, there is NO sense in giving some “gung-ho cop” any reason to stop you by saying your load sticks out too far, your missing the red flag, or your load is not well secured.
    28. NO Loud mufflers, no HOT ROD or Racing Mufflers. You don’t want to attract attention.
    29. You don’t want to have a CAR LOAD of people, because it’s far too common, for a car load of people, to have somebody who is carrying DRUGS, gun, knife, or a car load of people looks like you are smuggling illegal Mexicans.
    30. No hands, feet or arms should EVER be sticking out of the window, and NO Dogs sticking their faces out in the breeze. It’s the law in many places.
    31. No loose dogs in the back of an open pickup truck bed. Put them in a dog pen that is strapped down. It’s the law in some places and NO animal lover will look kindly on your animals at risk.
    32. No dark tinted windows, even if you’ve got the “legal certification letter” etc, there will still be some cop out there who just has to pull you over to check it out, or use it as an excuse to search thru everything you’ve got.
    33. No BIG antennas (Ham Radio guys are OFTEN guilty of their cars looking like a full blown CIA surveillance system.). Keep yourself down to smaller antenna, and no more than 1 or 2 of them. All those BIG antennas with the large COIL on them, just make you a TARGET for cops & thieves. Every good thief knows that those LARGE antennas on a car or truck, often means that you’ve got more than $5,000 worth of SELLABLE (stealable) radio gear at home or in your car!!!
    Put away your need to attract attention, look “cool”, or to have the biggest, baddest this or that.
    34. The more BORING and PLAIN that your vehicle looks, the less likely you’ll attract attention. Soccer mom mini vans are PERFECT. Custom car, custom paint, custom rims, custom engine, custom suspension are just ASKING for trouble.
    35. Try NOT to tow anything, but if you must, cover it. But it is often OK to have a mattress or dresser, tables & chairs exposed because it clearly shows that you are just MOVING.
    36. Try NOT to use any “car-top carrier” because it’s a dead giveaway that you are carrying LOTS of goodies inside the vehicle.
    But if you’ve got beach chairs, inflatable toys, and kids in the car, etc, it’s OK.
    37. If you’ve got TATTOOS on your arms, then wear a LONG SLEEVE SHIRT, (dress shirt or some pull-over that a geek or professor would wear. Cut off any “hippie hair” so you keep the geek/professor appearance.)
    If you ever get pulled over, EVERY little bit of looking “presentable” can help get you on your way. Trying to look “cool” or to intimidate a cop is NOT how to play this game.
    38. Don’t be wearing any CAMOUFLAGE CLOTHING, and NO BIKER clothing. Don’t wear Black-on-black-on-black. No shirts, belts, pants that say “Harley Davidson” on them.
    39. I got news for yooze. Big 4X4 trucks with BIG fat tires are sure to attract TOO much attention. And just in case you did not know this, in MOST states, it is ILLEGAL for BUMPERS to be over a certain height above the ground, AND it is illegal for TIRES be be PROTRUDING outside the FENDER wells (because those tires sticking out, are known to throw STONES and break car windows behind you.
    I don’t give a shit if you’ve got a big, red-neck, mudder truck with big tires and a lift kit and NEVER got any tickets (yet). Those laws are ON THE BOOKS and can be enforced at any time. If you vehicle looks more military, you will also attract more attention.

    If any cop decides to enforce the EQUIPMENT LAWS, they can write you a ticket for EACH TIRE that sticks out too far, and another ticket for EACH BUMPER that is TOO high from the pavement, and they can IMPOUND your vehicle and not let you drive it, and make you have it TOWED to a shop for you to PAY to fix it….AND pay the FINES for EACH illegal piece of gear.

    Don’t be shocked if you have to pay $150 fine for EACH tire sticking out, and $250 for EACH bumper that is too high from the pavement… and you still have to have it put back into legal condition before they let you have it. Some jurisdictions may cancel the fines when you get it made legal within 30 days and have it inspected, etc…. other jurisdictions WANT THE MONEY and will NOT cancel any fines.

    So, if you are trying to move your goodies to your “bug out location” to survive, can you RISK losing your goodies and your vehicle just because you were STOOPID? Duh? (there is “normal stupid”, and then there is “Cow-shit-STOOPID”.)
    40. Police will pull you over if your license plate is BLOCKED by cargo, bikes, boxes, etc. Every state has laws that define “proper display of plates”. Make sure your plates, insurance and driver’s license are up NOT expired.
    41. It’s a good idea (and often required by LAW) to have WARNING signs, Emergency Triangle Road reflectors, flares, flashing lights, etc. in the car for when you have to stop the car on the side of the road.
    42. Having a SPARE TIRE and proper jacking equipment (and jack stands) proper tire changing tools that work, etc. Having a TIRE PLUG-PATCH KIT can get you back on the road VERY quickly if you just picked up a NAIL. (have some tools to PULL out the nails.)

    But you’ll also need a way to RE-INFLATE a flat tire. Electric pump, Foot pump, Hand pump… or MY favorite is a few cans of that instant FIX-A-FLAT. It has really saved me ass at least 5 times or more.

    Putting some of that “Green Slime” in your tires will automatically SEAL small punctures.

    43. VACUUM and CLEAN your car, the carpets, under the seats, behind the seats and ANYPLACE that may contain ANYTHING that the cops will say is “drug residue” and impound and search everything. There was a recent story of a man who went thru a LOT of trouble because of some SUGAR GLAZING that fell off from his Krispie Kreme doughnuts and the COPS declared it was Crystal Meth, the cops did a “roadside test” and it came up POSITIVE for METH, and the guy when thru HELL before a REAL Lab determined it was NOT DRUGS.

    So you need to do a COMPLETE job of CLEANING, Wiping dusting vacuuming, including the TRUNK, because you NEVER know what type of messy dust, garbage, etc, will be used as an excuse to put you thru HELL and NEVER get your gold back.

    Even if you NEVER let anybody in your car since the day it came from the FACTORY, I can tell you that my FELLOW FACTORY WORKERS would sometimes (every DAY), during their BREAK TIME, sit inside the cars, nice soft seats, and SMOKE WEED, smoke Crack, snort any kind of DRUGS they had with them, and of course, SOME bits of that stuff FALLS into the car.

    So yes, your car CAN be contaminated with DRUG stuff right from the FACTORY. I know it, because I worked in those factories and there are more than a few DRUG idiots who did those things.

    I always thought it was super stupid for those idiots to RISK losing their JOBS over it, and some of them DID get arrested and fired and lost their jobs, lost their PENSIONS, medical benefits, and got a police record too.

    Druggies never think they will get caught until they are locked up in jail… then they cry like a baby or they get mad like a ghetto gangster and hang out with all their other Ghetto buddies in the joint. (Doing time in Jail is a “Badge of Honor” for Ghetto slime.)
    When you want to “inflate a tire”, the pumping will work faster (or using the Fix a Flat), if you JACK UP the car to take all the WEIGHT OFF of that tire. Fill it up, then set the car back down.

    Normal road advice? Some spare parts, spare TIME, radiator stop leak, jugs of water, perhaps a spare Belt & the TOOL for changing it? (Harbor Freight Tools sells it for less than $20.) DRAW a DIAGRAM of how it winds onto the pulleys because AFTER you break it, you won’t know how it goes. Trust me, it’s OFTEN very true.

    Flash light, LED work light, etc, so you can SEE what you’re doing under that dark hood.

    Umbrella. Blankets. Food. Water.

    This is all just COMMON SENSE stuff, but TOO many common people have no sense.

    ———————————- The End……….

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