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Here Comes the Mandatory Bitcoin Database

from Sovereign Man:

It was only a matter of time.

In the wake of multiple terror attacks, the European Commission is moving towards creating a mandatory, centralized database of Bitcoin ownership.

Of course, their official reason is that Bitcoin is being used to finance terrorism.

So for everyone’s safety and security they need even more authority to spy on people’s finances.

But the reality is that these governments have hated Bitcoin since the beginning.

They don’t like the idea of a decentralized currency that they can’t control.

In the conventional financial system, governments have the power to regulate the banks and seize any account they want.

They can use their gun-toting police agencies to confiscate citizen’s physical cash… and given the alarming rise of Civil Asset Forfeiture in the Land of the Free, it’s clear they’re not exactly shy about stealing people’s money.

But they can’t do any of that with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a decentralized, distributed system. It’s impossible for anyone, or any government, to control it.

So the more people use Bitcoin, the more governments lose control.

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7 comments to Here Comes the Mandatory Bitcoin Database

  • thinking outside the matrix

    Like I predicted, governments (NSA)and banks created Bitcoin. This is just the beginning. Too much overwhelming and compelling evidence showing this. This will be more painfully obvious as time moves forward.

  • thinking outside the matrix

    This is the true story of what’s going on. The price will continue to rise as people look for safety but this will be by design. You will not be forced into Bitcoin. You will willfully move into it as most all other assets will be compromised in one way or another due to lack of access or government restrictions/intervention.

  • thinking outside the matrix

    I’ve always put my money where my mouth is.

  • E.

    Planned from the start. Bitcoin is a classic Trojan horse with snob appeal to
    facilitate the acceptance of digital currency as part of a cashless society.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    If it’s a blip, or a bleep, it can be stolen by a creep.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Anything that CAN be hacked, WILL be hacked.

    Every data bit that travels From anyplace TO any Other place is fully tracked by the “intelligence agencies”, bitcoin is not immune from tracking.

    Consider it as the GPS of money. Not even TOR or the Onion routers are safe because somewhere from 33% – 70% of all the “nodes” are fully hacked, controlled or “honey-potted” by the government.

    All your electrons are belong to us. (NSA)

  • Craig Escaped Detroit


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