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Greenspan Suggests That Interest Rates Could Start Moving Higher – Fast

by Eric Dubin, The News Doctors:

Another Greenspan interview? Operation ‘restore reputation’ continues. His observations must concern Janet Yellen.

TND Editor’s Note: Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan played a leading role in creating the problems he now criticizes. Thankfully, history will remember Greenspan for all of his sins. But his warning is right on target. Bloomberg reports:

“I cannot perceive that we can maintain these levels of interest rates for very much longer,” he told former Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Arthur Levitt in a Bloomberg Radio interview to be aired this weekend and next.

“They have to start to move up and when they do they could move up and surprise us with the degree of rapidity which may occur,” Greenspan added.

You’ll have to wait until the weekend to listen to the full interview, but Bloomberg has released choice quotes and you can read them by accessing the article below.

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2 comments to Greenspan Suggests That Interest Rates Could Start Moving Higher – Fast

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I think perhaps Mr. Bubble (A.G.), may have received a blood (and brain) transfusion from Ronald Reagan.

    But, if GreenSPAM was doing his interpretation by looking at some CHARTS, but was accidentally holding it UPSIDE DOWN, then YES… I agree that there can be RAPID MOVEMENT, but when he turns the chart “Right Side UP”, he will see that the interest rates will quickly go NEGATIVE, BIGGER, DEEPER & FASTER than we can imagine.

    OK now? I fixed it for ya’ll.

    • Ed_B

      He should be so lucky! Instead, he got a brain-transplant from Idiots R Us.

      There is no chance in hell that the Fed will be raising rates before the Nov election. If Trump wins, they will raise rates quickly and cause a recession to guarantee only one term for Trump. If Hellery wins, they will continue to same nothing happening policy as they have had for the past few years. Hey, it’s just business… as usual. :-/

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