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Gold Will Explode In Value Well Beyond What Jim Rickards Forecasts

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

While Jim Rickards explains many reasons why it is important to own gold, he leaves out the most important factor. Jim has become one of the more prominent names in the precious metals community due to his strong opinion on owning gold even though he worked on Wall Street (the anti-gold financial establishment) for 35 years.

Jim Rickards has written several best-selling books such as, Currency Wars, The Death Of Money and more recently, The New Case For Gold. Rickards is a big believer in owning gold to protect against the collapse of the highly leveraged derivatives based financial industry.

Rickards has gone on record in stating that his technical target for the price of gold posted in the article, Gold “Chart of the Decade” – Math Suggests $10,000 Per Ounce Says Rickards:

“I have a technical level for gold, it is $10,000 U.S. per ounce. That amount gets bigger over time because it’s a ratio of physical gold to printed money. The amount of physical gold doesn’t go up very much, but printed money goes up a lot, so the dollar target goes up more over time because of all the money printing.

$10,000 U.S. per ounce is the implied non-deflationary price for gold. If you have to go back to a gold standard, or anything like it to restore confidence, that is the number you must have to avoid deflation.

So $10,000 per ounce is mathematically derived and is not a guess.”

Rickards as well as legendary gold trader, Jim Sinclair both believe the value of gold will rise due to backing all the outstanding U.S. Dollars with physical gold. Thus, Rickards mathematical formula for arriving at that $10,000 per ounce figure is based upon the outstanding fiat currency in the system. Rickards believes for the U.S. Dollar to continue to function as a currency after the coming financial collapse, it will have to be backed by gold.

While I applaud Rickards for coming out against the anti-gold Wall Street financial establishment, he fails to mention the most important reason to own gold going forward. Furthermore, Rickards suggests a 10% ownership in gold as “INSURANCE” in the case of a financial and economic collapse.

Rickards explains about gold insurance in his article, Gold: The Ultimate Insurance:

If you have a 10% gold allocation, it’s like owning fire insurance. If the stock market goes to new all-time highs, and gold goes nowhere, that 10% allocation won’t hurt you. But if the markets collapse, which I do expect, and the price of gold skyrockets, that 10% allocation will increase by multiples. That profit will protect you against losses in the rest of your portfolio. So gold has that insurance function. And that can’t be downplayed.

As Rickards suggests, gold will act as insurance protecting your wealth during an economic and financial collapse. His rational here is that even if your portfolio suffers from huge declines during a stock market crash, the individual’s gold holdings will multiplying in value, offsetting loses in stocks and even bonds.

Before I get into the most important factor that Rickards fails to consider in owning gold, I’d like to mention that I respect the work he is doing. If only 2% more of investors in the world decided to allocate 10% of their portfolio to gold, the price of gold would skyrocket on that MOVE alone. So, by Rickards going out and publicly stating investors should own gold through interviews and his new book, The New Case For Gold, he’s providing excellent advice.

However, his recommendation for owning only 10% of one’s portfolio in gold is DRASTICALLY TOO LOW. This is where I differ from Rickards on gold and silver ownership.

Gold & Silver Will Explode In Value Well Beyond What Rickards Forecasts

As I have mentioned in several articles and interviews, the value of gold and silver will explode in value due to the permanent collapse of the U.S. and Global Markets. This goes well above and beyond anything that Rickards demonstrates in either his interviews or books.

According to Rickards, the next financial and economic collapse will be just another BIG BUMP in the road. Most precious metals analysts, Jim Rickards included, suggest the importance of owning gold to protect wealth during this next financial and economic calamity. Unfortunately, the most important factor they leave out is the “PERMANENT COLLAPSE DUE TO FALLING ENERGY PRODUCTION.”

I just had an interview with Doc and Eric Dubin at SilverDoctors on Thursday on this very subject. I believe that will be posted this weekend. I must say, I was a bit passionate about new energy information and why the U.S. and Global Markets are going to be in much more serious trouble than individuals realize.

That being said, the U.S. (world included) was able to pull itself out of the Great Depression of the 1930’s as well as other economic and financial shocks due to the GROWTH OF WORLD OIL PRODUCTION. This will no longer be the case going forward.

I wrote about this upcoming collapse which was detailed in my article, The Coming Breakdown Of U.S. & Global Markets Explained: What Most Analysts Miss:

The U.S. and world are heading toward an accelerated breakdown of their economic and financial markets. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of analysts fail to understand the root cause of this impending calamity. This is also true for the majority of precious metals analysts.

The reason for this upcoming systemic collapse of the U.S. and Global markets is quite simple when you understand the information and are able to CONNECT THE DOTS. While it has taken me years of research to be able to finally put it all together, new information really put it all into perspective.

The reason I believe this collapse will be different than anything in the past is due to the Falling EROI- Energy Returned On Invested. This is shown in the following chart:

I don’t want to get into too many details here (as they were explained in the article linked above), however, the massive increase in U.S. public debt is directly tied to the falling EROI of U.S. oil and gas energy production. In 1970, the U.S. enjoyed an EROI of 30/1. Thus, we had 29 profitable barrels of oil for the energy cost of each barrel to maintain and grow our modern society. In addition, a high EROI allows oil companies to remain profitable and to continue future exploration.

Unfortunately, the EROI of U.S. Shale oil production is 5/1… thus, it only provides four profitable barrels. Nearly half of U.S. total oil production is from shale oil fields. Thus, the overall EROI of U.S. oil and gas energy production has fallen considerably and is now below the MINIMUM REQUIREMENT of 20/1 EROI to sustain our modern society (source found on linked article above).

This is why we are experiencing runaway Health Care, Education, Food and etc costs. We just don’t have enough profitable barrels of oil anymore to pay for it all. So, to try and continue business as usual, we add a lot more debt to the system as costs continue to increase.

Sure, government and corporate corruption are partly to blame for rising costs, but overall, the falling EROI is destroying everything in its path. For example the major U.S. Oil companies are hemorrhaging under the low price of oil as they had to fork out an additional $18.1 billion 1H 2016 to cover their capital expenditures and dividends that they didn’t make from their operations:

Some folks believe that when much higher oil prices arrive, the oil companies will tap into more expensive reserves and production will grow. While this is a NEAT IDEA, new information points to a “Thermodynamic Collapse” of oil due to the rapidly falling EROI:

This chart was put together by the work of the Hills Group (oil engineers and project managers) and Louis Arnoux. Instead of seeing much higher oil prices in the future, they forecast the price will head back much lower as the AVAILABLE NET ENERGY for society continues to decline. Basically, they believe the price will fall because the value of the oil will diminish. Even though someone might want to pay a higher price for energy, the society as a whole will be only able to afford a much lower price due to the collapse of NET OIL SUPPLIES to the economy.

This ENERGY FACTOR is not even spoken about by Jim Rickards. I imagine Rickards is a very smart guy and it would surprise me if he didn’t understand this information. If Rickards understood this energy information, it may not go over well to talk about this to the majority of investors who buy his books. I am not criticizing Rickards here, I just realize this topic is well beyond DOOM & GLOOM. It changes everything going forward.. and rather quickly.

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56 comments to Gold Will Explode In Value Well Beyond What Jim Rickards Forecasts

  • Silver Shield

    Beware of the 3 Jims and their Golden promises.

    Jim Rogers was George Soros’ partner
    Jim Rickards is a CIA/Wall Street Troll.
    Jim Sinclair’s real last name is Seligman and they were known as the American Rothschilds.

    All of them are here to distract you from silver that will massively out perform their gold.

    Silver is the Achilles Heal of those Banksters.

    • KRELL427

      Jim Sinclairs last interview he said the rich guys are pilling into silver. He also has said many times he is 75% gold, 25% silver.Also interesting is Jim Willie’s the voice is telling his wealthy clients to go 90% silver 10% gold.

  • Confederate miner

    I agree with silver shield.not only is silver the bankers achilles heel. Silver is what our money is supposed to be. Up untill 1964 we still had the protection of silver coin.we must go back to silver.we dont need to wIt on gov.we need to start using it for trade. As an employee you might not be to successfull asking to be paid in silver but who knows? Have you tried? Maybe tell your employer you will take a 10 percent pay cut for about those who are employers have you asked your employees if they would like the option of getting paid in whiole or in part in silver? Small business people ket your customers know you accept silver as payment maybe with a discount to encourage its use.renters why not give your rentees a 10 percent discount on their rent for payment in silver. We all are very aware of whats going on in this world and we really need to start taking some kind of action.

  • Kevin

    I keep waiting for this dramatic rise in metals and BTC prices everyone keeps predicting – Bix, the Jims, Clif High, Silver Doctor, etc.

    When metals were at lows last year, I stocked up, using every bit of extra cash and even credit cards to buy all I could get. This year I lost my job and took a job that pays $20k less. And I’m having to maintain my household and pay the minimum on the credit card I used to stock up on silver, but on a lower salary. Not a good combo.

    I keep waiting for this dramatic increase in silver so I can sell a small portion of my holdings to pay off the final bills. Unfortunately I see silver heading lower, most likely back down to $18 for the rest of 2016. I will most likely have to start selling during dropping prices rather than being able to take some profit during any price spike. It will suck when I sell silver at $18 only to have silver rise to $30 an ounce or higher a few months later. But Isn’t that the way things always happen? At some point you just have to do what you have to do. I will sell my last Bitcoin and two ounces of gold before I touch my silver holdings.

    Maybe Bix Weir will be right and all electronic debts and assets will be wiped out. Or something else drastic will end the system as we know it.

    • Eric

      Kevin, some things to keep in mind.

      Silver is still up 36% YTD. Exploration and Producing miners are up hundreds of percent. Still the best performing asset this year.

      Also, Silver/Gold is insurance just like Guns, Bullets, a well stocked pantry.

      We are entering the seasonally strong time for the metals into year end with India’s festival and wedding season coming up. This is not the time to sell them.

      I have used leverage (credit cards) to buy metals before but had to learn that lesson the hard way. Never use leverage or margin. Pay cash as you go. If you don’t have the money, don’t spend it.

      The dramatic increase in the price of the metals will not be something that will be “fun.” Very few have done anything to protect themselves from collapse. Having any at all is still better than 90% of the dum dums I just ran into at the grocery store.

      Technicals, it could trade down to 18.50 and 18 and the uptrend will still be intact. PM’s are purposely volatile to keep the little guy from buying them.

      I’m keeping a close eye on CME inventories and COT reports. All these shorts will get squeezed at some point. S&P500 trades at 18X earnings. A 14 year high.

      China discloses gold reserves september 26 which will certainly be bullish for the metals. Gold and Silver is NOT a trade! They are for wealth accumulation.

      Can you consolidate your cc debt with balance transfers? Get the rate down to ZERO! Build up cash, sell junk or other depreciating assets. Not Gold. Are you going to sell your toilet paper or your food? Forget about the metal you have already if you can. Focus on getting rid of that debt faster, cutting back other areas, selling something else besides money.

      Credit cards are dangerous. One should rarely use them. Do not assume electronic debts will be wiped out. You are more likely to get a longer period to pay them off but one persons debt is another persons asset so you will likely need to pay it one way or another. Regardless, this will be messy. If you are paying more than 0%, you can probably find a way to transfer the balance for a 3% fee and get 0% for 15 months.

      As long as you have Gold and Silver, you have some protection. It won’t matter how much you have as much as it will matter than you have them. But using credit cards to buy them is the total wrong way to go. Pay as you go. Don’t be greedy. Be responsible for yourself and your family. And nobody else.

      Checklist in order of priority…

      6 months living expenses/cash
      6 months storable food, water, toilet paper, soap, supplies and consumables that you need.
      Guns and ammo
      Debt under control.
      THEN…. Silver and Gold.

        • Eric

          I just went to Trader Joes and loaded up on storables. It was a freakin zoo. The time to go is super early on a weekday. Not sunday afternoon.

      • mike

        What your forgetting is silver is down %60 from 2011 when everyone like this site and probably you were pumping it hardcore. Silver does not in any form protect against inflation unless you think there has been no inflation since 2011.
        Silver is not money, Silver is not a hedge against inflation. Silver is abundant
        above and below ground.
        An increase for this year is meaningless unless you play the paper game the very thing you rail against. $21.00 is going to be the high for the next few years. I hope you sold your mining stocks because they are going down, they are far over valued.

        Nice work Eric do you see how your Moronic views trap people into the horrible investment Silver??..It is your fault Kevin is in that situation. No matter how you try to wiggle out of responsibilty. I believe Silver is heading to $2-$10 for all the reasons I stated before while citing verbatim your Gurus not to mention my own charting. Some people believed your BS and links and you need to be aware of that any time you post stupid idiot garbage,,,Eric the Living Ad.//Sickening.

        • Hal

          Ill take my chances with gold and silver over the next 5,10,20, 50 years.

          • mike

            Ok do what you want, in about 25 years it will reach a top of $50 again..Just don’t forget to sell. Unfortunately you wont realize any real gains because of inflation.

            • Eric

              mike, why do you still measure everything in fiat currency price?

            • Eric

              For instance, on January 6, 2014 it cost one 273 bushels of corn to buy one ounce of Gold. Now it costs 391 bushels of corn to buy one ounce of Gold.

              If all you can do is measure the value and price of items denominated in a currency that has already been hyperinflated, you might have a real problem determining value of something when the markets aren’t available to tell you what the spot price (different from value) is.

        • Eric

          Only if you measure it in US Dollar terms. And only after going up for 10 straight years in a row. Consolidation is healthy. And the perfect time to accumulate.

          Silver IS money. And the perfect inflation hedge as insurance against a monetary collapse. Some people have a longer than 5 year time horizon mike. Like the 10% of the population that knows they have already hyperinflated the fiat currency supply.

          No I haven’t sold hardly anything. I took some profits in the mining shares, but am already deploying the capital back in at cheaper prices. You dont know how markets work. We are going into the seasonally strong buying time for precious metals. $21 Silver will be a distant memory soon enough.

          Nobody seems the have any patience. A lost virtue. Silver went up 7 months all year. Then consolidated for 3 weeks. oh boo hoo.

          Silver is not going to $10. Your analysis is super flawed. Even the US debt clock puts it over $800/oz based on mining supply vs global money supply.

          Grow up and stop being a disinfo clown.

          • mike

            My numbers come from what I can realistically assume not just rely on gubberment and fake silver institute numbers based on what miners say. If you believe their numbers that’s like Phillip Morris saying smoking is good for your health. There has been a massive influx of supply without corresponding mining output numbers. That tells you something is very off..I believe I am correct. At one point I had it at $10 fair value but then to have a primary miner come out and say their all in cost were $10 tells me the true cost is in the area of .25 to maybe .50 an oz. That is for a PRIMARY miner. Since they contribute virtually nothing to the overall market silver could go to .10 an oz and it will be in ready supply in raw material form. If that happens you favorite dealer would not want to sell their fabricate product at a massive loss. They would hang on until the electric bill came due to sell their inventory. The retailer would eventually have to sell closer to spot.

            Where does the Debt Clock people get their numbers? How is that price calculated? WhaT re the names of the debt clock people? Who are they?

            You live in a world of smoke and mirrors never doing any research for yourself just parroting others stupid ideas.

            What mine have you gone an audited? What were they producing daily? Do their sales add up to the total they mine weekly/monthly?
            Are mines able to manipulate production numbers or even provide raw material off the books or noted as some other expense? How many employees, fuel and other expenses do they utilize daily?

            • Eric

              Well there’s your problem. You assume. Or better yet, you guess. Guessing is not a very good strategy.

              If the numbers are fake, why wouldn’t they fake them to the upside? I mean they could show there was bajillions of ounces on hand to keep us out of the market. Sorry to break it to you but they aren’t fake. If there was some huge demand increase, or supply disruption, we would see it somewhere. The numbers are what they are so take it with a grain of salt. But you still haven’t explained to me the difference between a long and a short contract. Or do you seem to understand the difference between mining production and inventory. Or the difference between value and price.

              Where has this massive influx of supply come from that you speak of? Certainly some people have sold into the secondary market after buying at 15 and selling at 20. But it’s hardly “massive.”

              You believe you are correct. But do you know anything?

              WHO the debt clock people are is irrelevant. You can fact check their numbers. Just look up “global M2 money supply” and then get the mining supply numbers from Silver institute. Is that too much work for you?

              So you’re saying that mining companies are able to store “raw material” off the books? Wouldn’t that make them stronger and more undervalued?

              Thinking is difficult for you isn’t it?

  • Kevin – trust me, I’ve been a stacker and have been following these corrupt silver carnival barkers for years. Nothing but pie in the sky predictions and lies, lies, lies. Beware.

    • glitter 1

      Kevin-trust me I’ve been in Gold,Silver and miners since 2000.I paid off a 150K mortgage,placed 5 figures in my wife’s IRA have my life savings in Silver and Gold Bullion Coins and am up well over double what I paid for them,even with the 4-5year bear market.Look,it’s a matter of perspective and understanding.Remember the Nasdaq in 1999 when it hit 5,000plus,it was all the rage,it was a mania,anyone who got in during the blowoff(1999/2000)lost >80% if they sold,but it took over 15 years for the Nasdaq to get back to where it was at the peak in 2000.
      The point is,one has to do their home work in an effort to gain understanding of what they are getting into before they jump in.One has to understand the differences between hard currency and paper assets.There are times when paper beats metals and there are times when metals beat paper.Now is not the time to shy away from hard assets/currency aka physical gold and silver.
      Nobody saw the crash in the markets coming in 2000/2001 and they go down allot faster than they go up.Very smart people are blowing the horn as of late that another crushing sell off is before us.The pendulum is about to swing the other way.
      You can’t listen to/be taken down by people who most likely got into Gold/Silver near the top during the 2011 blowoff top,just like those that jumped into the Nasdaq during 1999/2000.Believe me,I know/heard the lamenting/whining from those that took the beating from Tech after it dropped 80%.
      Now is not the time to flee PM’s for obvious reasons.Nobody will be sounding the alarm before the DOW,S&P,Nasdaq S**t the bed this time around neither.If anyone thinks PM’s are way to hyped,there’s always the market cheerleading over at CNBC,MSNBC,Bloomberg,etc.You will hear what you want to hear over there.The FED isn’t coming to the rescue this time around,the financial paradigm is gearing up for a life changing shift,if one isn’t positioned when it hits there will be no do over this time.The wealth of generations hangs in the balance.Gold and Silver are insurance anyone who says otherwise is clueless and will fall victim to their own ignorance.

      • Eric

        One has to see the BIIIIIIGGG Picture!!!

        • mike

          Exactly the BIG PICTURE…The Big picture is very clear..Your looking at 25 years for the next $50 silver price. This stuff has been dead cat bouncing for the last 5 years and is no where near the low as of yet.

          • Eric

            You’re still trapped in the US Dollar price matrix.

            The bottom is already in. But we are still consolidating until $1360 comes back after a great 7 month uptrend.

      • Kevin

        @Glitter, Jack, Mike, Eric

        I started stacking in 2008 prior to Max Keiser’s buy silver crash JP Morgan campaign. That also coincided with the beginning of my awakening. I accumulated about 40% of my silver prior to 2015 and 60% in 2015. If silver will hit $20 again I will contact provident metals to sell off half of what I bought in 2015. Will ditch the gold and BTC as well. That still leaves me enough for a rainy day and gives me some breathing room in a dollar world.

        In a just and ideal world silver would be valued much higher As I said it ain’t always about fiat vs metal in the future. People have needs and priorities today. Sometimes you do today what you have to do today. Simple as that.

        Glitter you got into metals at the perfect time. Me, not so much.
        Thank for your input.

        • Eric

          Kevin, just remember $20 Silver is just the beginning. Don’t be upset with anyone but yourself if you sell at $20 and 6 months later it’s at $100. Gold goes up fast and consolidates slowly. The opposite is true for stock and bond markets.

          Make sure you have breathing room. But as always, it’s not about how much you make. It’s about how much you save. Make sure you’re living well within your means. And don’t spend on anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. I have noticed almost EVERYONE I see has a spending problem. They have to spend just to be entertained enough. $5 coffee, eating out for lunch, new sunglasses, driving around wasting gasoline, a new car, etc.

          It’s just my opinion, but if people can’t go a month without having to go to the grocery store, or if they cannot spend money for an entire week, they aren’t ready for collapse.

          As you know, I never liked bitcoin. But Gold to me is not something I would ever be willing to sell or part with easily. There’s a lot of stored labor in 1 oz of Gold. I would sell it over Silver if I had no other choices simply because of the GSR. But I’d sell my car, my house, my blood, or almost anything else I could think of before selling my Gold. Gold will get you through collapse. Most everything else you have won’t.

          Also, remember you have options. Find a good friend maybe. Ask him if he’s willing to buy the Gold now, and tell him you will buy it back as soon as you can, and he will always get at least the price he paid for it if not more. This way your friend helps you out, you don’t sell Gold into the market, and you have the option to buy it back in the future. A better solution if you ask me. I’ve done it for others, but for some reason most seem to think they have to sell back to the dealers or onto the market.

          Also, some of those coins might be worth a little more than just the spot price.

          Just make sure you think it through is all I’m saying. I have come into financial tightness over the years simply because I was too aggressive stacking metal. But I usually figure out how to finance or consolidate my debt using their system so I don’t have to sell the metal.

          Do you have a mortgage? What interest rate? I refinanced a little over a year ago and got a 15 year at 3.25%. This might be another way to use the equity you have already to consolidate or improve your situation.

          That’s probably all I can say on the matter.

  • GoldTooth999

    SRSRocco is a third rate researcher compared to Rickards who at least offers actionable investment advice. SRSRocco has been wrong on the oil price for the last 5 years. Who takes his EROI analysis seriously and has made consistent money with it? Rickards is no advocate for honest money but at least has the experience and the track record to back up his proposals for SDRs and a high gold price.

    • KRELL427

      GoldTooth666,I have not seen one constructive comment or link to research info that you have contributed,until that date you are a disruptive mouth piece troll.

      • Eric

        There seems to be an oversupply in disruptive mouth piece trolls lately.

        The market will sort that out just like it does with everything else. 😉

      • GoldTooth999

        Maybe KRELL420 is just too lazy or stoned to visit SRSRocco’s website for his collection of articles. Most of which are filled with wrong predictions and outdated theories on peak oil. SRSRocco’s EROI has been useless to forecasting gold and silver prices whether the market is rigged or not.

        How has SRSRocco helped your investment decisions? Is it really that difficult to stack gold and silver conservatively? Whatever.

        • Eric

          well which ones are wrong or outdated?

          • GoldTooth999

            Silver To Hit New Highs Despite Bearish Forecasts

            Since 2013, how has SRSRocco helped investors to preserve their wealth? His research has been unprofitable. As outlined in the article above, he uses outdated theories and makes expensive errors for investors. There is a reason why Bill Bonner and Agora Financial hired Rickards as a newsletter writer. Rickards is no serious advocate for honest money and promotes SDRs, but his impressive track record and research skills make money compared to those of other analysts in the precious metals space. How come SRSRocco can’t get a job with Agora Financial, Casey Research or even Stansberry Research if his research is reliable?

            • Eric

              Simple… If you have physical Gold and Silver in your own possession, you are preserving your wealth.

              In the past 3 years, Gold has risen in price dramatically when denominated in every currency EXCEPT the U.S. Dollar. Yet, the U.S. Is the largest debtor nation in the history of the world. As an investor, one should know what a cycle is. This cycle isn’t over yet.

              I see nothing outdated or wrong about his analysis. Please provide better evidence.

            • KRELL427

              Goldtooth, you sound like a scorned bitch. How much have you lost? Are you blaming others for your loss? Rickards is an insider shill, Bonner is a BONER, If you like them no problem by me. We all have the freedom to make are own decisions. If you have a problem with Bo and others then read your people, If you are a stacker you should be happy with the current prices, if you extended your credit to try and make a fast buck, then you are an idiot.

  • Kevin

    It is def starting to seem that way. The truth will eventually come out when they put up or shut up. I have even considered the possibility that the whole buy metals is a psyop and a fraud. Anything is possible as the truth-bombs starting falling hard and fast.

    Do you ever see silver increasing in fiat dollars to where someone in my situation could break even by selling a portion now, and saving the majority for later?

    • Eric

      “Do you ever see silver increasing in fiat dollars to where someone in my situation could break even by selling a portion now, and saving the majority for later?”

      It depends on what your cost average price paid is. Honestly, I have no idea what mine is but if I had to guess it’s probably in the mid 20’s somewhere. Does it matter? Why would anyone sell Silver for paper currency right when the confidence in paper is collapsing? Unless of course they have explored all other options and can’t think of anything else.

      The cnbc investment gurus really did a mind job on people. You gotta get out of this investment type of thinking and start building real tangible wealth. First step, treat debt like the devil and get him out of your life!

    • Hal

      Sure some may be a bit disingenuous and just trying to make a profit off of the movement, if you will (which only exists due to heavily inflating currencies and rising cost of living etc), but surely you cannot think that promissory notes are a better long term store of value than gold or silver.

  • Moishe


    Rule #1-trust no one
    Rule#2 Silver/Gold will rise in $$$$ when & if The Jewish Bankers say so,

    Therefore, let’s all grow up & realize the only gambit to play is to boycott as much as you possibly can in this talmudic Jew Rigged system.

    No one is coming to save you, not even Chris Duane or Jesus.

    • Eric

      It has to rise based purely on the fiat debt based currency it is denominated in.

      What is the price of Silver when the US DOLLAR is no longer accepted for value?

      I’d be more concerned about the price and SUPPLY of food at this point.

    • Hal

      Seems quite possible that eventually they would desire the big rise in value. Cetainly they would have incredible hoards (as opposed to puny stacks) of the stuff and be the biggest winners. Sure they may lose the virtually unlimited control of a total fiat system by acknowledging metals as all or part of the monetary backing(s), but they would “gain” from the dismembering that it would do to over 90% of people who have nothing but paper assets AND give them a fresh start to gain confidence (more long term plotting) in a seemingly legitmate and honest banking system, which perhaps even would be for awhile. In time they would probably have people handing over their bullion again for paper and gradually take it all….again!

  • AgShaman

    The Syndicate fears silver because they know the serfs can conduct commerce without them if they would choose to do so.

    It’s never too late to convince somebody to take a phyzz position in both.

  • Eric

    Owning only 10% of one’s portfolio in Gold or Silver is like saying I’m willing to lose 90% of my portfolio.

    10% in Gold. Yes I agree with that. The other 90% should be in Storable Food and Physical Silver!

  • The Truth

    Everytime the alt media speaks about silver or gold going to the moon, the price has fallen nearly 100% of the time. Like right now silver market is closed but the price has fallen $0.60 is less than 1 minute.

    Many are not educated enough to see that if it is true that the system collapses, then it won’t matter what the price is at the time, but how many ounces you have. We will be lucky if we have a pricing mechanism. To say it would be worth so much and so much dollars, is ridiculous if one is betting on a dollar collapse. Why diversify into metals, if you are still looking for the value to go up in dollars? Makes no sense at all. We might as well just keep dollars and not buy metals. People need to understand, you don’t buy real money because you want the price to go up, you exchange your FIAT for money, because you are preserving your savings and financial future. Whatever the pricing mechanism is after it falls apart, then you exchange some of your real money/assets/savings for that currency, if you want to remain(a part of) or buy/sell from the global market.

    People need to either be investors or traders. You trade for an immediate profit, you invest for your future! Stop listening to all these “to the moon people”. If they go to the moon, that means you purchasing power ain’t worth much! E.g $100 silver and $100 gas is not profitable. That means 1 ounce only buys 1 gallon of gas!

    • Eric

      The markets are only closed from Friday at 4 pm EST to 6 pm EST Sunday when the NY Globex opens. I wouldn’t say it’s because of the alt media that the price is dropping either. It’s in a sideways range and the US Dollar index is about to retest support at 94.

      “People need to understand, you don’t buy real money because you want the price to go up, you exchange your FIAT for money, because you are preserving your savings and financial future.” Damn Straight! If you want to see digital blips go up on a screen, open a brokerage account. Just be ready to watch them go down too. And you already lost that “money.”

      I haven’t sold one ounce. Haven’t lost any of them.

    • Hal

      yes we snuck under $19 for a bit on silver, nice little dip to make a buy there.

  • glitter 1

    One last comment; 1 ounce of silver in Venezuela today purchases 6 months of food.That wasn’t true a year ago.Don’t be like the Venezuelan who wishes he had gotten some silver when he could have.

    • Eric

      Maybe the towel throwers should take a trip to Caracas. Bring a snickers bar and see if they can sell it for more than 10 Venezuelan Bolivars.

        • Eric

          Smart lady.

          “In terms of gold being involved, some people may think of that as a throwback, but I see it as a sophisticated, forward-looking approach because gold is neutral and it’s universal. It’s a well-accepted monetary surrogate that transcends borders and time. If you look at the foreign reserves of the most important countries, they keep them mostly in gold. I don’t want to read too much into it, but it proves that gold is not some barbarous relic.”

          “Would the first step in that be issuing gold-convertible bonds?”

          “Don’t attribute this idea to the Trump campaign, but it has been something that I have been proposing for years now. A gold-backed bond was first proposed in 1981 by Alan Greenspan. I think the U.S. should issue them as an experimental pilot program, similar to the TIPS bond, that compensates people who are concerned about the future value of the dollar. For those who are concerned about a big financial meltdown, these bonds would give them some insurance, as gold tends to rise in price during periods of financial stress.”

          It has to be convertible. And there has to be fully audited reserves. It’s all based on trust. And nobody would want a “gold-backed bond” unless it was directly convertible. I’d rather have the Gold.

    • Millicent

      glitter 1
      February 15, 2016 at 1:07 pm · Reply

      I will make a call here,then book mark it for later.

      December 2016 – Gold = at least $3,500oz/ Silver = at Least $100oz

      I will repost it in December,regardless of what the prices are.Providing of course the internet is still up.

      Bo Polny overdose?

      • Eric

        Is it December of 2016 yet Millicent?

        • Millicent

          Gollee! You learned to read a calendar…

          Just reminding people of what you clownz are saying so that when December rolls around they can see what fools & tools you pumpers are.

          Eric sailing in his Silver boat while eating popcorn with his buddy Krell. Go polish your pickup and do something “productive”.

          • Eric

            Yeah it was right after I learned to read charts and find value and learn how markets work so I wouldn’t be bitter and blame everyone else for my decisions.

            But Glitter and I have been building wealth for a lot longer than you have obviously.

  • erik von sand

    One question.
    Why do these people calculate the worth of gold by simply dividing the total sum of money by gold supplies ? That’s not good IMHO. As there are various assets, such as housing.. any other hard assets, food, companies perhaps.
    Even though, I believe gold will go UP, I can’t imagine, it could go as high as nearly 10 times higher from now..
    If there would be a gold standard, then yes, it would make sense, bud do you believe there will be? Cashless bankster shit society would be much real, I guess..
    Gold s nice, its shiny and awesome, heavy and still, sexy.
    But.. Since the POPULATION and all young touchy smartphone cashless kids ignore any real hard assets and love only debt.. I fer, this is a MUST input into survive the hyperinflation strategy…
    Right now, I own only 3 ounces of gold, from like 8, I had to move on, and repair the apartman I moved in, bought ounce for like 1100eur, sold for like 1100eur, but it makes me cry, I would sell today for 1200eur, so I am not sure whether to buy new, or not.. Maybe I will wait for some dip, but it might not happen…
    Anyway, I’m trying to invest as much as possible in hard assets.. house-living and reconstruction.. but still, I guess it’s not enough.. but gambling with SP500, that’s not a good idea either 😀
    the second thing is – if we stock p with gold, we need to sell the gold for any fiat or cashless or another currency to re-materialise our wealth stocked up into gold..

  • erik von sand

    anyway, I think silver is also good, its hard and industrial asset…
    but low, hold, sell if the price is good for you..
    if silver go back to 10eur per ounce, that is like 11usd today, I would buy..
    but still.. first of all, we need a good cash flow and capital to be able to spend 5 or 10 or more % into precious metals.. as we should invest as much, or as low, so we will not need to use that metals EVER… we will not be forced to sell, and thats good..
    eg: my apartment reconstruction,it made me sell over 50% of my gold supply, thats bad.. even if I did not suffer financial loss, its simply bad.. (perhaps, only the inlation)
    inflation is not 0 at all.. not even close to 3% mean..

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