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Give People a Universal Income to Keep Them Quiet While Global Government Grows

from The Daily Bell:

Globalization and its New Discontents … Fifteen years ago, I wrote a little book, entitled Globalization and its Discontents, describing growing opposition in the developing world to globalizing reforms. It seemed a mystery: people in developing countries had been told that globalization would increase overall wellbeing. So why had so many people become so hostile to it? – Project Syndicate, Joseph Stiglitz

Joseph Stiglitz is concerned about why people are hostile to the idea of gigantic, impersonal and rapacious governments stealing from them while telling them what to do.

Governments don’t work on any level. But global government is worst of all. It will deliver ruin, mass incarceration and ultimately genocide.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

But Stiglitz is a world famous economist, so he has better ideas.


Now, globalization’s opponents in the emerging markets and developing countries have been joined by tens of millions in the advanced countries.

… Can the open global economy be saved from populist challengers – and from itself? … How can something that our political leaders – and many an economist – said would make everyone better off be so reviled?

Maybe because people don’t trust politicians and economists and increasingly see ways they cloak their own venal malevolence in the rhetoric of “universal good.”

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3 comments to Give People a Universal Income to Keep Them Quiet While Global Government Grows


    Global governments are sock puppets of money powers. Ironically, it is government money that will release government to represent its people.

    Corporate money, i.e. bank corporation money now runs the world, and makes governments into sock puppets.

    Bank corporation money was called the “Money Trust” in the years leading up to Federal Reserve Act. How quick we forget.

    A trust is a monopoly of actors working together for their benefit, and in this case against national interests.

    Government’s have a role to play, especially inelastic markets.

    These sort of articles confuse the reader into hating all forms of governments, when in fact, there are necessary things that only government can do.

    Treasury money, issued debt free (something like Lincoln’s greenbacks) can settle transactions for little cost – and hence free laboring people from usury.

    Bank Credit has high costs, and disappears. For example, the simple act of creating new credit is keyboard entries at a bank, and the new debt victim transfers his life energy. A house loan can double, and the extra usury lands straight on the banker’s ledger.

  • anon

    As AMERICANS, if we wish to “Make America Great Again”, then we simply have to return to that which made it great in the first place: 1) The Declaration of Independence, 2) The U.S. Constitution and its BILL OF RIGHTS, 3) The RULE OF LAW, 4) MORALITY (Public and Private), 5) PRINTING OUR OWN NATIONAL CURRENCY TO PAY OUR OWN DEBTS, WITHOUT THE PRIVATELY-OWNED, SO-CALLED “FEDERAL” “RESERVE”!, 6) FREEDOM! SMALL GOVERNMENT!, Science, Industry, Entrepreneurship, Hard-work, Self-reliance, Prosperity, NO INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE!, AND NO “FEDERAL” “RESERVE”! ~ both of which were established in 1913, long after the era of the Founding Fathers.

    Unfortunately, we’ve all been “hood-winked” for SO LONG ~ that now it is LATE in their ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT QUEST, and we all have to find ALTERNATIVES TO EVERYTHING THAT THEY’VE SET UP, TO DEBT-, and otherwise, ENSLAVE US ALL.

  • rich

    Notes From Underground: Taking Pulse of a Dead Market

    2. In monitoring the power of the printing press I am posting a reference point put together by Karl of Vine Street Trading. It shows the top ten holdings of three large investment entities, the Swiss National Bank, Calpers and the Norge Bank, which holds for the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund. The top six are the same stocks. The main difference between the SNB and the large entities is that the Swiss central bank does not have any major ownership in any U.S. banks. The conflict of interest would probably raise concerns from the U.S. authorities. The herding effect is rampant and the power of major global investors to influence equity prices is easily discerned.

    SNB, Calpers, Norges Bank Holdings

    A poignant point needs to be raised as my pulse races: How can global investors maintain buying SWISS FRANCS when the SNB is pursuing the greatest con since tulip bulbs, Mississippi Stock and any number of other events from the Madness of Crowds? The Swiss print currency and exchange the ever-increasing fiat paper for the assets of real corporations. Last month, the SNB–through currency market intervention–added roughly TEN BILLION to its balance sheet by exchanging Swiss francs for global stocks and bonds.

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