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from Koos Jansen, via Go Fund Me:

Dear all, By way of introduction my name is Jan Nieuwenhuijs but most people on the internet know me as Koos Jansen. I’m a gold researcher working at

Kindly I would like to ask your attention for the following:

What many people don’t know is that allegedly all of the US official gold reserves have been audited, including the 147 million fine troy ounces at Fort Knox. A few years ago I began researching these audits and found many inconsistencies and impossibilities in the documents delivered to me through FOIAs at the US Treasury, US Mint and the Department of the Treasury Office Inspector General (OIG).

An example blog post of my research that I wrote in 2015 can be read here

To get to the bottom of this I continued my research after my last blog post and found even more “highly problematic” cracks in the official narrative presented by the US Treasury (the lawful owner of the gold). Naturally I’ve confronted the US government with all these “problems” and asked if they could clarify these for us, but no department has been willing to fully cooperate – au contraire.

In the past few months I’ve filled countless new FOIAs at the Mint, Treasury and OIG, and I can clearly sense a strong defense by all departments in concert. Emails are not being answered, phone calls are not being returned, FOIAs are not honored or the questions in my FOIAs are dodged, and now a high amount of money is being asked for delivery of very simple documentation that should proof and clarify the details of the audits of the US official gold reserves (that underpin the world reserve currency).

What I would like to know from the US government is how many fine troy ounces and bars of the Deep Storage gold reserves stored at the US Mint have been physically inventoried, counted, weighed and assayed in each of the years in between 1993 and 2008. In addition I would like to know why they re-opened several sealed compartments to RE- AUDUIT 84,671,927 ounces in between 1993 – 2008 (because I have proof they did that). However, the US government refuses to share this information.

In an attempt to find out what is described above, one of my latest FOIAs aimed at the US Mint asks for the yearly written reports by the US Mint Director’s Representative “notifying the CFO of the completion of the verification” of the Deep Storage gold audits. Hopefully, these reports disclose the information I’m looking for. (these reports must exist as can be read on page 10 of this document )

But, in response to this FOIA the Mint writes me it will cost $3,144.96 US dollars (2,791 euros) to obtain these documents counting 1200 pages. The official response can be read here

Therefor, I’m asking everybody interested in the audits of the US gold reserves (read: if the gold exists) to fund this FOIA request.

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