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Every Job Obama Has Created Cost $2,720,677 On Average to Produce

by Michael DePinto, Freedom OutPost:

In the first video below, Ameera David from Russian Television (RT) interviews Peter Schiff about comments made by Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer, who recently said, “We are close to hitting our targets. Looking ahead, I expect to see GDP growth to pick up.” Fully aware that Peter doesn’t remotely share Fischer’s optimism, Ameera David cautiously asks Peter what he thinks Fischer sees to be so hopeful with his forecast. Schiff’s response is classic:

“I don’t know that he ‘SEES’ anything, Peter says. “He’s just talking. I think the Fed is very reluctant to admit what a big failure their policies have been, especially ahead of the coming presidential election…”

You see, Hillary is running on the false narrative that we’re living in Obama’s recovery, but if that was true, then there would be no need for the Fed to take corrective action of any kind. With that said, the economy is limping along and gasping for breath at under 1% growth, so Democrats and the Fed are being forced to walk a fine line. Hillary and the Democrats are banking on their voters never being any the wiser regarding the whole situation, and with our dishonest media, that’s a safe bet.

Peter goes on to explain how for the reasons mentioned above, Fischer’s comment made absolutely no sense. That could very well be why Fed Chair Janet Yellen is seen pictured above giving Fischer the stink eye. All one has to do is look at the country’s growth over the last three quarters, and they’ll see it’s at less than 1%. Furthermore, this Friday the revised version of the GDP numbers will be published, and according to Peter, it’s most likely going to be another downward revision.

In the video below, first Peter calls out the Fed’s bluff, and then explains to the viewers that the real issue in play is that the Fed doesn’t want to admit they’ve been a failure, so even as the economy dabbles near going into reverse, the Fed plans to continue pushing the narrative that the economy is absolutely strong enough for a rate hike if they wanted to, but that there’s no way in hell the Fed would ever actually consider raising interest rates before the election.

The next thing I want to talk to you about, is just how dire the economic situation is, not just here in America, but globally. After scouring the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in the video below I’ll review shocking information about the disaster Obama created including how the average cost of each job created during the Obama presidency was a staggering $2,720,677 PER JOB, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

First, if you haven’t already heard, it’s imperative that you learn that this past Sunday, August 20th, 2016, Germany issued a 69-page report announcing families are to begin stockpiling enough food and supplies to be “sufficiently prepared in case of an existence-threatening development” that might occur in the future. Upon learning THAT news, which comes directly from a German newspaper, any sober, rationale, right-minded human being (sorry liberals, you’re out), SHOULD be very alarmed.

After all, Germany is not some third world country that’s made the decision to begin preparing for a potential “existence-threatening” disaster. Germany is a United States NATO ally, one of the most powerful countries in all of Europe, and not only has it decided to begin preparing for the possibility of a disaster severe enough to threaten its very existence, but our mainstream media here in the U.S. hasn’t even bothered to mention it. Why do you suppose that is?

What exactly could the U.S. mainstream media be so focused on that they ignored it, because we all know they’re not researching actual “news?” Well, they’re very busy following President Obama around like a parade of clapping seals, running cover for all Hillary Clinton’s various scandals, and think about how many people they must have keeping watch over Donald Trump’s Twitter account 24/7. They’re disgraceful.

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1 comment to Every Job Obama Has Created Cost $2,720,677 On Average to Produce

  • Ed_B

    “Every Job Obama Has Created Cost $2,720,677 On Average to Produce”

    As has been said, “the only thing that Obama has ever run is his mouth”. People like him know squat about what it takes to run a business, make a profit, meet a payroll, and deal with an ever-growing mountain of federal, state, and local BS (taxes, licenses, regulations, etc.). These are the very same people who are running businesses out of the US and then moaning because the jobs are disappearing. Well, no duh! Look in the mirror, idiots! It is all of the BS that you folks are shoveling that is choking the life out of American business and competitiveness. WAKE THE F*** UP before it is totally destroyed and NO ONE has a job anymore.

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