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EU is COLLAPSING as Deutsche Bank Stock ALL TIME LOW

from TheMoneyGPS:

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  • oneno

    Listen to Judge Anna von Reitz on how to reclaim your true pollitical status and to reconvey your Estate and your NAME back off the jurisdiction of the Sea and back on to the jurisdiction of the Land so “they” cannot mess with you. “they” being the fake CORPORATION that is “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”

    Published on Feb 24, 2016

    Judge Anna Riezinger talks about the Evil (Unlawful Legal scam) pushed by the LEGAL FRAUD BAR Association Secret Society, the gatekeepers, hiding crimes (via legalese) for the Bankster controlled Corporate Governments that infest the world TODAY. And how to remove the BANKSTER Controlled FRAUD CRIMINAL LEGALESE PARASITES. (Lawyers, Attorneys, fake Judges all legalese BAR members).
    GUILTY OF PERSONAGE: the crime of knowingly misrepresenting a living man or woman as a legal fiction – some form of corporation, such as a trust, public utility, or foundation.

    GUILTY OF BARRATRY: Named after the BAR Association for good reason. The crime of knowingly bringing false claims & charges based on PERSONAGE in order to use foreign statutory law against living people.
    Also Anna’s book here.

    GUILTY OF PRESS-GANGING: Impressment, colloquially, “the press” or the “press gang”, refers to the act of taking men into a navy by force and with or without notice. Navies of several nations used forced recruitment by various means.

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