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Entitled College Student Gets Utterly Destroyed on Free Universal Healthcare and College

from 1791L:

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2 comments to Entitled College Student Gets Utterly Destroyed on Free Universal Healthcare and College

  • Benyamin

    She did not get destroyed .
    She was treated like shit , spoken over by an arrogant dickhead who has training an experience talking and twisting shit for a living .

    She has a good intention , just young .

    Why should a factory not pay for the training of its slave workers ?.

    Most country’s in this world are just human slave labour factories , and it is expected that the slaves must first struggle and go into massive debt to study for years in order to learn the skills require for the privellage to become a cog in the machine that creates massive wealth for very few .

    Enabled by corrupt governments, payed for by our taxes and also on the take , from those very same corporations who enslave the people .

    Then once honoured with the roll of a cog in the machine large chunks of your income must pay back the debt after the government takes its pound of flesh . Leaving very little to live on
    And if you were to save in a bank account it is again taxed as savings and then taxed for the honour of being able to buy your food from the shops with the lovely little plastic card the give you .

    And then all the products you may need to maintain your life so you can continue on to the working of a slave in this factory , are also taxed by the overlords .

    Somehow with nothing left at the end of week or month you should save a little to buy a home that you really never own , rather just pay a massive deposit and then rent it for the remainder of life via land taxes , council rates , ect

    And somehow save this house money in a fraudulent fake fiat currency that is constantly losing value at a greater rate than the ever increasing house prices , never in gold and silver as the true secrets of wealth creation and true money are kept secret from the hordes

    This asshole just needed someone stronger more knowledgable and more able and he would have been on the receiving end of a good bitch slap as he deserves

  • C.I.

    My Daughter is nearly finished University to become a very enthusiastic Marine Biologist.

    She gets an allowance (And Emergency Funds) from Dad but works three jobs and is independent otherwise.

    So are all of Her friends.

    For 23 somethings these young people are leery of any debt be it, education, living expenses, or anything else. Commendable.

    I believe that they will do well in life spitting in the eye of those like Benyamin has mentioned..(Meme)

    This is Australia though.


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