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Dr. Drew Show CANCELED After Admitting Hillary Health Problems!!!

from Mark Dice:

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3 comments to Dr. Drew Show CANCELED After Admitting Hillary Health Problems!!!

  • tomche

    Man, I saw that one coming a mile away…when you stick you neck out of the sand and voice yourself against the establishment, they will smack your ass. This is classic case in point.

    I can see it now:

    As Lord Rothschild and a bevy of his fellow psychopath’s were dining on supple, young infants’ heart’s, a servant entered the room nervously and relayed the message that this “Dr. Drew” was on the tele and fucking with their marionette, Clinton.
    And as he wolfed down a nice, meaty piece of cardiac muscle – still warm from when it was beating only a few short moments earlier – he wiped his blood-soaked chin, swallowed and looked up at the stunned, motionless servant.
    “Cancel his bloody show…NOW!!”

    • Ed_B

      “Man, I saw that one coming a mile away…”

      Agreed. Perhaps the good doc will do the same thing that Lou Dobbs did after parting company from the Clinton News Network and head over to Fox News? Once there, he can talk about Hellery’s health all he wants.

  • tomche

    Agree, Ed. It should be interesting. But, my gosh, the criminality and corruption is just so OVERT now, isn’t it? I just shake my head in amazement…and at how BRAZEN these psychopaths are…and how STUPID the “American” public really is.

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