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Don’t Fall Asleep Yet, The Paper Foxes are in the Gold Chicken House

from Rogue Money:

Quick beat of the redundant drums once again, before diving into the subject matter. One of the loneliest most difficult jobs is knowing some critical truths that others don’t, and furthermore don’t believe. And that is compounded by the fact that this knowledge is tied to subject matter that some of your associates have already claimed to be supreme experts. Equal to you, and sometimes superior to you in all matters of thinking. They have FOX or CN’BS” at their disposal.

Many past installments highlight the values of informed courageous leadership on the other side of the King Dollar beat down. Sadly most of the good potential leaders I meet don’t quite “get it.” They normally fall into the ‘close but no cigar’ category. Why would that be? Once again, the talking points involved revolve around a subject that everyone is already an expert on, except they forget one little thing. The sources they depend on for their superior expertise lie to them over & over. Or worse yet they purposely mislead them, into believing “WE ARE ALWAYS THE GOOD GUYS!” Yeah right, let’s do a quick refresher course……

Remember this clown and his war mongering rant about 2 years ago…..

For those that think we are the good guys all the time, look at the summary in the link above based on this idiot from Oklahoma showing pictures of Russian tanks in the Ukraine. Beating the war drums to get your kids killed, except there was one little problem. And that little miscue is? They were pictures of Russian tanks in Georgia from 2008…! Hardly dated during the onset of the Ukraine uprisings, which was ironically at the start of the Sochi Olympics in 2012. Thank you once again, Victoria “F…the EU” Nuland.

This was harped on in a previous installment, but worthy of asking the question again. What could be the motives of this buffoon? There are 2 possibilities; he was paid off to keep the war machine moving or option 2, he is an idiot. Option one requires some rope and a sturdy tree, and option 2 demands his dismissal. Please note Mr. Inhofe might have very well been misinformed, and has since made good on a worthwhile retraction of his piss poor presentation, but I haven’t seen it anywhere.

And just for the record, I am a conservative and for the most part have voted repugnican in the past, but whether dumbocrat or repugnican, these clowns, each and every one deserve pink slips. I know, there may be good ones, but who cares…we ain’t got time to ‘vet’ them all. I think it is time for them to enjoy the “thrills” of purchasing ZeroCare, and going through the Walmart grocery lines with the rest of us peons. WG

This is a call out to our future leaders, forget the dip shits in the District of Corruption, hoping they recognize this one little fact. On the world’s stages we are not the presumed ‘good guys’ anymore. Easy to say, but harder to accept. BTW, just because you are wearing a “white hat” doesn’t mean the rest of the US citizenry is. And we are not so perfect as judged by the other 95% of the world’s population. Want more proof? If you think El Chapo, a.k.a. Joaquin Guzman, is the drug import kingpin and destructor of youth in this USSA, then you are not paying attention. Wake the hell up!

I ain’t going to preach too hard, because it took me two full years to cross this long “Truth” bridge of acceptance. An acceptance that we ain’t the good guys on the world stage anymore. Truthfully, it is embarrassing, especially when you are in the financial business, and it took two years for it to penetrate your skull. Say hello to one Wolf Gray. Good news abounds though. Once you get to the other side of that bridge the “outside the box view” is very illuminating and quite easy to see. After all, you first have to understand the circumstances surrounding a moral transgression before you can correct it. Kind of like the value of a “time out” for junior.

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