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Don’t Buy Another Gold Stock Until You Read This

by Doug Casey, Casey Research:

Today is a very special day at Casey Research.

After 40 years in the gold market, Casey Research founder Doug Casey is doing something he’s never done before.

For the first time, Doug is stepping forward and sharing the method he’s personally used to make millions of dollars in gold stocks.

Doug has used this method to make huge profits during every gold bull market in the last 40 years. During periods of rising gold prices, he’s used his “Casey Method” to book gains of 487%, 711%, and even 4,329% in gold stocks.

Those kind of numbers might seem impossible to achieve. But the fact is, with gold surging right now, similar money-making opportunities are staring us in the face.

And today, Doug is willing to share his gold stock secrets with you.

You can learn all about “The Casey Method” by watching this free new video.

Now, let’s get into why gold should soar in the coming years…

• The world’s greatest investors are piling into gold…

On Tuesday, we told you Jeffrey Gundlach, Stan Druckenmiller, George Soros, and David Einhorn have placed huge bets on gold. Legendary investors Carl Icahn and Paul Singer also have reported big stakes in gold.

These are some of the most respected investors on the planet.

These “living legends” didn’t get to where they’re at by investing like everyone else. They made billions by going against the grain. You almost never see them all doing the same thing. But that’s exactly what’s happening right now.

Many of the world’s top investors are loading up on gold.

• Yesterday, Bill Gross went on record and said he too likes gold a lot…

You’ve probably heard of Gross. In 1971, he founded the investment firm PIMCO. Under his watch, PIMCO grew into the world’s biggest bond manager. Today, Gross runs his own fund at Janus Capital, where he manages about $1.5 billion.

In his latest monthly investment newsletter, Gross said gold is a much better bet than stocks or bonds:

I don’t like bonds; I don’t like most stocks; I don’t like private equity. Real assets such as land, gold and tangible plant and equipment at a discount are favored asset categories.

• Gross likes gold for the same reasons we do…

He’s worried about the weak global economy. He thinks the global financial system is incredibly fragile. And he says stocks and bonds “pose too much risk for little return.”

Bloomberg Business reported yesterday:

“Sovereign bond yields at record lows aren’t worth the risk and are therefore not top of my shopping list right now; it’s too risky,” Gross said in a statement released Tuesday by Old Mutual Global Investors. “Low yields mean bonds are especially vulnerable because a small increase can bring a large decline in price.”

Regular readers know what Gross is talking about. For months, we’ve been saying government bonds are a horrible place to put your money.

Consider the 10-year U.S. Treasury. From 1962 to 2007, 10-years paid an average interest rate of 7%. Today, they yield just 1.5%.

It’s become nearly impossible to make money in these bonds.

• What’s worse, investors are earning less money while taking on more risk…

When someone with bad credit borrows money, they have to pay higher rates than someone with good credit. The same is typically true for companies and governments.

With Treasury yields near record lows, the government can borrow money for almost nothing. You might think this means the U.S. government has rock-solid finances.

But the opposite is true. Today, the U.S. government is $19.3 trillion in debt. That’s an all-time high and 130% higher than a decade ago.

The government’s debt-to-GDP ratio also hit 106% this year. That’s the highest level since World War II.

• Most government bonds are terrible investments today…

This summer, interest rates on German (-0.10%), British (0.64%), and Japanese (-0.09%) 10-year government bonds all hit record lows.

Even the yield on 10-year Italian government bonds recently hit record lows. They currently pay 1.1%. As we told you yesterday, Italy’s banking system looks like it’s about to collapse. Yet, its government bonds pay almost nothing. This makes it seem like Italy is a safe place to put your money.

Of course, Dispatch readers know interest rates didn’t get this low on their own. They hit record lows because governments have been desperately trying to “stimulate” their economies.

Since 2008, central bankers have cut rates more than 650 times. They thought the global economy would grow if folks could borrow money for almost nothing.

It hasn’t worked. The U.S., Europe, and Japan are all growing at the slowest pace in decades.

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