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Did the DNC Keep Press Silent With Cell Jamming Signal? “Officials Barely Acknowledge They Use It”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

Free speech, abridged. Yet another report has emerged in the aftermath of the DNC convention alleging that staffers used sophisticated technologies to blackout negative coverage and literally drown out dissident voices.

Hillary’s 2016 coronation just wouldn’t be the same without the Orwellian overtones.

First there were reports that the convention had installed white noise generators over the sections that were pro-Bernie states. The white noise significantly drowns out the voices of anyone shouting in the radius.

Plenty of people find it hard to believe that such a device would be used against protesters in order to carefully control the DNC convention and make sure that it friendly for Hillary. However, a reporter on the campaign trail pointed out the use of these machines months before convention ever began.

Listen to the difference of before and after (around 9:20) the Clinton event when the white noise generator was switched on to cover-up the speech and make it incoherent.

But that’s not all.

Now reporters are coming forward to explain how their cellular and wifi devices were blacked out from transmitting images, posts, texts and communications when they encountered the perimeter of the convention at the Wells Fargo Center.

After several journalists, protesters and activists talked to each other about the signal jamming, the problem became apparent, as Mint Press reports:

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7 comments to Did the DNC Keep Press Silent With Cell Jamming Signal? “Officials Barely Acknowledge They Use It”

  • Randy

    Someone needs to go and look at the expenditures of the DNC to see if any companies were hired to wire up these devices and who authorized them, as well as find out who was controlling them. All roads begin and then lead to somewhere. No one just builds a strip of pavement out in the middle of a desert for no reason other than they can do it.
    If the communication lines that were paid for by the attendees were tampered with, that means they were cheated out of their due. If you are paying for a pound of something, and someone comes along and steals part of it away from you, you have the right to make a claim to be made whole again. Unless of course the thief was a Democrat, and then you have no basis to make a claim because they will say that they were just stealing from you for your own good!!

    • Ed_B

      “Unless of course the thief was a Democrat, and then you have no basis to make a claim because they will say that they were just stealing from you for your own good!!”

      And they would be right about that insofar as it pertains to anyone dumb enough to vote for these crooks.

      Reminds me of the old Groucho Marx comment about, “I wouldn’t join any club that would have me as a member”. 😉

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Holding the “perpetrators” accountable doesn’t work against the people who are connected with elites who decide who gets a free pass or who gets prosecuted.

    But there are “WORK AROUNDS” that can BYPASS those radio frequency jammers.

    It’s as simple as carrying around either a highly directional Yagi or a Flat Panel antenna & patch cord so you can connect your phone to it, and POINT your directional antenna at the celltower location you’ll have an almost direct contact.

    Of course, the local “enforcers” are gonna go NUTS and want to grab your Yagi, etc, as soon as they see you are successful in using it, so a flat panel antenna can be hidden inside the flat side of a briefcase and nobody will know about it.

    All the “incoming signals” from the sides or behind you, are ignored, thus, the jamming device relies on you having access only to the “Omni-antenna” in your phone, and not having access to something that can “see” only in ONE direction.

    You often see dealers at flea markets having a YAGI attached to their cellphone-credit card reader devices so they can accept your credit card payment in very ‘out of the way” locations.

    Flat panel antennas and Yagi antennas for cellphones, can be purchased for as little as $30-$50.

    I swear to God, WHY are “reporters” SOoo unprepared, so lazy, so stupid and SO lacking of this simple information?

    If you live or travel someplace where cellphone communications are OUT of range, one of these antennas (and patch cord or even a REPEATER device) can get you connected again.

    Cellphone repeaters with another antenna cost from about $100-$200. You put the repeater with the small-indoor antenna inside your home where your signal is broken, and you put the repeater’s OTHER antenna OUTSIDE the house where it can get a GOOD signal.

    SO many TRUCKERS have an external CELLPHONE antenna mounted to their trucks (big OMNI directional, of course) so they’ll NEVER be out of touch.

    • Ed_B

      “WHY are “reporters” SOoo unprepared, so lazy, so stupid and SO lacking of this simple information?”

      Because all too many of them have discovered that they can keep their cushy jobs without actually having to work very hard at all. So, they do. They go along to get along. They are, in fact, “the presstitutes”… and screwing over the public is their gig… or so they believe. The fact that their ratings are falling through the floor SHOULD be a clue that they are wrong about this but it hasn’t sunk in yet. :-/

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Here is a “humorous” answer to all those “Gated FREE SPEECH Zones” they like to corral people into.

    It’s time for PEOPLE to put up “Law Enforcement Zones, for Police, Military, & Paramilitary people” are NOT ALLOWED OUT of this Area. Stay behind the Yellow Tape and barriers.

    We need to put up signs that “corral THEM into limited positions” and that NO more than 3 of them are allowed OUT of the Law Enforcment OFfice ZONE at any one time.

    Face masks, Balaklavas are FORBIDDEN at all times. We also need to erect “Armored vehicle Zones” must be parked HERE, etc.

    I know it won’t fly, but it would probably make the evening NEWS and some news papers, and perhaps help to WAKE up a few more SHEEPLE (and perhaps JUDGES?) to this stupid “Free Speech Zone” crap?

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