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Did McDonald’s Pay Kanye West to Try to Make Toxic Food Sound Cool?

by Daniel Barker, Natural News:

The release of singer Frank Ocean’s latest album a few days ago was accompanied by the publication of a magazine that included a poem by Kanye West – a poem about McDonald’s food.

The magazine, entitled Boys Don’t Cry, is a glossy publication featuring text and photos along with West’s poem, The McDonald’s Man, which contains such immortal lines as “The French Fries Had A Plan, The Salad Bar And The Ketchup Made A Band” – leaving some wondering if McDonald’s had a plan to use West’s celebrity status as a marketing tool.

Any publicity is good publicity

Whether or not Kanye was paid by the fast food giant to pen the poem is unclear, and even though the lyrics allude to the fact that the food is “artificial,” anyone in the advertising industry knows that all publicity is good publicity.

And although West’s poem seems to question the healthiness of Mickey D’s products, the overall message seems to be that their food is basically irresistible, despite its artificiality.

Here are a few more lines from The McDonald’s Man:

The Cheeseburger And The Shakes Formed A Band

To Overthrow The French Fries Plan

I Always Knew Them French Fries Was Evil Man

Smelling All Good And Sh*t

I Don’t Trust No Food That Smells That Good Man

I Don’t Trust It I Can’t

McDonald’s Man

McDonald’s Man

McDonald’s Damn

Them French Fries Look Good Tho

Silliness and seeming mixed message aside, the poem is likely to boost sales rather than harm them, as both Kanye West and McDonald’s are no doubt well aware.

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