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Democrats Rob Privacy Rights from Women, Forcing Them to Urinate Next to Men in ‘Gender-Neutral’ Bathrooms

by Isabelle Z., Natural News:

The Democratic National Convention is embracing its party platform by transforming a women’s bathroom at the Wells Fargo Arena into an “all-gender” restroom instead. Many female attendees, however, are less than enthused about the shared bathroom, with at least one arena employee complaining that she doesn’t want men in the stall next to her while attending to personal business in the bathroom.

Attendees report there is a single all-gender restroom aimed at accommodating transgender people, and it’s the convention’s female attendees who are coming up short as the transformation leaves them with one bathroom fewer than the men in attendance. In other words, men on that floor can choose whether they want to use their own bathroom or a shared one, while women have no other option but to use the all-gender one. This is leaving some women feeling like their right to privacy has been disregarded in a big way by the “equal opportunity” DNC. After all, surely there are more women in attendance at the convention than transgender individuals.

The bathroom, which is situated near the arena’s media section, is being used by female and male reporters and cameramen. Interestingly enough, several of those in attendance report that they have not seen any transgender individuals using it.

However, the openly transgender Sarah McBride will be featured in the convention’s speaking lineup. McBride is the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s national press secretary.

The issue of transgender bathrooms has gotten a fair amount of attention in the current presidential campaign after a law in North Carolina brought the topic into the public discourse. For his part, Republican candidate Donald Trump has said that he would allow transgender celebrity Caitlin Jenner to use whatever bathroom she preferred at Trump Tower.

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