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Congressmen Shows The Dumb Democrat Logic

from WeAreChange:

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2 comments to Congressmen Shows The Dumb Democrat Logic

  • F16hoser

    Nicely Done “we are Change!” I enjoy these podcasts immensely. Especially since I quit watching MSM News 8 years ago. Thanx Luke for “Getting In Their Faces.”

  • Ed_B

    Whenever someone wants a low level government job, they have to take a civil service test. So, why don’t those who run the show have to take a test that shows their proficiency at math, science, history, geography, various religious studies, and economics? Their jobs deal with all of these aspects, yet most are horribly unqualified for even a clerk’s position in the government. HTH do they get away with this? (psst… THEY make the rules for others and these rules do not apply to THEM).

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