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CONFIRMED: NSA Hacked, Information Auctioned At 1 Million Bitcoin

from WeAreChange:

In this video Luke Rudkowski covers the latest news of how the offensive branch of the NSA was recently hacked and the information is being auctioned off at 1 million bitcoins right now.

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22 comments to CONFIRMED: NSA Hacked, Information Auctioned At 1 Million Bitcoin

  • fonestar


    • AgShaman

      I wonder how many billions the NSA has costed “Serfmerica” at this point.

      I think they should have set the auction at 2 million bitcoins….

      What do you think of Armory? Are they a legit off/online wallet program?

  • mike

    hMMMM..1 Million BTC -OR- 1/2 Million ozs of gold or 30 million ozs of Silver or 570000000$

    PM=Money that is easily portable??
    PM=Money that is divisible??
    PM=Money that is Liquid??
    PM=Money that spends???
    PMs= None of those things.

    Wanting the BRC the only true money on earth is no surprise.

    SGTreport linked this story the other day. I didnt comment was waiting for the Eric to say something stupid.

    • Eric

      mike, how come you don’t own any sharkcoin?

      sharkcoin has outperformed bitcoin in the last week. That means only sharkcoin is money since sharkcoin is a store of value for your savings.

  • Howard Roark

    Trying to space out and time your comments isn’t fooling anyone fonemikestar…unless you both pud to coindesk until the wee hours and not get out of bed before noon and you both are addicted to opiates?

  • Eric

    The Current Highest Bid for Alleged NSA Data is 999,998.371 Bitcoin Short

    • Howard Roark

      Of course, the transfer is easily IP traceable…as opposed to an exchange of PMs…but let’s not cloud the issue with facts

      • dan wilson

        cold storage wouldnt be “ip traceble”

      • mike

        Howard/Eric You are such a moron ah hahahahaha…Traceable IP? Dont think so..Once received they can create and transfer the BTC between multiple temporary wallets OFF LINE!! And its….GONE!

        Nice try moron.

        And who in the world is going to spend a Million BTCs for anything? Thats a waste of real money.

        Why didnt they go for the light weight easily movable 1/2 million ozs of Gold..Now that is totally traceable and impossible to get rid of..Unless you took maybe 1.00 an OZ from a fence. ..Epic Morons!

        PS I am not Fonestar

        • Howard Roark

          Oh, you mean “paper wallets” like on bitaddress…can’t gen them without being on a PC or device and even if you use a VPN mask, those can be shaken down for the IP and the path can be followed…

          “Why didn’t they go for the light weight easily movable 1/2 million ozs of Gold.”…Gee, I dunno, why’s the bid so far below the reserved strike, pudder fonemikestar…or are you that gullible?

          • mike

            Just transfer it to a BTC wallet on a thumb drive on any throw away computer using anyone’s free WiFi and a vpn. Once that BTC is sent its gone my friend. By the time “They” figure out what Ip it went to the perps would have more than enough time to get away with the loot Scott free.

            ONLY BTC is money today and in the future..Even Pirates know that.
            I think they used to attack and take ships for the gold..Not even the Somali’s do that crap today, they want the USD!
            Gold is a relic as far as money, it just is not money in any sense of the word. I’ll bet there were seashell trolls like you when people first started using gold…Saying Only seashells are money created by god not some metal you found in the ground. Those were your dumbass ancestors for sure:)

            1/2 million oz of gold? Not so safe, impossible to spend, transport etc..570 million? Impossible to transfer.

            Stop trolling me Eric you tard.

            • Eric

              when did a crypto-currency become money mike?

              • mike

                As soon as the Market accepted it as money Eric..When did gold become money? Had to start somewhere right until something better came along.

                • Eric

                  Gold always has been money since Gold has been a store of value for 5000 plus years.

                  The “market,” (like you even know what a market is) accepted it as a medium of exchange and a temporary store of value. That’s why Gold costs 1% more to purchase in US dollar denominated bitcoins.


            • Eric

              China will not be disclosing any blipcoin holdings next month mike.

              • mike

                And they wont be declaring 30k Tons of gold either.

                If you dont hold it you dont own it Eric…Get out of the USD into BTC..Stay away from gold Scams like goldmoney..Good luck getting your gold savings back from overseas in a SHTF lol.

                Seriously good luck.

                Why would “State Sponsors” have to target BTC if the CIA created it?

                Get a life moron…Teally get a life. If your retired go play golf.

            • Eric

              binary safety mike.

              “ has reason to suspect that the binaries for the upcoming Bitcoin Core release will likely be targeted by state sponsored attackers. As a website, does not have the necessary technical resources to guarantee that we can defend ourselves from attackers of this calibre. We ask the Bitcoin community, and in particular the Chinese Bitcoin community to be extra vigilant when downloading binaries from our website.”


              If you don’t hold it, you DON’T OWN IT!!!

  • windrunner58

    Er… guys know this was about hacking the Frickin NSA, right??? The “NSA” the worst most feared creation on earth. Stop fighting like little children, don’t care if they are offering skunk feces. Take down the NSA and you start the dominos.

    As for “why” they are offering BTC rather than Gld,slv or $$? Because most likely it is someone who thinks alternatively, and would rather have BTC anyway. It won’t be some bozo with a bank account at Bank of Amerika and $50.00 in it. These “hackers” are different sorts. God luv em!!!!

    • Millicent

      @runner, you’re wasting your time trying to talk sense to the 3 stooges on this site.

      They will not rebut you for what you said but let any of their top targets disagree with them and then they all go apeChit, ranting and raving about PM’s and how their latest Guru has said this and that (which never seems to happen in the given time frame and is continually revised, pushed back & repeated)…

      They keep ridiculing any positive mention of the word “Bitcoin” and then cheerlead the boyz & girlz to: “keep stacking at these bargain prices” or “I hope the price goes lower so that I can add to my stack”. Etc. etc. etc.

      Krell & Howard should go help Eric polish his new truck and then take in a round of Golf. Do something “productive” with your lives.

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