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Clinton’s Latest Lies Threaten Her Candidacy: Are the Elite Moving Away From Clinton?

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Mark Twain once said, there are liars and there are damn liars. I would go one step beyond Mark Twain and add, there are liars, there are damn liars and then there is Hillary Clinton. Hillary is even a bigger liar than husband, in name only, Bill.

As the saying goes, if Clinton lips are moving, they are lying. They are America’s Bonnie and Clyde.

The Ultimate Lie: The Clinton Foundation

The Clinton Foundation is under fire like no other private organization in American History. The Clinton Foundation is the most corrupt organization in the history of the United States. Never before in American politics do we see a presidential candidate so clearly connected to organized criminal activities.

In her latest round of lies which falls right into line with Benghazi, selling uranium to the Russians through the Clinton Foundation’s front company, Uranium one, and of course, the email scandal, Clinton is now lying about the mixing of Clinton Foundation activities with her duties as Secretary of State. This is a major revelation that reveals a criminal conflict of interest.

The Ultimate Oxymoron: Clinton Signs an Ethics Agreement

Did you know that Clinton actually signed an ethics agreement saying she would not be personally involved with State Department matters and mix these issues in relation to the beleaguered Clinton Foundation? However, Lying Hillary found a loophole. Her State Department Staff did not sign any such prohibitions according to a recent State Department release. Therefore, Clinton’s ethics agreement at the time she was Secretary of State did not prevent her State Department staff from representing Clinton Foundation matters in relation to the State Department. This stunning revelation was offered by spokesperson Mark Toner during the State Department press briefing on Monday of this week. Is the State Department throwing Clinton under the bus?

Even the Daily Mail has entered into this controversy when they said “Hillary is simply using Huma and Mills to run her scams for her.” In other words, even the press is reporting that Hillary has outsourced her conflicts of interest and criminality to her staffers. Of course, should we expect anything different from the greatest liar in American history?

The significance and importance of this revelation cannot be overstated. Does this apparent betrayal by her former employees represent a coming shift away Clinton by the criminal elite? If I were a betting man, I would be of the opinion that criminal elite have already written Clinton off as their representative in the White House, even when the media has not yet written her off. The canary in the mine moment will come when we see cracks, by the MSM, which suggests that they are less than supportive of Clinton’s candidacy.

Why the shift? Why would the criminal elite be preparing to move in another direction away from Hillary? The answer is simple and requires little speculation. Simply put, Clinton cannot win this election. Her criminality is front and canter for all to see. And Clinton is in such a state of physical and cognitive decline, she cannot even carry out her duties as a presidential candidate. She goes days between public appearances. And when she has been appearing in public, her appearances are controlled and very, very brief.

Here is Hillary in public on August 25th in which she is dismissive of the nearby reporters, thus missing an opportunity to make several points in her behalf.

Remember, all political candidates want face time on the TV cameras. Clinton is avoiding this like the plague. Why? IS her political campaign going to fade into oblivion and become the first campaign to be conducted by stealth an their media proxies?

In Another Lie, Hillary Proclaims She Is In Good Health

There are numerous pictures and videos portraying Hillary’s physical and massive cognitive decline. It is one thing when the body starts to decline. However, it is quite another when physical decline is accompanied by overt cognitive decay and an inability think coherently as evidenced by pronounced difficulty expressing coherent verbal content. Who will ever forget the following recent moment on the campaign trail?

This represents cognitive confusion of the highest order. It is akin to what happens when a dementia patient wanders away from a care facility and becomes “lost”. Hillary Clinton is quickly becoming “lost”.

If the public truly wanted to know about Hillary’s health, we would be demanding the MRI’s of her hypothalamus, often an indicator of good mental and physical health in the elderly With her pronounced state of cognitive confusion, I guarantee she has had multiple MRI’s on that region of the brain. Since she is running for the most important office in the land, the American people should be demanding to see her MRI’s of her hypothalamus. I can guarantee that this revelation will not be forthcoming, or they will use fake MRI’s of another’s brain.

Can Clinton Make It To November?

How can the powers that be keep her on her feet to November. The rate of decline since the height of the Democratic Primary, since early April, is stunning. I had a neurosurgeon tell me, off the record, that he does not think she will be alive in a year based on the progressive set of photos and videos he has seen. Yet, Clinton and her handlers keep doing what they do best, they continue to lie. Clinton is a person in serious trouble from a health perspective. Below we see another picture portraying Hillary’s near and ominous demise.

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8 comments to Clinton’s Latest Lies Threaten Her Candidacy: Are the Elite Moving Away From Clinton?

  • anon

    “Clinton’s Latest Lies Threaten Her Candidacy: Are the Elite Moving Away From Clinton?”

    The Western “elites” would be very smart, indeed, to MOVE AWAY from supporting Hillary Clinton as the next POTUS in 2016. Having said that, and despite the Western “elites” being very cunning or clever ~ very smart, indeed ~ they may just continue to support Hitlary Clinton due to she is the most likely to go along with any or all of their “globalist” and/or “Israel-First” schemes. OR, this entire charade of an “election” may, in fact, be about installing Donald Trump in the White House, like “they” installed George H.W. Bush in 1988, Bill Clinton in 1992, George W. Bush in 2000, Obama in 2008. I just don’t see how Donald Trump is REALLY anti-establishment. I think all the MSM hype that is supposedly “anti-trump” is most likely just that: Hype. Donald Trump is owned by the “Jews”, just as is Hitlary.

  • anon

    Attack of the Globalists: Hillary Raises Over $1 Million At Martha’s Vineyard Home of Economist Magazine Owner

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  • anon

    The US: A Dead Nation Walking — Paul Craig Roberts

    Read all the comments.

  • Kakistocracy


    Think about this:

    If Hillary is declared unfit for medical reasons,
    If Hillary is declared unfit for email reasons,
    If Hillary is declared unfit for Clinton Foundcation reasons,

    it doesn’t matter.

    It means MARTIAL LAW ! (For God’s sake please do not spell it like Marshall, please for God’s Sake you idiots!)

    Think about that !


    Killary Shillton will NOT be declared unfit to run. She will run.
    At that time, Americans will begin to see what is truly behind the Wizard of Oz’s curtain.

  • anon

    For what it may be worth:

    Trump vs. Hillary: A Summation — by Paul Craig Roberts

    • anon

      “Polls report that Hillary is well in the lead. Are these real polls or just another presstitute lie to discourage Trump supporters? Why vote when they have already lost?”

      Paul Craig Roberts NAILS IT! It’s all a propaganda war against Donald Trump. The ONLY way average AMERICANS win in this next election? OVERWHELMING LANDSLIDE VOTING FOR DONALD TRUMP! (IMHO) Americans need to pull a ‘Brexit’ vs. the Oligarchy!

      • anon

        “All that is required is for enough Americans to awake from their insouciance to recognize that it is the enemies of their own lives, their own living standards, and their own liberty who are violently opposed to Trump.” — Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

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