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Clinton Touts Debt-Free College Education, Then Says College Isn’t for Everyone

by Susan Jones, CNSnews:

Democrat Hillary Clinton told an audience in Detroit on Thursday that she’ll “fight to make college tuition-free for the middle class and debt-free for everyone.”

But a few minutes later, she rejected the notion that “everybody needs to go to college.”

“I — I think we gotta reverse what has become a kind of you know, commonplace view, which is everybody needs to go to college. Well, in fact, more than half of the jobs that are going to be available in 2020 do not require a college four-year degree.

“So for welders and machinists and tool-and-die makers and health technicians and coders and so many others, let’s get the word out. There are really good jobs for people right now, and there will be more in the future if you get the skills in high school, at community college, in an apprenticeship or other training programs.”

At the beginning of her speech, Clinton said as president, her “mission will be to make our economy work for everyone, not just those at the top.”

“This is personal for me,” she said, explaining that her grandfather worked at a mill in Scranton, Pa. for 50 years: “And because he worked hard, my dad was able to go to college and eventualy start his own business. And then send me out into the world to follow my own dreams…”

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5 comments to Clinton Touts Debt-Free College Education, Then Says College Isn’t for Everyone

  • freeyall

    Like it or not, The Kreature is “Somewhat”/Relatively correct when she sez that, “College Ain’t Fer Eveyone”, or sump’fing like zat …….. [should the report be true.]

    This is due to 2 facts, which are namely: 1. College merely teaches The “Stupid-Dumb” how to mug Pasty whilst he’s asleep [because “College” NEVAH teaches the victim how be a Human, even in “Humanity Studies”] and 2. “College” teaches … NOTHING Real other than EVERYTHING Relative.

    And doesn’t The Kreature looked cute when one’s Visionary Prowess is limited to The Material? And the fact that some “lower life-forms” are able to see beyond the Visible Light Spectrum which is still within The Bounds of The Material. Is that telling sump’fing ?

    Be conscious and be aware that Free Energy is ALWAYS “Stupid & Dumb”.

  • C.I.

    “Kind of You Know” from even someone on the street is not Presidential anyway shape or form.

    Talk the walk……walk the talk

    Lacking in so many ways aye.

    You guys are in serious trouble and the rest of us will have to “Have no Choice” according to Australian sentiment on line as to “China Sea”


  • Steelerdude

    I listened to the speech yesterday…man, if you cant see why she is two faced in her gotta be pretty dumb….

    she has no clue what she is saying in front of those dumb down people….incredible!!!!

  • Sam

    Hitlery in her Dr.EVIL long coat outfits or as some say Mao shirts…will say and do anything to climb the rung of her incompetent trail of public disasters or “scandals”… BEWARE of that sick beeeactch wearing those subliminal yet in yo face Dr EVIL outfits – she is projecting who she really is and you can’t say you were not warned.

  • R. OBrien

    college as “…debt free for everyone” ???????????????????

    “…tuition-free for the middle class” ?????????????????

    a) who will pay the taxes to fund and accomplish all this?

    b) and–who was it that fought to retain, and not exempt, student debt in bankruptcy laws?

    c) in her “take back” response, I smell a rat, as in the feds will financially support “training programs” (you know, for those “welders, machinists…and health technicians”) = more teachers, and programs…

    This is “personal to me” : “how can we miss you if you won’t leave??” (nod to Howie Carr, Boston Herald)

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